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Night of ADVENTURES September 24, 2010

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It’s finally time for a blog update. I had originally planned on writing a blog when I first got moved in to my new house, but that night I was really upset and would just have written lots of sad pandas things, so I didn’t bother, and then by the time the next day rolled around, of course I’d forgotten all about it. Then school started, I got busy, and didn’t write my blog. So… I’m moved in now? Ha. I’m sure you all know that. This blog (as the title may or may not suggest – I don’t know yet, I haven’t written a title :p) is about my adventures from last night. And I use “adventures” in the loosest possible way because really, I was at my friends’ house the entire night, so it’s not like we went anywhere. But we had fun. So it’s all good. Also, I may start rambling about a certain someone and how he won’t get out of my head! But if I do, feel free to ignore. I’m trying to.

Anywayz. So last night I went to my friends’ house for the premiere of season 4 of The Big Bang Theory, which was on at 8PM. We sat, watched some BBT, generally laughed about it… Then when the show was over, one of my friends wanted to bum Doctor Who off another friend in the house, so I just chilled in the living room while they were off copying files and whatnot. So another one of my friends comes into the room, and he was all, “Hey, where’d everyone go?” And I said, “I dunno, they’re all doing their own things, I guess. Coyping Doctor Who files, doing homework maybe?” So he came to hang out with my in the living room. And here’s where things got sketchy. So, not really having much work to do ourselves, we were really bored. And when guys get bored, they do stupid things. And I did a really stupid thing. (I just realized that makes me sound like a guy. I assure you all, I’m not. I’m a girl. Just clearing that up. XD) So he goes to the fridge looking for some food, and comes back and claims that there’s no food and nothing to do. Buuut… There are hot peppers. And we should each have one.

Yeah. You can see where this led… God knows why, but I agreed to this stupid proposal – though I made sure that we’d each only eat half of one. We even shook on it. It was pretty official. Anyway, the whole one would have taken two bites, and I’ve heard stories about how ridiculously hot these were, so I wanted to make sure I only had to take one bite and not go through the agony of having to take another once I found out just how hot it really was. So we just stood in the kitchen as I took a pepper and cut it in half and each of us took a piece. I made sure I knew not to chew for more than 10 seconds or else it just destroys your mouth, and then I counted down from 3. Then we each had a half of the hottest pepper I’ve ever ate.

Even now, I can’t really say why I agreed to this. Well, actually… I think I might have an idea. But that is not news for a public blog. :p ANYWAY. So thus began the worst 20 minutes of my life. Actually, I’m probably exaggerating. It wasn’t really that bad. Apparently I’m to be commended on how well I handled it, since only this friend and another of his housemates (another guy, I might add) were the only people to have eaten a pepper that hot and not cried or freaked out or anything. So I felt pretty good about myself after that. XD Especially considering I don’t even like spicy things. (And yet I still agreed to this stunt. WTF, self?)

Anyway, so that was adventure part 1. I suppose it was more like an experience. I was instructed to eat yoghurt right after I’d swallowed the pepper, but I’m not sure it helped much. It was pretty good yoghurt, though. Peach flavoured. =)

Theeen… I don’t really know what we did next. I think we all just hung out in the kitchen for a bit before deciding on Apples to Apples – and really, if you guys have never played that game, GET ON IT! It’s so much fun! One of my friends ended up cheating and ended up with, like, 25 cards in his hand by the end of the game, so in my mind I disqualified him for being a filthy cheater. :p So I won! Haha. It was so much fun. I love that game.

The adventures continued when we decided to make brownies and watch a movie! And by “we” I mean I watched a movie with someone and some other people made brownies. :p We were going to watch some other movie, but I’d never heard of it, so he just told me to check out what movies he’d brought up with him, and of course when I saw Harry Potter on his book shelf, I knew that’s what we were watching, and I told him so. He was perfectly fine with this, and I told him he could pick which one to watch. Guess which he picked? PS and CoS are his favourites. JUST LIKE ME. :D Although GoF is his favourite book and mine’s HBP, I think, but GoF is a close second. I love it. Anyway, we watched PS and both quoted the majority of the movie. It was fantastic. Unfortunately I had to leave before the movie was over so I could catch my bus since it was already after midnight on a Thursday evening, so we still had classes the next day.

