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I AM ON TIME. I SWEAR. August 15, 2010

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There has been so much typing done today, dearest readers. If I weren’t so in love with my computer and you and the Internet, I’d be sick to my stomach for having to watch words keep scrolling across the screen as I type this entry. Fortunately, I do love you all and the Internet and my computer, so I can find it within me to type out this blog entry. Lucky you!

Today was an interesting day, to say the least. Last night (and by last night I really mean “in the wee hours of this morning”) I looked over at my clipboard and my notebook and decided that I was going to continue writing my fic, and then got irritated because whenever I decide to write I can’t, and whenever I don’t have the time or opportunity to write, ideas come. It’s backwards. Anyway, I’ve found recently that putting on music and just having it play in the background really helps my focus for whatever reason, so I set my iTunes to organize itself based on the play count of each song, and I went through 3 hours and 10 minutes of my most played music, wrote 7 pages or so and finished my fic! It was invigorating. The problem was that I finished at, like, 5:45AM. :p And today I had to pack some clothes to take to school, because once my father got home from golfing we left to take up some more things. So I probably fell asleep around 6:15, maybe later, and then I was up at 11, packing away some tshirts, tank tops, a pair of capris or two… And then packing the car with whatever else I brought up, like some binders, my backpack, some anatomy notes from last year, a hamper, a garbage bin for my room… Anyway. It turns out that although my closet is really pretty and nicely organized with that cool thing I got from Walmart, I probably should have kept this other thing I’d gotten from Walmart instead, and then bought bins for my sweaters since I don’t hang those and I could have put the bins on the top shelf in my closet. With the cool organizer thing taking up so much space, there’s not much room to hang anything, even though there’s a bar underneath, so I might have to fold some more sweaters or something to make some room for the few things I have left at home… Argh. Moving is really a hassle when you have to find ways to fit your things into a much smaller space. I still have my bed, which has storage for things underneath. I was planning on putting my tshirts, capris, socks and underwear there, but there could be extra space and I could fold some stuff in my closet and put it under my bed so that the closet isn’t as cramped. That might work. I’m moving up on the 29th, so I guess I’ll have to wait until then to see how it works out.

Anywho, when I got back I started typing out the fic I wrote (damn, it’s so long! I don’t have the attention span for this!), did some other stuff that wasn’t really that memorable, and after dinner I watched Fame with my mum. It was the third time I saw it and her first, but I thought it was just as good as the first time I watched it when it came out in theatres last year. :) I love the scenes between Asher Book’s and Kay Panabaker’s characters. There’s one part where they’re just Lily and James Potter. Seriously. (Well, how I imagine them, anyway. IT WAS SO CUTE.) After that was over (thankfully we could finish it! There was a huge thunderstorm going on at the same time and the power flickered slightly near the end. I almost crapped my pants) we watched The Gates, which was on again tonight. Great. Show. Crap is currently in the process of hitting the fan. It’s fantastic. (Well, for some parts, not for others. CHARLIE! UGH. No spoilers. Promise.)

And now it’s 11:59PM so I’m going to submit this now and hope it gets in for August 15th! 9 DAYS UNTIL MOCKINGJAY! YAAAY.


this is where the title goes. August 14, 2010

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I… don’t really have anything to say today. Nothing particularly exciting happened (although that’s pretty much the norm at this point) and I guess I’m just not really in the mood to blog right now, but it’s 11:37PM and I need to get something down for the day. I suppose I could always default to complaining about my house and how it’s going to suck always being around people, but even I’m sick of hearing myself complain, even if it’s mostly done in my head.

I saw two movies today. Den Brother was on Family Channel last night and I taped it and watched this afternoon. It was alright, I guess. The little kids were, like, four and acted waaay too mature for their age, but overall it was an alright movie. Then tonight I saw The Proposal again. I saw it ages ago, around when it first came out/was released on DVD, but my mum’s friend recently told her that it was hilarious and that she had to see it, so when my mum figured out it was on TV we watched it. It was just as funny the second time as it was the first, and Ryan Reynolds was just as attractive. <3 If anyone hasn’t seen it yet, I would recommend it. It’s a great movie to relax to. I’ve been wanting to watch Tristan & Isolde again recently, though, so I might do that tonight/tomorrow. Well, most likely tonight, or Monday, because tomorrow I’m going back up to school to bring up more stuff… All of these trips are becoming quite tedious. I’m going to be so glad when I’m just living up there, away from the parents, and don’t have to take any more irritating trips up. Plus then I won’t have to listen to my mother say, “That’s the only thing I didn’t miss about you when you were gone!” to several different things.

