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BEDA Day 2 – The Day I Almost Finished My Paper April 2, 2012

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Sooo… I have a feeling Tara is going to keep me on top of BEDA, haha. I keep forgetting about it until she makes her Tumblr post and then I’m like, “OH GOD, I HAVE TO GO DO BEDA.” And then I drop what I’m doing and come make a post here. Even though I should be writing my paper. And no one is actually reading this.

IN MY DEFENSE, I only have two pages left! Well, less than two now because I’ve actually written some stuff down, but omg. I just have to finish another paragraph on the gaps in the literature and some future research, then I just have to write some synthesis of the research, rephrase a couple things, analyse some stuff better and I think I’m done! WOOOOO. Alright. 

Nothing very exciting happened today. We were going to discuss awesome music-related things in my differentials course, but then my professor decided he’s rather allot the time to boring systems-related thing that are going to be on the exam. Boo. I was so excited to use math to prove that guitars are musical instruments and drums aren’t, but… It was not meant to be. =( 

Until tomorrow, lovelies. <3


It’s BEDA! April 1, 2012

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Okay, so I know I haven’t been here for ages, but I really want to do BEDA this year. School has been stressing me out and even though I have tons of work to do, blogging is kind of relaxing so I think I’ll start with BEDA. It’s ambitious buuut… I think I can do it. Hopefully.

Nothing too interesting is going on in my life right now. I’m busy trying to write a paper that’s due at 5PM on Wednesday which is kind of frustrating because I’ve been writing all weekend. I have so much pent up energy because I’ve literally just been sitting in this stupid chair since like Friday night writing this freaking paper and UGH it’s not okay. BUT the semester ends on Wednesday which means I’ll have time to hang out and relax for a bit before exams. =) I might be going out with some friends on Wednesday to celebrate the end of the semester, and then Thursday I think I’ll clean my apartment before I go to the movies and have my boyfriend-thing-Idon’tknowwhatweare over for the game… Then on Saturday it’s my roommate’s birthday so some people are coming over for that and it’s going to be awesome. I think.

Anyway, I should probably get back to my paper since I was actually on a roll writing stuff and then Tara reminded me it was BEDA because I saw her Tumblr post so I had to come here and write something down. But this isn’t even proper grammar because I’m just rambling and wanted to get something in before April 1st was over!

Happy April Fools Day to everyone. I hope you were all smart enough not to get fooled, haha.