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The Lost Symbol! April 30, 2009

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Oh, no! It’s the last day of BEDA. :( I’m going to miss BEDA quite a lot, so I think I’m going to continue blogging after April ends – hopefully this works when I’m not required to blog every day! I’m going to actually start my blog with a small frustration and then end it with this awesome news that I have to share, but keep forgetting.

So first, we’re starting vectors in math. I knew I wasn’t going to like this unit, because vectors = physics and I both hate and don’t understand physics, but today got my hopes up a little and then crushed them. We were doing some simple work with vectors, which wasn’t all that bad and I understood it completely, and then we did word problems with vector diagrams and I realized that I hated it more than I thought, which makes me really upset. Everyone knows how much I love math, and I hate that I’m going to be hating math for the next month just because it’s about vectors. :( The last math class of my high school career is going to be a vectors class, and I’m going to hate it. This sucks more than I imagined it would. My only hope is that my math teacher will somehow miraculously make me understand vectors so I won’t hate it as much, but I’ll take unpleasantness over full-out hating. I guess only time will tell. *sigh* I’ll have to wait it out, which also sucks because I’m impatient…

Anyway, on to happy thoughts. I keep forgetting to pass on this wonderful news that my friend told me the other day. For all you Dan Brown fans: Dan Brown is writing another book! :) Well, ‘has written’ is more accurate, I suppose. This new book, which will be called The Lost Symbol, is due to be released September 15th of this year! *squee* I’m really excited. Dan Brown is one of my favourite authors. <3 Apparently The Lost Symbol is going to take place after the events of The DaVinci Code, too, which means it’s another Robert Langdon novel, which is excellent because he’s my favourite character of Dan Brown’s. <33 For any Canadians reading this, Chapters is offering a huge discount for pre-ordering the book – 45% off! It’s only in-store, though, and only valid until May 31st, so go and pre-order it now if you’re going to buy it! AHH. I’m actually insanely excited. I really hope I won’t be bogged down with too much work at that point because I won’t be able to put this book down. I just asked my dad, and he said we could pre-order it! :) YAY!

I don’t think I really have much else to say, unfortuantely. I’ll have to end this last blog of BEDA here! The song of the day (hopefully I haven’t repeated this somewhere else already) is You Found Me by The Fray. <3 Though this is the last BEDA, I’m going to try and blog, still, so I’ll see you guys soon, hopefully! :)


Alex O’Loughlin and Second-Last-BEDA! April 29, 2009

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I am currently very sad pandas. (And exhausted, but that’s another story.) I was reading Marzieh’s blog earlier, and she was saying that tomorrow is the last day of April, which I realized, but for some reason never related to the last day of BEDA, too! :( I’m going to miss doing these blogs. I think I’ll actually continue to blog after BEDA, even if it’s not every day, ’cause this has been really fun! Thanks to Catherine for introducing me to this awesome concept. :)

On the plus side, I made $20 today! :) Seriously, I should have gotten into this tutoring business way earlier. I could have actually made so much money. *sigh* That’s ok, though. There are still six (I think) weeks left of school. (Ohmygod, that’s so short. :( I don’t want to leave high school yet!) Criminal Minds was also on tonight, and it was amazing! Alex O’Loughlin played the serial killer. <3 I really miss him. :( For anyone who watched this before it was cancelled, he played Mick St. John in Moonlight. It was so bizarre seeing him in Criminal Minds because he character was SO drastically different than Mick. I realize that obvious he wouldn’t play the same character again and again, but they were practically polar opposites. It was so weird! Though it was awesome seeing him on screen again in something new. <3 I hope he gets a new show – I swear CBS said that he would be in a new show starting in the fall (last fall, mind you) and I have yet to hear of this supposed show. Damn you, CBS, and your unreliability. I hate you. I also hate you because you didn’t put any special features on the Moonlight DVD. Not cool.

