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this is where the title goes. August 14, 2010

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I… don’t really have anything to say today. Nothing particularly exciting happened (although that’s pretty much the norm at this point) and I guess I’m just not really in the mood to blog right now, but it’s 11:37PM and I need to get something down for the day. I suppose I could always default to complaining about my house and how it’s going to suck always being around people, but even I’m sick of hearing myself complain, even if it’s mostly done in my head.

I saw two movies today. Den Brother was on Family Channel last night and I taped it and watched this afternoon. It was alright, I guess. The little kids were, like, four and acted waaay too mature for their age, but overall it was an alright movie. Then tonight I saw The Proposal again. I saw it ages ago, around when it first came out/was released on DVD, but my mum’s friend recently told her that it was hilarious and that she had to see it, so when my mum figured out it was on TV we watched it. It was just as funny the second time as it was the first, and Ryan Reynolds was just as attractive. <3 If anyone hasn’t seen it yet, I would recommend it. It’s a great movie to relax to. I’ve been wanting to watch Tristan & Isolde again recently, though, so I might do that tonight/tomorrow. Well, most likely tonight, or Monday, because tomorrow I’m going back up to school to bring up more stuff… All of these trips are becoming quite tedious. I’m going to be so glad when I’m just living up there, away from the parents, and don’t have to take any more irritating trips up. Plus then I won’t have to listen to my mother say, “That’s the only thing I didn’t miss about you when you were gone!” to several different things.

Anyway. I promised I wasn’t going to complain and then I went and started complaining, so with 11 minutes before midnight I’m just going to stop it here for now and I’ll see you guys tomorrow. :)


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