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BEDA Day 2 – The Day I Almost Finished My Paper April 2, 2012

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Sooo… I have a feeling Tara is going to keep me on top of BEDA, haha. I keep forgetting about it until she makes her Tumblr post and then I’m like, “OH GOD, I HAVE TO GO DO BEDA.” And then I drop what I’m doing and come make a post here. Even though I should be writing my paper. And no one is actually reading this.

IN MY DEFENSE, I only have two pages left! Well, less than two now because I’ve actually written some stuff down, but omg. I just have to finish another paragraph on the gaps in the literature and some future research, then I just have to write some synthesis of the research, rephrase a couple things, analyse some stuff better and I think I’m done! WOOOOO. Alright. 

Nothing very exciting happened today. We were going to discuss awesome music-related things in my differentials course, but then my professor decided he’s rather allot the time to boring systems-related thing that are going to be on the exam. Boo. I was so excited to use math to prove that guitars are musical instruments and drums aren’t, but… It was not meant to be. =( 

Until tomorrow, lovelies. <3


It’s BEDA! April 1, 2012

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Okay, so I know I haven’t been here for ages, but I really want to do BEDA this year. School has been stressing me out and even though I have tons of work to do, blogging is kind of relaxing so I think I’ll start with BEDA. It’s ambitious buuut… I think I can do it. Hopefully.

Nothing too interesting is going on in my life right now. I’m busy trying to write a paper that’s due at 5PM on Wednesday which is kind of frustrating because I’ve been writing all weekend. I have so much pent up energy because I’ve literally just been sitting in this stupid chair since like Friday night writing this freaking paper and UGH it’s not okay. BUT the semester ends on Wednesday which means I’ll have time to hang out and relax for a bit before exams. =) I might be going out with some friends on Wednesday to celebrate the end of the semester, and then Thursday I think I’ll clean my apartment before I go to the movies and have my boyfriend-thing-Idon’tknowwhatweare over for the game… Then on Saturday it’s my roommate’s birthday so some people are coming over for that and it’s going to be awesome. I think.

Anyway, I should probably get back to my paper since I was actually on a roll writing stuff and then Tara reminded me it was BEDA because I saw her Tumblr post so I had to come here and write something down. But this isn’t even proper grammar because I’m just rambling and wanted to get something in before April 1st was over!

Happy April Fools Day to everyone. I hope you were all smart enough not to get fooled, haha. 


End of an Era July 15, 2011

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Alright. This is the obligatory post-DH blog that I feel like I should write, even though it’s 3:40AM and I have to be up at 9AM because my friend is coming over for a TV marathon and we’re baking cupcakes.

This is probably going to be really short because I don’t think I’ll talk about the movie itself at all right now – I’ll save that for the forum. What I’d rather talking about is what I’m going to miss. I read something the other day that put it much more eloquently than I’ll end up describing it, but I can’t find that post right now so I’ll have to paraphrase the idea. Basically, the author said she (I think it was a she) won’t be missing Hogwarts or Harry or whatever – we all have the books, we all have the movies. We can read or watch them whenever we please. Harry’s world will always be open to us, whether it’s a re-read of a favourite scene, chapter, book, or the entire series. That will always be there. What I’ll miss instead is the anticipation – not knowing what’s going to happen in the next book. Staying up late on a school night with your friends, theorizing because you just re-read the books and were able to look at a single sentence a different way, which brought on theories upon theories. The rush you feel when you read the title of the upcoming book for the first time, hear the release date.

I’ll miss lining up at midnight for the books and movies, just hanging out with some friends, and being able to make new friends with the people beside you in line just because you shared a common interest. Laughing, cheering, squeeing because you didn’t know what was going to happen.

We can always go back and read the books or watch the movies, but it just won’t be the same.

I feel like we’ve been spoiled, growing up with Harry. We’ve been able to go to midnight releases, we’ve experienced all the anticipation, glee, sadness, etc. in real time. Nothing will ever be as big, or mean as much to us, as these books. Nothing will top the feeling of seeing the movie for the first time with a theatre packed full of people at midnight.

Anyway, it’s not 4:08AM. I’m not really sure if any of that makes sense because I’m probably somewhat sleep deprived at this point so I’ll just leave it at that. I’m sure someone understands what I’m trying to get at.

I hope you all enjoy(ed) the movie.


The holidays are here! …Almost. December 11, 2010

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I feel like it isn’t exam time without me posting a blog while procrastinating my studies. :p Though, to be fair, it is 2:30AM. Would I really be studying at this time?

…Actually, yeah, it’s entirely probable that I would be studying at 2:30AM, so I suppose I really am procrastinating while writing this blog. Mission accomplished!