I’m too tired to blog about anything else at the moment. Tomorrow I’ll probably be able to make my blog longer (hopefully!) for the last BEDA blog of 2009. :( Today’s song of the day is I’m Yours by Jason Mraz. Enjoy! :)


Ka-Ching! April 28, 2009

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Wooo, money! I earned $10 today, and have another $20 tomorrow, and possibly $10 again on either Thursday or Friday. I should have gotten into the tutoring business ages ago. Seriously. If this keeps up at a constant rate for the rest of the year… :) But I can’t jinx it! I always end up jinxing things, so just forget I said anything about that. :p

We had another meeting today for the math competition coming up, and the teacher asked me if I had any preferences regarding roommates, since I’m the only girl going (apart from the teacher) but I said I didn’t – I sort of do, but I didn’t want to impose myself on any of the guys in case they already had plans to room with some friends, plus we don’t know if the rooms we’re going to be in are doubles or triples or what. Our teacher is actually going to the site tomorrow to ask some questions and stuff, so hopefully she can find out and let us know. Anyway, I said I didn’t have any preference, so I really hope that she doesn’t take that to mean I don’t care if I room with her, because I really don’t want to room with her. Rooming with a teacher is so awkward, and I kind of don’t like her… I’ve also never been in her class, so there’s no established relationship. I’m hoping they’re all triple rooms and then the teachers can get a single or nearby double room to themselves, because that would work out perfectly, since there are nine students and one teacher going. :) And I’m rambling about stuff no one cares about. Moving on!

Nothing else really memorable happened today. We’re supposed to be starting nutrition tomorrow, which is going to be really interesting! I’m so psyched for that. :) The unit will be all about macro/micromolecules like vitamins, fats, carbs, proteins, minerals, etc., and their effects on the body, what a balanced diet is, and more stuff like that.

I’m actually exhausted for no good reason (actually, I was really warm last night so it took a bit to fall asleep… :p), so I’m off to bed after another short blog. *sigh* Since I ended this blog on a health-related note, today’s song is going to be What A Way To Wanna Be! by Shania Twain. <3 My god, I love her Up! CD! <33 She is so talented and awesome. (And Canadian! Boo yeah. XD)

PS. Cookies to anyone who recognized the title of this blog as another Shania Twain song from the same CD… Which no one probably did. XD But that’s ok. :)


Actually A Short Blog April 27, 2009

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Today’s blog is actually (and I really mean it this time) going to be pretty short, because I’m so tired! I even napped after school (unfortunately, I fell asleep during House – the downside is that it was a hilarious episode, but the upside is that I know it was hilarious because I’ve already seen it and I have it on DVD), but that meant I didn’t study like I probably should have, considering I’m tutoring tomorrow until 4 and on Wednesday until 5. (I think I’m going to start making $30 – $40 per week! It’s obviously not as much as a part-time job, but for the amount of work I put into this… Not to suggest I’m a crappy tutor, but it’s not like tutoring is a taxing job, which is good.)

Another sad part of my day was watching the numerous trailers for Angels & Demons and realizing I probably won’t get to see it opening day! :( I am otherwise engaged from 2:30PM on opening day until 9PM the day after that, and I doubt there’s going to be a showing at 11:00AM or 11:30AM on a Friday, which I could technically make if there was because school is out that day. I just need to find someone to come with me… We’ll see, I suppose.

Anyway, I’m actually going to go to bed now. Like I said, it’s actually a short blog today! The song of the day is Somewhere Only We Know by Keane. <3 I can’t get a link to YouTube because they’re currently under site maintenance, so just look it up later if you’re interested. See you all tomorrow! (Canada vs. Slovakia, 2PM! Don’t forget! – Oh, no, I’ll be tutoring until 4 tomorrow, and the game ends at 4:30… :( This is sad. I guess I’ll just have to catch the highlights or something. *sigh*)