But anyway. That was my night of “adventures” that didn’t really involve any real adventures except a two-minute bus ride to get to their house. And then we stayed in all night and played games, did stupid things, and ate brownies. And watched HP. <3 And BBT.

Anyway, the point is that’s it, really. Nothing else happened. And now I have to go shower and do some readings (ewww *sigh*), so I’ll talk to you guys later! <33


Ignore my ramblings. September 3, 2010

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Not having the same sleep schedule as regular people really sucks sometimes. The only thing that keeps me entertained past, like, midnight, are movies, books and TV shows since no one else is really up at this time, and since my parents are home I can’t exactly play piano at 3AM. I welcome the start of school next week, not only for something to do but also to make me sleep at normal hours, so there’s a likely chance that if I’m bored, I can bother someone and make them entertain me. :p

I swear I’m going to stop complaining about this soon. I’m such a hypocrite – I hate when people complain about things all the time, but here I am, always complaining about how I have a whack internal clock. I suck.

Anywhoooo. I’m just going to ramble for a bit because I really have nothing else better to do with my time. Yesterday I was out at BestBuy with my parents looking for a replacement battery for my laptop since it pretty much can’t hold any sort of charge anymore, but unfortunately they said it would take a week to get to the store. They recommended we call HP and have them ship it directly to my house at school, since I’m moving in on Saturday, but apparently they don’t sell the model I need anymore, so they gave me the number of their resaler near school so I could go get it from them… *sigh* I think what I might just do it go to the BestBuy near school and get them to do everything for me, even if that means I have to wait longer for it to arrive. I feel like dealing with a resaler would be kind of sketchy and I trust BestBuy. It is kind of out of my way, but since my parents will be driving me up and taking me grocery shopping on Saturday anyway, they said they could drive out to the BestBuy and order it with me, and then I can pick it up next weekend when it gets in or whatever, since I think I’m going to be laser tagging with some friends next Sunday. My friend and housemate’s boyfriend are coming to visit, so we’re going to go laser tagging (I’ve been told) and the laser tagging place, if I remember correctly, is just down the street from the BestBuy, so I’m sure they won’t mind if we take a detour after we’re done there and picking up my battery. :) Although BestBuy is currently experiencing technical difficulties with their website, so I can’t check their hours of operation.

On a random note, I’m really excited for tomorrow evening. I’m not too bothered with posting this (considering whenever I post plans, they’re always ruined in some way) because it mostly involves a TV schedule and it would take something astronomical to ruin that. Anyway, there’s another episode of JONAS, LA tomorrow and Camp Rock 2 at 8:30 (I think)! Yes, I’m a child. I’m weirdly attached to JONAS and I’m actually really excited for Camp Rock 2. Sue me. Also, we taped an episode of How I Met Your Mother that was on tonight for my mother (haha), because I was watching an episode and she came down and said, “Hey… I thought Neil Patrick Harris was in this?” And of course he is, but that particular episode didn’t have that much of his character (for the 5 minutes that she saw :p) and I noticed that later there was an episode that was pretty exlusively about Barney, so I told her and we taped it and we’re also watching that tomorrow. (Even though I’ve seen it, like, three times already. Don’t give me that look! It’s a great episode. (“Perfect Week,” in case you were wondering. Season 5.)) AND I’ve been told we’re getting pizza for dinner! :D Tomorrow night is going to be so awesome. I’m psyched. And something that made today awesome was my trip to Walmart in which I got some stuff for school – well… by “stuff for school” I mean I got Ringolos and some Gatorade, among other things that, you know, I actually need (like some hooks, soap, toothpaste, etc. :p). Walmart had red Gatorade, which I haven’t found in ages, and (wait for it…)


Yeah. I’m drinking it right now. (Well, not right now because RIGHT NOW I’m typing this blog. But you know.) It’s one of the most delicious things I have ever had in my life. I just love strawberry-kiwi juice. My friend Melissa used to have juice boxes of strawberry-kiwi juice at school and I used to have Five Alive, and we’d trade juices at lunch since she hated hers and I was … eh, I was neutral, I suppose, about mine, but LOVED HERS. I named it the Godly Juice because it was so fantastic. I’ve never met anyone else who loves this juice, which is kind of a tragedy on one hand because it’s so underappreciated, but on the other hand, more for me! And I’m always alright with that. :D