I can’t believe I haven’t written since September. That is abysmal. I really have been meaning to write more often, but a) I haven’t really had much spare time since the start of semester and b) my life hasn’t been all that interesting, though that’s not really news. :p Life is never that interesting while you’re in school. However, neither of those is an excuse because I am procrastinating studying right now and I always manage to find things to ramble on about anyway, so… I just suck at blogging, is what it really comes down to. :p I swear I still love you guys! <3

So, like I said, it’s exam time here. Boooring. I’m already so sick of studying and I’ve only written 2/5 exams. My last exam isn’t even until the 22nd of December, so I don’t even get to go home for ages! Only two days before Christmas. And then semester two starts back up on January 3rd. What the hell, school?! That’s hardly a proper Christmas vacation. And speaking of Christmas, shouldn’t it be snowing about now? This is Canada. We’re supposed to get cold weather and it’s supposed to snow! Geez. I have yet to get snow here at school, and it’s making me so sad. It was also really warm today — I suppose I should clarify that, though, because we all have different definitions of “really warm.” For me, considering it’s the winter, “really warm” was 2C, because I was outside in light sweat pants, a tshirt and a winter jacket and I was boiling. What happened to below 0C temperatures? What happened to the SNOW?! UUUGGHHHH. I can’t take this anymore. It needs to snow. It’s December. There’s a town that already has 1m of snow. 1 freaking metre! Why can’t I live there? *sigh* Although apparently there’s some snow at home, so hopefully the white goodness will still be there when I come home from exams for the break. =) A girl can dream, okay?

Speaking of my winter break, it’s going to be amazing. Hockey, friends, hockey, snow (hopefully!), family, hockey, no school, hockey… What could be better? :D I’m so excited. What are you all doing for the Christmas holidays? I hope you’re all having a good winter so far. (Or summer!) Ooh, I forgot to mention Love, Actually! That’ll be watched at least twice more this holiday season. I already watched it last weekend with a friend, and I’ve been dying to see it again since. That’s by far my favourite holiday movie.

Not much else is happening… Tomorrow I’m going to get up and study for a while, and my break is going to be watching Hockey Night in Canada with my roommate, and while we do that we’re going to eat some dip that I’ve made with nachos, we’re going to make a Christmas-y cake, and we’re going to play cards. It’s going to be epic. Be jealous. ;) And possibly, after the game, we’ll watch the Vampire Diaries that aired yesterday (or, I suppose, since it’s 2:30AM, it’s technically two days ago now…) since we haven’t seen it yet.

OOH. Speaking of TV, the reason I’ve failed to study today is because last night, I watched episode 2 of season 5 of Dexter because I’ve failed at keeping up with that show this year, and I can’t stop watching the episodes… I’m already on episode 8. This is ridiculous! I just… can’t stop watching. This show is too damn good! Although, I like to think that I’m being somewhat productive while I catch up with Dexter because I’m attempting to teach myself to be ambidextrous. (“Yeah, right,” you’re saying. “Productive? Come on.” I know, I know. I really should be studying… I swear, I’ll start tomorrow and study all day! You have my word. —  Except for the game, of course. I’ve already missed three games this week because of studying, I’m not going to miss another! Especially because I’m going to have to miss the game on Tuesday night, too. UGGHHH, stupid education, making me miss hockey. Not cool.) I really do want to be ambidextrous, though. Lefties are awesome. I’ve always envied them. I think I’m actually a lefty at heart because I wear my watch on my right hand even though I’m right-handed. Some people look at me weirdly, but it’s how I’ve always done it. *shrug*

I was just scrolling past my categories and saw “books,” which reminded me of my friend’s Christmas present! And by that I mean her Christmas present to me, which is a trilogy of books recommended to me by Brit. The first one is called The Poison Study, and it’s by a Ms. Snyder. Maria V. Snyder, I think? To be honest, I can’t exactly remember the author’s name and I don’t really want to look it up… But it sounds really good and I’m really excited to read it when exams are over. =) I also have to find a present for this friend… I think I’ll get her some candles/room sprays. She loves scents and sprays and stuff, so that’s perfect for her. I think. Also, I’ve asked my parents for Let it Snow by John Green, Maureen Johnson and… DAMN! Another author whose name I can’t remember. Now I feel kind of terrible. Ah, well. I’ve yet to read this book, but I’ve heard nothing but good things about it so I figure it’s a must-read, especially considering it’s the holiday season now. So if they can’t get it for me, I can always use a gift-card to Chapters and buy it for myself after Christmas. Either way, this book will be read this holiday season, and I couldn’t be more excited!