This Blog Is Too Long April 26, 2009

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Ahh, Sundays, how I loathe you. Well, it’s actually kind of love-hate. There’s the whole “I don’t want to go to school tomorrow” thing, but I sort of do want to go to school, but then there’s also The Mentalist on. <3 Usually, anyway. Unfortunately, The Mentalist is slightly unpredictable in when it’s on and when it’s not, which makes me very sad pandas. It’s an awesome show, though, so I put up with it. Actually, speaking of TV, I watched a surprising amount of TV today, even though I studied quite a lot, too. Or, more accurately, a lot of stuff was on in the background and I just watched one movie. The Canada vs. Hungary (IIHF World Men’s) was on today, and we won 9 – 0. :) The schedule is the most ridiculous thing, though, since they added a bunch of teams. There are 16 in the preliminary games, which are divided into four divisions of four teams. The top three teams in each division (12 total) move on to the qualifying rounds, where 8 teams move on the the quarter finals. It’s so convoluted. For anyone who cares (mainly Jacinthe, I’m guessing) you can check out the schedule on the IIHF site. It’s so stupid, it’s, like, a three-week tournament. Oh, well. More hockey for me, which is excellent because my team didn’t even make the playoffs.

Anyway, on to something more people will appreciate and understand: the movie I saw today! The Butterfly Effect was on, which was really good. Unfortunately, there were commercials because it was on regular TV, but it was still amazing. The ending was so sad, though! :( It shouldn’t have been rated horror, I don’t think. Or maybe I just have a higher tolerance for horror than I thought I did. Either way, it was an amazing movie. Apparently there were a lot of plot holes (I read up on the ‘goofs’ and ‘continuity errors’ on the IMDB page), but when you’re dealing with a movie about ridiculously complex time travel (well, not really time travel… It’s difficult to explain unless you’ve seen the movie), you’re bound to make some mistakes and screw up somewhere. Plus, it’s not like you’d catch it while watching the movie since it was convoluted anyway. But I repeat: SO GOOD. I highly recommend this movie. Apparently there are three alternate endings, too, so I really want to get this movie from my library so I can see them.

I didn’t really do much else of importance today… I studied a whole chapter of math and re-learned the forearm muscles that extend and flex the hand and the phalanges for the quiz(zes) tomorrow. I should have probably studied some chemistry but I got bored out of my mind and couldn’t be bothered. Ah, well. The quiz tomorrow is open-book and I can study on spare, and the test isn’t until Thursday. Oh, and I read more of Pride and Prejudice, which isn’t as good as the movie, I must say. I guess I just don’t like reading Jane Austen’s stuff. It’s not that I don’t like it, actually, it’s just that her style isn’t interesting to read for me. Although this time it’s not painful to read, thankfully. I don’t know if it was just Emma in general that pained me to read (sorry, Marzieh!) or if it was because I had to dissect it and find quotes for an English essay which made me hate it even more than I probably would have. Anyway, I’m sure I’m only, like, 30 pages in (of something like 270?) and I’m sure I’m already a fifth of the way into the movie equivalent, so either they cut a lot of stuff out, or… I dunno, but it’s kind of strange.

Oh! Something I remembered from coffee/dessert at the family friend’s house last night that I forgot to mention: the wife is actually a nurse, which I didn’t know, and it was really interesting hearing her talk about medical procedures and different anesthetics and paralyzers and stuff. She worked in the ER for 10 years, so she really knows her stuff, and it was awesome. :)

Anyway, I must be off. The Mentalist is on in 11 minutes! The song of the day today shall be Bad Day by Daniel Powter. I’m really dissapointed I couldn’t find the music video, because it’s such an awesome music video! <33 Also, there was a fic that was written (Lily/James, of course <3) based off the song/music video, which was really good. Actually, I’m just going to link to that fic, seeing as I had this compulsion to go read it and still have the window open. :) Bad Day by geekinthepink on Go read it! I promise you’ll love it. :) And now I really must be off, because The Mentalist‘s opening credits just came up! See you guys tomorrow. (Canada/Slovakia game at 2PM on Tuesday! TSN, Jacinthe. :) Do you have TSN? I don’t know. Hmm… I’m sure you’ll find it if you want/are able to watch.)


