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I have issues. May 7, 2010

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I have some serious issues. Really, I do. I’m following three separate hockey tournaments, and apparently that’s still not enough hockey because during the day, I’m watching the ’72 Summit Series games and interviews from the commemorative DVDs my dad has. And I would still watch more hockey if I could. I think I need help.

I’m not going to bore you all with the details, since I know very few of you follow hockey to any extent, but the people at CBC and TSN really need to stop scheduling important games at the same time. That’s not cool. I don’t like having to switch between games, so if you could keep scheduling one at 7:00 and the other at 9:30 like you do for Vancouver/Chicago and Boston/Philly, that would be awesome. Thanks. :)

Anyway… It’s only the second week of vacation and I’m bored out of my skull. Hockey is only on in the evenings, and the ’72 games will only last me so long. Although, I’m going to visit my high school tomorrow with a friend, which should be fun, and on Saturday I’m going to meet my landlord with my housemates to get our keys and colours approved for painting, so at least I’ll be doing something. (Although Canada is playing Italy Saturday morning which means I’ll have to tape the game instead of watching it live, which I don’t appreciate.  I swear, I’m going to shut up about hockey. I promise.)

Ooh. Since I’m going to school tomorrow to visit some teachers, I’m going to try and talk to my awesome exercise science teacher and see if he can give me any advice on what to do about my major. He studied kinesiology and I think he did his masters in it, too, so hopefully he can help me decide what I want to do. :) Plus, he’s just ridiculously awesome, so I can’t wait to catch up with him!

Speaking of school, however, I’m upset that I have to wait until May 31st to find out how I did in my second semester biology and chemistry courses. Since it’s the end of term, the school is focusing on figuring out which fourth or fifth years are eligible to graduate, so obviously they’re top priority. Us lowly returning students get to be shafted until the grads are dealt with, so the registrar’s office isn’t posting grades again until May 31st. Uncool. I know for a fact that grades were due to the registrar before May 3rd, which was the last day that they were going to post marks until the 31st, so either my bio and chem departments have outdone themselves and didn’t hand in the grades on time, or the registrar decided to be a jerk and keep me on the hook for the only two subjects I’m worried about. Thanks for that. That might be the day that we get notified about which programs we’ve been accepted to as well, so… May 31st will be a stressful day.

Hm. It’s 2:05AM and I have nothing left to talk about. I would share the movie I last saw with you guys, but that happens to be Miracle, but that’s a hockey-related movie and I promised I wouldn’t talk about hockey again. OOH. New Doctor Who on Saturday, though! :D I’m really excited. It’s been… 3 weeks, I think, since I last saw a new episode of DW, since I used to *cough* download them *cough* when they had aired in the UK, which is 2 weeks ahead of Canada. Saturday is finally the air date for episode 4 in Canada, and I’m so excited to finally see it. My favourite villains are returning! WOOT! (I won’t mention what they are for fear of spoiling anyone, but it’s going to be epic. I swear.)

I’m also having math withdrawals. Man, I’m such a nerd. I have to go four whole months without math. How will I survive?! [/drama] And I don’t even know if I’m going to be able to fit math in my schedule next year. It could be an entire year without math. 12 months. 365 days. 525,600 minutes. Without. Math. I’m going to go crazy. Hopefully in third year I’ll have an explosion of math in my timetable and it’ll be epicly awesome and the world will right itself.

H’ok. It’s almost 2:30AM and I’m tired and have to be up early so I can meet my friend at school, so I’m off. I’ll see you guys later. <33