Anyway, I figure I’ve blabbed enough for one night. It’s almost 3AM and I still want to watch another episode of Dexter before I go to sleep… And it’s 50 freaking minutes! I feel like watching it is a bad idea, but I know I won’t be able to sleep anyway, so I might as well watch it. (Technically, I “might as well” study if I want to be productive, but we all know that’s not going to happen. I PROMISE, THOUGH. First thing tomorrow. Studying. I swear. All day, minus three hours for the game, and possibly 45 minutes for Vampire Diaries. But other than that, study study study! I can do it.

So I guess that’s it for tonight. What will you be doing for the holiday season?

I’ll see you guys later! <3


Night of ADVENTURES September 24, 2010

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It’s finally time for a blog update. I had originally planned on writing a blog when I first got moved in to my new house, but that night I was really upset and would just have written lots of sad pandas things, so I didn’t bother, and then by the time the next day rolled around, of course I’d forgotten all about it. Then school started, I got busy, and didn’t write my blog. So… I’m moved in now? Ha. I’m sure you all know that. This blog (as the title may or may not suggest – I don’t know yet, I haven’t written a title :p) is about my adventures from last night. And I use “adventures” in the loosest possible way because really, I was at my friends’ house the entire night, so it’s not like we went anywhere. But we had fun. So it’s all good. Also, I may start rambling about a certain someone and how he won’t get out of my head! But if I do, feel free to ignore. I’m trying to.

Anywayz. So last night I went to my friends’ house for the premiere of season 4 of The Big Bang Theory, which was on at 8PM. We sat, watched some BBT, generally laughed about it… Then when the show was over, one of my friends wanted to bum Doctor Who off another friend in the house, so I just chilled in the living room while they were off copying files and whatnot. So another one of my friends comes into the room, and he was all, “Hey, where’d everyone go?” And I said, “I dunno, they’re all doing their own things, I guess. Coyping Doctor Who files, doing homework maybe?” So he came to hang out with my in the living room. And here’s where things got sketchy. So, not really having much work to do ourselves, we were really bored. And when guys get bored, they do stupid things. And I did a really stupid thing. (I just realized that makes me sound like a guy. I assure you all, I’m not. I’m a girl. Just clearing that up. XD) So he goes to the fridge looking for some food, and comes back and claims that there’s no food and nothing to do. Buuut… There are hot peppers. And we should each have one.

Yeah. You can see where this led… God knows why, but I agreed to this stupid proposal – though I made sure that we’d each only eat half of one. We even shook on it. It was pretty official. Anyway, the whole one would have taken two bites, and I’ve heard stories about how ridiculously hot these were, so I wanted to make sure I only had to take one bite and not go through the agony of having to take another once I found out just how hot it really was. So we just stood in the kitchen as I took a pepper and cut it in half and each of us took a piece. I made sure I knew not to chew for more than 10 seconds or else it just destroys your mouth, and then I counted down from 3. Then we each had a half of the hottest pepper I’ve ever ate.

Even now, I can’t really say why I agreed to this. Well, actually… I think I might have an idea. But that is not news for a public blog. :p ANYWAY. So thus began the worst 20 minutes of my life. Actually, I’m probably exaggerating. It wasn’t really that bad. Apparently I’m to be commended on how well I handled it, since only this friend and another of his housemates (another guy, I might add) were the only people to have eaten a pepper that hot and not cried or freaked out or anything. So I felt pretty good about myself after that. XD Especially considering I don’t even like spicy things. (And yet I still agreed to this stunt. WTF, self?)

Anyway, so that was adventure part 1. I suppose it was more like an experience. I was instructed to eat yoghurt right after I’d swallowed the pepper, but I’m not sure it helped much. It was pretty good yoghurt, though. Peach flavoured. =)

Theeen… I don’t really know what we did next. I think we all just hung out in the kitchen for a bit before deciding on Apples to Apples – and really, if you guys have never played that game, GET ON IT! It’s so much fun! One of my friends ended up cheating and ended up with, like, 25 cards in his hand by the end of the game, so in my mind I disqualified him for being a filthy cheater. :p So I won! Haha. It was so much fun. I love that game.

The adventures continued when we decided to make brownies and watch a movie! And by “we” I mean I watched a movie with someone and some other people made brownies. :p We were going to watch some other movie, but I’d never heard of it, so he just told me to check out what movies he’d brought up with him, and of course when I saw Harry Potter on his book shelf, I knew that’s what we were watching, and I told him so. He was perfectly fine with this, and I told him he could pick which one to watch. Guess which he picked? PS and CoS are his favourites. JUST LIKE ME. :D Although GoF is his favourite book and mine’s HBP, I think, but GoF is a close second. I love it. Anyway, we watched PS and both quoted the majority of the movie. It was fantastic. Unfortunately I had to leave before the movie was over so I could catch my bus since it was already after midnight on a Thursday evening, so we still had classes the next day.