Good Day! April 25, 2009

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Ohmygoodgod I am exhausted, but I needed to write another post for today, so here it is, even though I may or may not be lucid while writing since I’ve been up since 8AM. *sigh*

Anyway, today was a pretty good day, all in all. :) I did actually bike to the library, and then I walked over to the mall, where I visited the post office and saw my grandparents, who bought me a muffin from Tim’s. :) Then I walked back to the library and biked him, but my iPod was being stupid and kept randomly pausing, so I didn’t have any music playing. :( I need a new iPod, but they’re so expensive… I don’t want the nanos ’cause they’re too small (in size, mostly, since I have around 16GB of stuff on my iPod now, but it’s mostly podcasts. If I took the podcasts off it would be around 5GB of music, but still, the nanos are too small for me in size) but then the classics are $250. Maybe I should ask my whole family to chip in for one for my birthday or whatever, and then my phone can be a grad gift. Hmm. I guess I have a bit of time to decide. Either way, I think I need a new iPod. But I love the one I have now, even if it does randomly pause and have a big black spot across the right side. :p I’ve had it for, like, 3 years. <3 I can’t part with it! I realize how unreasonable I’m being, but… Eh.

Anyway, so I got home and did some math, and then got a bit bored (*gasp*) because it was simply review. Then my parents and I and two other families went out for dinner and then back to one of the families’ house for coffee/dessert, which was fun. But now it is 11PM, and I’ve been up for 15 hours, and I am exhausted. Except for the brief iPod-failing incident and the power going out because of this totally random storm that we got, today was a good day. :) Which is why the song of the evening is going to be Good Day by the Click Five. <3 (And I couldn’t find a link to a music video or recorded version, so that live version was sung on 7.7.07! How sweet is that?)

With 45 minutes left of Saturday, I’m off to fall asleep on my couch while watching the end of game 5 of the Calgary/Chicago series. Poor Calgary is getting murdered. :( Anyway, see you all tomorrow!


Affection and the Library

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Even though I failed to blog twice yesterday, I refuse to put another ‘fail’ in the title of this blog because my last, I don’t know, a million blogs have had ‘fail’ in the title. So today is going to be a day of not fail. YAY!

First, love/affection has been on my mind recently. More accurately, I’ve been wondering what it is about spring that spawns feelings of affection in most people. Why not winter, fall or summer? Is it Valentine’s Day, which arrives just before spring and “sets the mood”? Is it the days of sun and warm(er) weather after the grey skies and cold days of winter? Is it some evolutionary characteristic that stimulates hormone production in spring to ensure the survival of a species, since spring/summer is optimal mating season for most species? I actually read an article once, the author of which argued that is it in fact chemical stimulants that make us believe we need a mate in the spring, which is further aided by the blossoming trees, sun, etc. It was a pretty interesting article, actually. A majority of the reason for grade 12s, too, is the desperateness (the grammatically correct word is escaping me…) to have a date for prom, but obviously that only applies to grade 12s, so it’s not a valid reason for all of humanity. :p

That’s pretty much the extent of any philosophical thought I have, and seeing as that’s not even that philosophical… Well, you get the point. Anyway, I didn’t really have a “second” when I started writing this, but I just remembered that the library called last night, and I have Pride and Prejudice (the book – unfortunately the BBC version I put on hold hasn’t arrived yet! Grr) waiting for me. :) I have to return two books, so I’ll probably bike out there quickly later on, since it’s supposed to be a beautiful 26C today. I should study math and ex sci first, though, since I have all three of my unit tests coming up this week.

I’ll be back later tonight (possibly after dinner, I may or may not be going out to dinner with my parents, their friends and one of their friends’ daughters) to do my second blog for the day. Song of the morning is Rest in Pieces by Saliva. <3