I’m also currently dying to discuss The Clockwork Angel with someone. Poor Marzieh is stuck in Iran without Internet at the moment and hasn’t even read the book yet! D: (Not by any fault of her own, of course.) That makes me so sad. I can’t post anything here, either, for fear of spoiling someone… Oooh, and also the snippet of City of Fallen Angels which is found in the newly published paperback of City of Glass. There’s not much in it, since it’s not even a full chapter, but nonetheless. I shall have to await Marzieh’s return. I hope you’re not too bored in Iran, Marzieh! <33 I miss you already. (This is kind of pathetic since of course you can’t read this, not having Internet, which also sucks! *sad pandas*)

I was going to say I’ll just leave it here, but I forgot to mention what I ended up getting at BestBuy! We were on our way to the cash since my mum found a case for her camera, and my dad pointed out this CBC special that was made in honour of the 1972 Summit Series and it was on sale for $7, so… It is now mine! I can’t wait to watch it. According to the front (if I remember correctly) it’s three discs, but it’s no larger than a regular DVD case, so I’m not entirely convinced. I’ll have to see when I open it on the weekend. *excited* That was all I wanted to say about that.

So now I’m really going to shut up because this is getting waaaay too long and I feel like watching How I Met Your Mother. Or maybe The Mentalist. Something.

Good night, blog. If anyone still reads this.


this is where the title goes. August 14, 2010

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I… don’t really have anything to say today. Nothing particularly exciting happened (although that’s pretty much the norm at this point) and I guess I’m just not really in the mood to blog right now, but it’s 11:37PM and I need to get something down for the day. I suppose I could always default to complaining about my house and how it’s going to suck always being around people, but even I’m sick of hearing myself complain, even if it’s mostly done in my head.

I saw two movies today. Den Brother was on Family Channel last night and I taped it and watched this afternoon. It was alright, I guess. The little kids were, like, four and acted waaay too mature for their age, but overall it was an alright movie. Then tonight I saw The Proposal again. I saw it ages ago, around when it first came out/was released on DVD, but my mum’s friend recently told her that it was hilarious and that she had to see it, so when my mum figured out it was on TV we watched it. It was just as funny the second time as it was the first, and Ryan Reynolds was just as attractive. <3 If anyone hasn’t seen it yet, I would recommend it. It’s a great movie to relax to. I’ve been wanting to watch Tristan & Isolde again recently, though, so I might do that tonight/tomorrow. Well, most likely tonight, or Monday, because tomorrow I’m going back up to school to bring up more stuff… All of these trips are becoming quite tedious. I’m going to be so glad when I’m just living up there, away from the parents, and don’t have to take any more irritating trips up. Plus then I won’t have to listen to my mother say, “That’s the only thing I didn’t miss about you when you were gone!” to several different things.

Anyway. I promised I wasn’t going to complain and then I went and started complaining, so with 11 minutes before midnight I’m just going to stop it here for now and I’ll see you guys tomorrow. :)


Lots of books to read. August 10, 2010

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So WordPress changed their little bar at the top of the page. I went to click “new post,” because it’s usually right up there, and instead I saw “my account,” “my blog,” and “blog info.” So that took a little adjustment, but we’re good because I have expertly figured everything out. (Here’s where you laugh.)

As you can tell if you’re reading this, it’s already August 10th which means I’ve… Say it with me! Failed BEDA again. I think I’m just going to look past all these failures and stop mentioning them because it’s become a tradition, really, that I don’t blog until after midnight.