But anyway. That was my night of “adventures” that didn’t really involve any real adventures except a two-minute bus ride to get to their house. And then we stayed in all night and played games, did stupid things, and ate brownies. And watched HP. <3 And BBT.

Anyway, the point is that’s it, really. Nothing else happened. And now I have to go shower and do some readings (ewww *sigh*), so I’ll talk to you guys later! <33


Ignore my ramblings. September 3, 2010

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Not having the same sleep schedule as regular people really sucks sometimes. The only thing that keeps me entertained past, like, midnight, are movies, books and TV shows since no one else is really up at this time, and since my parents are home I can’t exactly play piano at 3AM. I welcome the start of school next week, not only for something to do but also to make me sleep at normal hours, so there’s a likely chance that if I’m bored, I can bother someone and make them entertain me. :p

I swear I’m going to stop complaining about this soon. I’m such a hypocrite – I hate when people complain about things all the time, but here I am, always complaining about how I have a whack internal clock. I suck.

Anywhoooo. I’m just going to ramble for a bit because I really have nothing else better to do with my time. Yesterday I was out at BestBuy with my parents looking for a replacement battery for my laptop since it pretty much can’t hold any sort of charge anymore, but unfortunately they said it would take a week to get to the store. They recommended we call HP and have them ship it directly to my house at school, since I’m moving in on Saturday, but apparently they don’t sell the model I need anymore, so they gave me the number of their resaler near school so I could go get it from them… *sigh* I think what I might just do it go to the BestBuy near school and get them to do everything for me, even if that means I have to wait longer for it to arrive. I feel like dealing with a resaler would be kind of sketchy and I trust BestBuy. It is kind of out of my way, but since my parents will be driving me up and taking me grocery shopping on Saturday anyway, they said they could drive out to the BestBuy and order it with me, and then I can pick it up next weekend when it gets in or whatever, since I think I’m going to be laser tagging with some friends next Sunday. My friend and housemate’s boyfriend are coming to visit, so we’re going to go laser tagging (I’ve been told) and the laser tagging place, if I remember correctly, is just down the street from the BestBuy, so I’m sure they won’t mind if we take a detour after we’re done there and picking up my battery. :) Although BestBuy is currently experiencing technical difficulties with their website, so I can’t check their hours of operation.

On a random note, I’m really excited for tomorrow evening. I’m not too bothered with posting this (considering whenever I post plans, they’re always ruined in some way) because it mostly involves a TV schedule and it would take something astronomical to ruin that. Anyway, there’s another episode of JONAS, LA tomorrow and Camp Rock 2 at 8:30 (I think)! Yes, I’m a child. I’m weirdly attached to JONAS and I’m actually really excited for Camp Rock 2. Sue me. Also, we taped an episode of How I Met Your Mother that was on tonight for my mother (haha), because I was watching an episode and she came down and said, “Hey… I thought Neil Patrick Harris was in this?” And of course he is, but that particular episode didn’t have that much of his character (for the 5 minutes that she saw :p) and I noticed that later there was an episode that was pretty exlusively about Barney, so I told her and we taped it and we’re also watching that tomorrow. (Even though I’ve seen it, like, three times already. Don’t give me that look! It’s a great episode. (“Perfect Week,” in case you were wondering. Season 5.)) AND I’ve been told we’re getting pizza for dinner! :D Tomorrow night is going to be so awesome. I’m psyched. And something that made today awesome was my trip to Walmart in which I got some stuff for school – well… by “stuff for school” I mean I got Ringolos and some Gatorade, among other things that, you know, I actually need (like some hooks, soap, toothpaste, etc. :p). Walmart had red Gatorade, which I haven’t found in ages, and (wait for it…)


Yeah. I’m drinking it right now. (Well, not right now because RIGHT NOW I’m typing this blog. But you know.) It’s one of the most delicious things I have ever had in my life. I just love strawberry-kiwi juice. My friend Melissa used to have juice boxes of strawberry-kiwi juice at school and I used to have Five Alive, and we’d trade juices at lunch since she hated hers and I was … eh, I was neutral, I suppose, about mine, but LOVED HERS. I named it the Godly Juice because it was so fantastic. I’ve never met anyone else who loves this juice, which is kind of a tragedy on one hand because it’s so underappreciated, but on the other hand, more for me! And I’m always alright with that. :D

