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Summer of Awesome April 14, 2010

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So, I kind of just realized how freaking EPIC this summer is going to be, and considering my will to study is decreasing like the inverse square graph of x as x approaches infinity, I’ve decided to blog, because I really don’t want to read more about the zona pellucida or the theca interna/externa and their roles in estrogen production at the moment. My brain can’t take it. If only the female reproductive system were as simple as the male reproductive system… *sigh*

ANYWAY. I shall not get sidetracked while writing this blog. (Though I probably will. I’m starving and it’s currently 1:16AM, so my mind is probably not going to stay focused. But I’ll try.)

So, part 1 of this Summer of Awesome, as I shall henceforth refer to it, is my possible trip to Montreal to visit everyone and attend Wrock Montreal Part 2! (I’m sorry I don’t have an answer yet, Jacinthe… I’m still looking for a job. Ugghh. Once I find one, I can let you know!) Anyway, if that happens that’s going to be awesome and I’m SO PSYCHED. That’s the week of my birthday, too, so it’s just going to be one epic present to go there. :) What’s better than spending your birthday with awesome friends and wizard rock? Answer: nothing.

Part 2 of the Summer of Awesome is… *insert drum roll here* INFINITUS. Heck yes. A few days in Florida with fellow Harry Potter fans and awesome friends? Check. I must admit I’m not too psyched about the “Florida” aspect… I don’t do summer, so this will be interesting. XD I’ll tough it out with water bottles constantly at my side. It’ll all be good. I can’t WAIT to go to all of the events and lectures and everything… But I wish more people could come. :( This “international” business can get really frustrating sometimes. Anyway, this is just going to be filled with epicness and awesome, so I’m excited.

Part 3 involves books, books and more books. :D There are three books being released this summer that I can’t wait to get my hands on:

a) The Clockwork Angel – Cassandra Clare. As some of you guys probably know, this is the first book in her prequel trilogy to The Mortal Instruments, and it’s set to be released on August 24th, 2010. It’s set in Victorian England and apparently lots of crap hits the fan and stuff goes down. She’s ensured us it’s action packed, and some characters from The Mortal Instruments make appearances, and some of the same families are present and whatnot. I’m excited. If it’s anything like The Mortal Instruments, it’s going to be epic, which is what this summer is all about!

b) Mockingjay – Suzanne Collins. This is the final book in The Hunger Games trilogy. Well, I don’t actually know what the trilogy is called. Technically, The Hunger Games is the first book, but to my knowledge the series hasn’t really been given a name, per se, so… That’s what I’m calling it. Anyway, it’s supposed to be another intense book. (Although I suppose it’s poor marketing if the author says, “Well, I kind of thought the second book was better, but you know. Maybe that’s just me.”)

c) Fallout – Ellen Hopkins. I don’t actually know if any of you read Ellen Hopkins’ books, but she writes about drugs and prostitution and rape and suicide and depression. Basically she gives insight into how these sorts of addictions and problems and horrific events ruin people’s lives, and how you can get help if you’re someone who has one of these problems, or if you know someone who does. She writes in such a compelling way, though. And it’s not a typical “novel” in the sense of paragraphs. It’s more… sort of poetry, but not really? I don’t really know how to describe it. She wrote Crank, which is the first book of the trilogy that Fallout will complete, so maybe some of you have heard that. Anyway, that’s supposed to be released on September 14th. Technically school will be back by then, but summer doesn’t officially end until September 20th, so that’s good enough for me!

Also this summer, I’m planning on coming up to my new house near school with my friends, and we’re going to have a house painting party! Our landlord has pretty much given us leave to paint it whatever we like as long as he approves it first, but he told us that he’s pretty much ok with anything so long as it’s not neon or flourescent or anything extravagant like that. I’m thinking of a light-to-medium shade of purple so that it matches part of my comforter. :) While we let the paint dry, we’re going to go laser tagging and then come back and have an awesome pizza party in the backyard! AHH, I’m so excited. Next year’s going to be difficult because I’m going to have to learn to share (it’s kind of sad that I really haven’t learned this lesson yet…), but it’s hopefully going to be awesome. We’re already talking about having, like, pot luck dinner nights and things where we all contribute to one aspect of dinner and sit around and talk and eat together, but we’ll see how much of this actually happens, haha.

I think that concludes my plans for the Summer of Awesome… OH. Ohmygodzilla. How could I forget? The Harry Potter Exhibit is relatively near me, so I’m going to have to check that out! I’ve made plans with one friend to go, and I’m not sure if I’m going with another separately or if they’re going to tag along with us, but I’m definitely going at least once and I can’t wait! Apparently it’s practically the most epic thing anyone has ever experienced, so I’m sure it will be FANTASTIC.

Now that really does conclude my formal plans for the Summer of Awesome. Hopefully it includes some casual hanging out with friends and whatnot, because I will miss some of them. I’ve already got plans with my best friend to have a marathon of The Mentalist, season 1 at some point, and I can’t wait for that. :) We both love that show. Aaand maybe some trips to the movies or something with other people? I dunno. Otherwise it’ll just be full of work and that’s not cool. (Well… Hopefully, anyway. Like I said, I still don’t have a job, so cross your fingers for me! I’m going to need it to pay for all of these things I plan to do this summer. XD)

And now it’s getting late, so I should either go to bed or finish my reading on the maturation of oocytes… 1:45AM. I think I might choose bed. We’ll see. Talk to you guys later! <33