Nothing particularly exciting happened today. I finished The Alchemyst, which turned out to be alright. It was an interesting story, but for some reason a slow read. I didn’t really find myself getting into it that often, but it was alright. I have The Magician so I’ll have to read that sometime, and I’ve discovered there are two other books. I can’t remember what the third is called, but I believe the fourth is called The Necromancer. I’ve also started to re-read The Hunger Games in preparation for Mockingjay, which is officially released in two weeks! I’m so excited. Another book also finally arrived at the library today after being on hold since early June. It’s called The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Apparently there’s been a movie based off of it recently, but I haven’t seen it. My Latin teacher from high school recommended it when I went back to visit her after I got home from university, so I immediately put a hold on it and it’s finally here! It’s going to take ages to read, though. It’s 841 pages. O_o And considering I have to read The Hunger Games and Catching Fire in two weeks and then Mockingjay AND The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo all before August 29th, this will be very interesting.

In other not-so-awesome news, I have to be up tomorrow at 7:15AM so I can go get blood drawn for the annual checks. I’m not sure I even want to get blood drawn that early… The nurses can’t be any more awake than I will be! I’m not afraid of needles, but it’s so easily to bruise or collapse a blood vessel… Well, it’s easier to bruise it with the needle. Generally you’ll collapse it if you have way too much pressure on it for a ridiculous amount of time. But still. Bruising blood vessels is painful. Let’s hope the nurse is both sufficiently awake and not jittery from any ingested caffeine. Wish me luck!

Aaaand… Those were pretty much the important parts of my day. That’s really sad. Tomorrow, as of now, seems to at least have more action – and by action I mean just more stuff to do, really. I have indeed learned my lesson and haven’t talked about anything but the blood draw in the morning, for that is definitely happening. I will let you know how everything else goes demain soir. (For those of you who don’t speak the beautiful language that is French, that means tomorrow night. Or, if I know me, tomorrow after midnight so technically Wednesday morning. :p If I’m still awake.)

I suppose I’ll leave it at that for tonight. I want to get back to The Hunger Games, partly because it’s so interesting, even though I’ve read it before, and partly because if I’m going to read four books in less than three weeks, I have to get GOING. I will see you guys tomorrow! :)


I have a pretty closet! August 8, 2010

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Well, technically *I* failed at BEDA. BEDA didn’t fail. All this failure this summer is not cool, though. I was going to make a quick post, because I was away all day and only turned on my computer an hour ago, but then I got talking to some friends about some house things that needed to be sorted out, and I got distracted. And now it’s 12:34AM so I’ve failed at BEDA yet again. :( It’s like the fourth time and yet it’s only August 8th. Woooow. I’m really bad at blogging this year.

And now it’s 1:16AM because I spent lots of time discussing that house stuff with some housemates. Wow. Alright, then, I suppose it’s time to put all my attention into this blog for a while. Today we took a surprise trip up to my house at school to move in some more things like my winter clothes and a storage thing we got from Walmart, and we cleaned a bit, too. (Rather, my mother cleaned the window/baseboard and I organized my closet and my dad, er… Well, I don’t really know what he did. LOL. I think he just randomly helped wherever he was needed.) Anyway, I actually love the way my closet is set up. It’s really too bad that it’s so small, though… It’s only 3.5 feet wide, and there’s only the one bar at the top to hang things. Since I’m so cramped for space, my mum agreed to let me get this organizer from Walmart. It’s really convenient and I love it. I put some of my winter sweaters and long sleeved tops in the four little cubbies there, and on the bar underneath I’m going to hang my skirts, tank tops, and hopefully a few summer button-up tops that I usually hang, but I’m not sure if there’s going to be enough space… That organizational unit thing didn’t take up all the space in my closet, though, so I’ve still got a bit of space on the upper bar left that I used for the rest of my winter sweaters and jeans, and I’ve got a LITTLE bit of room left where I can hang at least my two spring/fall jackets, and hopefully my winter jacket as well, but since that’s thick that might be pushing it… I’m not sure. There’s a communal hall closet outside my room where I could of course put my jacket, but I dunno, I’d just rather have it in my room if it’s possible. Although that might be problematic in the winter if it snows and my jacket gets all wet, because that’s going to get the rest of my closet all wet, so I might have to use the closet outside my room. I’m sure we could clean that up and make it a respectable closet. At the very least, it’s only my winter jacket going in that closet, so I suppose I could deal with that. We shall see, I suppose. I also have to fit my shoes in the closet in my room, which normally wouldn’t be a problem but I’ve got some high boots that are quite tall and with the organizational unit causing the tank tops to hang quite low and the other side housing my long sweaters… I’m not sure if there will be room. But I will make it work. I love those boots. <3 They are beautiful and lovely.