I’m also currently dying to discuss The Clockwork Angel with someone. Poor Marzieh is stuck in Iran without Internet at the moment and hasn’t even read the book yet! D: (Not by any fault of her own, of course.) That makes me so sad. I can’t post anything here, either, for fear of spoiling someone… Oooh, and also the snippet of City of Fallen Angels which is found in the newly published paperback of City of Glass. There’s not much in it, since it’s not even a full chapter, but nonetheless. I shall have to await Marzieh’s return. I hope you’re not too bored in Iran, Marzieh! <33 I miss you already. (This is kind of pathetic since of course you can’t read this, not having Internet, which also sucks! *sad pandas*)

I was going to say I’ll just leave it here, but I forgot to mention what I ended up getting at BestBuy! We were on our way to the cash since my mum found a case for her camera, and my dad pointed out this CBC special that was made in honour of the 1972 Summit Series and it was on sale for $7, so… It is now mine! I can’t wait to watch it. According to the front (if I remember correctly) it’s three discs, but it’s no larger than a regular DVD case, so I’m not entirely convinced. I’ll have to see when I open it on the weekend. *excited* That was all I wanted to say about that.

So now I’m really going to shut up because this is getting waaaay too long and I feel like watching How I Met Your Mother. Or maybe The Mentalist. Something.

Good night, blog. If anyone still reads this.


I AM ON TIME. I SWEAR. August 15, 2010

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There has been so much typing done today, dearest readers. If I weren’t so in love with my computer and you and the Internet, I’d be sick to my stomach for having to watch words keep scrolling across the screen as I type this entry. Fortunately, I do love you all and the Internet and my computer, so I can find it within me to type out this blog entry. Lucky you!

Today was an interesting day, to say the least. Last night (and by last night I really mean “in the wee hours of this morning”) I looked over at my clipboard and my notebook and decided that I was going to continue writing my fic, and then got irritated because whenever I decide to write I can’t, and whenever I don’t have the time or opportunity to write, ideas come. It’s backwards. Anyway, I’ve found recently that putting on music and just having it play in the background really helps my focus for whatever reason, so I set my iTunes to organize itself based on the play count of each song, and I went through 3 hours and 10 minutes of my most played music, wrote 7 pages or so and finished my fic! It was invigorating. The problem was that I finished at, like, 5:45AM. :p And today I had to pack some clothes to take to school, because once my father got home from golfing we left to take up some more things. So I probably fell asleep around 6:15, maybe later, and then I was up at 11, packing away some tshirts, tank tops, a pair of capris or two… And then packing the car with whatever else I brought up, like some binders, my backpack, some anatomy notes from last year, a hamper, a garbage bin for my room… Anyway. It turns out that although my closet is really pretty and nicely organized with that cool thing I got from Walmart, I probably should have kept this other thing I’d gotten from Walmart instead, and then bought bins for my sweaters since I don’t hang those and I could have put the bins on the top shelf in my closet. With the cool organizer thing taking up so much space, there’s not much room to hang anything, even though there’s a bar underneath, so I might have to fold some more sweaters or something to make some room for the few things I have left at home… Argh. Moving is really a hassle when you have to find ways to fit your things into a much smaller space. I still have my bed, which has storage for things underneath. I was planning on putting my tshirts, capris, socks and underwear there, but there could be extra space and I could fold some stuff in my closet and put it under my bed so that the closet isn’t as cramped. That might work. I’m moving up on the 29th, so I guess I’ll have to wait until then to see how it works out.

Anywho, when I got back I started typing out the fic I wrote (damn, it’s so long! I don’t have the attention span for this!), did some other stuff that wasn’t really that memorable, and after dinner I watched Fame with my mum. It was the third time I saw it and her first, but I thought it was just as good as the first time I watched it when it came out in theatres last year. :) I love the scenes between Asher Book’s and Kay Panabaker’s characters. There’s one part where they’re just Lily and James Potter. Seriously. (Well, how I imagine them, anyway. IT WAS SO CUTE.) After that was over (thankfully we could finish it! There was a huge thunderstorm going on at the same time and the power flickered slightly near the end. I almost crapped my pants) we watched The Gates, which was on again tonight. Great. Show. Crap is currently in the process of hitting the fan. It’s fantastic. (Well, for some parts, not for others. CHARLIE! UGH. No spoilers. Promise.)

And now it’s 11:59PM so I’m going to submit this now and hope it gets in for August 15th! 9 DAYS UNTIL MOCKINGJAY! YAAAY.