Anyway. I promised I wasn’t going to complain and then I went and started complaining, so with 11 minutes before midnight I’m just going to stop it here for now and I’ll see you guys tomorrow. :)


in which I ramble a lot more than usual. August 13, 2010

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I have returned. Did you miss me? I was in bed by 10:15PM yesterday and didn’t get a chance to blog, but I’m back.

Even though it’s been 49 hours since my last blog, not very much has happened… Two nights ago, the night of my last blog, I was up really late re-reading Catching Fire. In fact, I finished it at 5:15AM. At that point I went up to my room, but I started writing and couldn’t put the pen down until 6:30AM. At that point I attempted to sleep until 7AM and couldn’t, and at that point I figured it was useless and just went downstairs and had some Cheerios, deciding to just stay up all day instead and try and get my internal clock back to normal. After watching a half hour of TSN’s SportsCentre, I put on the Hannah Montana movie – it was actually quite amusing, and the guy who plays her “love interest” would make a good Peeta from The Hunger Games if his hair was longer and curly. To be honest, I picture Peeta with straight hair like the guy in the movie, but that’s how he’s described in the book, so… But filmmakers get a lot of things wrong these days; I’m sure they’re not going to pay special attention to how Peeta’s hair should look. If they’re even making a movie out of it. I’ve heard that they are from various sources and that it’s due out next year, but it’s already almost half-way through August and I’ve heard nothing about actors/actresses, potential directors, etc., so I really have no idea what’s going on. I’m not sure I’d like it if a movie was made out of the book, to be honest. I’d be curious and I’d most likely break down go see it if one was made, but I have no faith that Hollywood would do a good job with it. I’ve been so disappointed with movie adaptions of books lately, and this one is particularly gory and difficult to get right… *sigh* I guess we’d just have to wait and see. Again, if there even is a movie being made/that will be made in the near future.

Anywho, I ended up napping from 1PM – 2:15PM and then managed to stay awake until 11 when I finally fell asleep. I was asleep until 4:30AM when I suddenly woke up for no reason and couldn’t get back to sleep until 7AM, which was incredibly irritating, and then woke up for good around 12:30. That random 2.5 hours where I was awake totally threw everything off and probably didn’t help anything, so we’ll see how early I can get to sleep tonight. I did have a dream last night, though, that I’ve been told is very Inception-like. (No spoilers, though, please! I haven’t seen it yet.) I’m still confused about it, especially since I don’t remember much… But basically there were two parts. I’m not really sure what happened in the first part. All I know is that I met this awesome guy who was really nice and funny and awesome, and he seemed really into me. Then I woke up, but I’m not sure if I actually woke up or if what I was having was a dream-inside-a-dream and I was waking up from the dream-inside-a-dream so when I “woke up” I was still dreaming… I’m leaning towards the latter. Anyway, I woke up, whether it was real or not, and was disappointed because when you wake up, you never get to continue the dream you were previously having. It is the Law of Dreams. The Dream Lord from Doctor Who will tell you so. After being disappointed I went back to sleep, but I started dreaming of this guy again! Or at least, he showed up in my next dream, which is making me lean towards the dream-inside-a-dream theory because this NEVER happens in reality. Again, I have no idea what we were doing previously or where we were, but we were getting on a bus as if we were on some kind of trip, and I remember seeing my friends sitting near the front of the bus, but everyone had assigned seats and Mystery Guy and I were, of course, seat partners and we were seated near the back of the bus, away from everyone. At that point I was very confused as to whether it was reality or a dream, and I asked him that, if he was following me in my dreams or if it was all real, and I’m sure he replied and the dream ended after that, but I don’t remember what he said at all. What a shame. If I hadn’t doubted the reality of it all, I probably could have stayed dreaming a while, but once you realize it’s a dream, that’s pretty much it. *sigh* It was exciting while it lasted.

That’s pretty much it, really. Tonight I watched Jonas LA and became irritated at the abundance of sexual tension of TV these days. Seriously. Nick didn’t kiss Macy, on The Mentalist, Jane won’t kiss Lisbon even though it’s clear that they’re both in love with each other (although I don’t think Lisbon realizes it yet, but she will. Jane can totally see that she’s in love with him, though, so he has no excuse. Hear that, Jane? JUST FREAKING KISS HER ALREADY!)… And don’t even get me started on The Doctor/Amy, because there’s enough sexual tension there to… Well, I don’t know, actually. I don’t have a good ending to that sentence or a decent metaphor. There’s just a lot of sexual tension. (Or maybe I’m just crazy, but that’s how I see it.)