Anyway, wow. That wasn’t supposed to take up so much space! I ramble far too much. Hmm. The rest of my day wasn’t too eventful, since most of it was spent up at school. When I got home we had some dinner, and then I flipped between Red Eye and Pirates of the Carribean: Curse of the Black Pearl on TV, but I somehow managed to fall asleep during Pirates even though I woke up super late AGAIN today. This is not very good, because now I’m just going to be until 5AM again and will sleep late again… And thus the cycle continues. I should pull an all-nighter some time and see if that sorts everything out. I was on the verge of doing it once – it was 6AM and I was still energized because I’d been working on something and just lost track of time, but I didn’t think I’d be able to stay up all day without someone home to entertain me so I just went to sleep for a bit. Maybe when I move up to school I could try it out if I haven’t got this sorted out a bit by then.

Oh, I just remembered, too. I cannot BELIEVE I’ve been calling it The Clockwork Princess this whole time! It’s The Clockwork ANGEL that’s coming out August 31st. Not Princess. ANGEL. This feels like that time I called it City of Angels instead of City of Ashes, its actual title. Major fail on my part. I think, in my defense, The Clockwork Princess might actually be a later book in the trilogy, but still, I should have known better anyway. My apologies to anyone who got ridiculously confused reading any previous blog entries.

Alright, I suppose that’s it for now. I’m going to grab a granola bar and watch some Secret Diary of a Call Girl, or maybe some How I Met Your Mother, or maybe Big Bang Theory… I don’t know. Too many shows to pick! I think I want something short, though. Or maybe I might check out some Criminal Minds if I decide to watch something longer. Or maybe some Who! I haven’t seen Who in a while. Maybe I’ll look at that. (I have used “maybe” far too many times. Seriously. I’m going now.)

Bye, everyone! I’ll see you tomorrow. *cough* Later today because I fail at BEDA *cough*


House Woes and 1972 Hockey. August 6, 2010

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Look at me! I’m remembering to blog on time tonight. What an achievement. Now if I can write this blog in under 1 hour and 22 minutes, I can actually POST it tonight. And then we’re good.

Today was pretty uneventful, I suppose. I failed at that “getting up early” thing I mentioned last blog… But I made myself feel better by watching episode 13 of Moonlight, which featured a mostly shirtless Alex O’Loughlin, which was pretty great. ;) I also watched game 4 of the Summit Series and started game 5, but I have a feeling I’m really going to hate watching games 5 – 8, because they took place in Russia in 1972 (well, back then it was the USSR, but they were in Moscow so whatever. Russia it is), and obviously technology kind of sucked back then compared to now, so the broadcasts to Canada were terrible and thus the versions we have on the DVDs are kind of awful as well. They keep cutting out and it makes me angry. It figures that the only games I’ll probably get to watch in good (for 1972) quality are the ones where Canada gets raped. Well, to be fair, we won one game and tied another, but… We got raped in two for sure and then the others were questionable. BUT when we played in Russia, we won 3/4 games to come back and win the series, but since the quality sucks… Argh. That’s totally not fair, but eh. I will live, I suppose.

Tonight I also ventured to my grandma’s with my parents to pick up some plates and bowls and stuff she had for me for my house at school, and I didn’t realize it was like a whole set – 12 bowls (big and small), 12 plates (small, medium and large), 12 forks… Even a few spoons and I have more that I can take from home. The only other regular thing we’d need would be knives – bread and meat knives – and some regular glasses. (On top of the regular stuff we’d need pots and pans, of course, but that’s another matter.) But of course, since my housemates are never available at the same time to talk, we can’t coordinate anything so I just found out today that two of my housemates have already brought up some plates and cutlery for themselves and a bunch of the cupboards are already used. ARGH. This is so frustrating. I just want to sort everything out and know what I have to bring, whether it’s every person for themselves or whether we’re sharing things like plates and whatever.

Anyway, my grandma can be pretty batshit crazy sometimes, but I still love her. <3 Like tonight, she knowingly provoked a wasps’ nest with a giant painting roller and wasps came zooming out everywhere. Needless to say, I went straight for the house. :p Wasps are alarming, ok! Don’t judge me. Then her, my grandpa, my mum and I had the most ridiculously non-sequitor conversation I’ve ever had. I didn’t know what was going on half the time. :p (Then again, half of it was in Greek, which I don’t understand anyway, so that was part of it.) It was interesting, though. My grandparents are pretty awesome. <3 AND WE GOT PITA. WOOT! :D Lots of it, too. I’m pretty happy. And I had pasta for dinner, so hellz yeah! Today is an awesome day for food in my mind.

Hmm. I think that’s pretty much it for today. My mother claims this weekend is cleaning weekend, even though I swear we cleaned last weekend… *sigh* So this weekend won’t be too fun. Although, we’re looking to get Chinese food Sunday night (YES! Brown fried rice and chicken balls with ketchup, here I come. NOM.), which is also when the next episode of The Gates is airing. :D Sounds like a great night to me. Does anyone else watch that show? I kind of love it, it’s pretty interesting. Maybe I’ll also make my special dip for Sunday night, but that involves eating the dip with nachos and that’s going to be so loud during The Gates, so I’m not sure. I’ll think about it, I suppose. Sunday is also the day of new secrets from PostSecret, so YAY. Sunday is going to be a good day, I think.

I guess I’m done for now, so I’ll talk to you guys later! :)


I’ve failed already. August 2, 2010

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Hahaha. It’s August 2nd and I’ve already failed at BEDA! What an accomplishment. In my defense, I’d forgotten yesterday was August 1st which meant BEDA TIME, and by the time I remembered I wasn’t even home to blog… Because I had a fun adventure at a friend’s house today (well, technically yesterday, but since I haven’t been to bed yet I have no qualms calling it today, so maybe that means I can fail just a little less?).

Today I went to a friend’s house for a day of games, and we played games like Mafia, Banangrams, Contact and Shadow Hunters. I’d never played Shadow Hunters before, but it was actually really interesting and fun! I kind of failed a bit at it, though, but that’s alright. I definitely failed miserably at Bananagrams, but I blame my friend Dan and his sister Kiera for being amazing at games. They just crushed everyone. It was ridiculous. (OOH. We also played Taboo. Can’t leave out that gem.) Mafia was by far the best game, though, because we added a ton of crazy roles like the doppleganger, martyr, silencer, diseased person and the prince. Needless to say, it made the game way more interesting than having three mafia members, the doctor, inspector and 5 townspeople. This time, the townspeople actually had roles and it was way better. We’re definitely going to have to play this again sometime soon because it was the best game of Mafia I’ve played by far.

I’m not sure many of you know what I’m talking about, though, so I should probably move on. Not much has been happening in my life lately. Last night I went babysitting with my best friend, who I hadn’t seen in a while so it was really great to see her again. <3 She makes my life every day. Then yesterday afternoon I was up near school with the parental figures looking at mattresses and beds. My mother is a completely unreasonable person sometimes and it makes me really angry, especially because we were looking for stuff for my room, and it’s not even my room at home. She’s unreasonable enough about my room at home as it is – no posters on the walls, put away all of your clothes, etc. – and I don’t understand that. If you don’t like how it looks, that’s why doors were invented! I’m not saying my room is messy, anyway – at most there will be a few days’ worth of clothes stacked neatly on my chair, and when we have guests over, it’s not like they’re coming upstairs to inspect my bedroom. If it bothers you, close the door, and don’t give me this crap about air circulation because windows can be opened and there are air vents in every room. Anyway, she was being unreasonable about beds and organizing clothes and whatnot and it just makes me angry. That’s pretty much it. I shouldn’t go into explaining it all because it’s not very interesting blog material. (But then again, you’re not going to be getting much from me this month because nothing interesting is happening in August. :p At least last year I was still in school when we did BEDA.) I should probably stop rambling now and go to bed or something. Or, you know, just stop rambling. It’s 2:48AM, and I need something to write about tomorrow. *cough* later today *cough* So I suppose I will sign off now, with my shortest blog post in a while. I will talk to you guys later. :)