I’ve got 15 minutes left before I’ve missed two days of BEDA, so I think I’m just going to stop here. Tomorrow won’t be very interesting, but on Sunday I’m going to school to drop off some more clothes. This time we’re taking up summer clothes. Yeah. My mother wants to leave me with, like, two pairs of shorts and four or five tops for 14 days. This is going to be frustrating. Obviously it’s completely doable, I don’t mind wearing some clothes multiple times before I throw them for laundry unless they’re dirty, but I like to have choice, and by tomorrow I’m going to have to choose which clothes I can wear for the next two weeks. That sounds incredibly vain of me. Ah, well. I’m not too bothered, plus I have the rest of my episode of How I Met Your Mother to watch. :D I’ve been watching since before 11, and then I got distracted when Barney said, “I’ll write about it in my blog!” And thought, “OHCRAP. I HAVEN’T BLOGGED IN TWO DAYS.” Then I ran here, started blogging, and occasionally got distracted by Plurk because I’m having a hilarious conversation with Britney. And, quite frankly, it takes a while to get out over 1,155 words when you have to think of what you want to say because you don’t have a script. Anyway, I’m actually done now. I know I said that probably 300 words ago, but I’m actually done. XD I’ll see you guys tomorrow! 11 days until Mockingjay! WOOT.



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Ohnooo. I’m going to have to settle for another late entry today since it’s 11:38 and I can’t write a proper entry in 22 minutes. I’m also talking to my friend Tim so I’m not completely focused on writing my blog.

Anywho, today was a pretty relaxed day. I wasn’t feeling too well and there was practically no food in my house, so I sat around eating Cheerios and crackers for most of the afternoon, somewhat watching TV as well, until my mother got home from work/grocery shopping and brought me some delicious grapes. (Although they taste oddly like apples, and this is weirding me out a little…) I’ve also discovered that TSN2 is airing all of Canada’s Olympic men’s hockey games from the 2010 games. I saw that the Canaday/Norway (our first game of the preliminary round) was on the other night, but I didn’t watch because it was such a one-sided victory and there were other things I was watching. (Poor Norway. :( I obviously like it when we win – who doesn’t like it when their home team wins? – but I always feel sorry for the teams that get blown out. That’s really not fun at all, not for either team. *sigh*) Our second game, though (Canada/Switzerland), aired this afternoon and I saw most of the third period, all of overtime and the shootout of that one, and then game three, the last of our preliminary games (Canada/USA), aired tonight. Unfortunately our next game (the qualifier against Germany in which Shea Weber shot the puck so hard it went through the net – yeah. He’s a god) won’t air until Tuesday. :( THAT’S TOO FAR AWAY. But back to the Canada/USA game: since this is the first time I’ve seen it since it aired back in February and I now know the outcome so I can watch it without worrying insanely, I’ve noticed a whole bunch of things that make me really angry. I bet anyone can guess what I’m about to say… The refs. UGH. There were so many things the Americans did that weren’t called, and there were a few things called against us that should not have been penalties. Come on! I’m not saying if everything was properly called, we would have won – Ryan Miller was too good (my god, he’s such a tank. And Jonas Hiller, the Swiss goalie, was SUCH A TANK, TOO. He’s the main reason we only beat them by a goal) and Brodeur screwed up too much. Come on, man. 4 goals allowed in something like 19 shots? Jeez. No wonder Luongo played the rest of the tournament. (LUUUUU! <3) But seriously. Just call it fairly, yeah? (Though expecting that is ridiculous. It will never happen.)

Moving on! Actually… Not much else happened today. :p The Canada/Swiss game ended around dinner, I think, so after it I ate, read more of Catching Fire, showered, and by the time I got downstairs again it was pretty much time for Canada/USA. After the game against the Swiss, they actually showed a really nice montage of our accomplishments over the entirety of the winter games this year to the bilingual version of I Believe/J’Imagine, and it was so beautiful that I started to tear up a little. Thank you, TSN2. <3 I hope the rest of the games will be shown before I move back to school, since there’s no way I’m getting TSN2 at school. I would have thought for sure they’d be able to show four games in 2.5 weeks, but if they’re waiting a week before showing the qualifying game… I don’t know. After that, there’s still the quarters against Russia, the semis against the Slovaks, and then the final against the Americans. Granted, I have the gold medal game on my external harddrive (yeah, I’m ridiculous, I know), it’s not the same because it’s the NBC broadcast… NBC is American. Our broadcasts were shown on, well, TSN. We had different announcers. I would have liked to see our version the gold medal game again – obviously we were shown the same game, but I dunno, it’s just a different feel with the announcers I’ve known forever. Pierre McGuire does a lot of stuff for the Leafs, so… Whatever. I just really hope I can see the rest of the games before school. That would be a really great present. :) But the TV Guide only goes a week in advance, so I’ll be kept waiting until I can see it on the guide, or the worst case scenario is I just find out on Tuesday when they tell me when the next game is. Considering they showed two games today, they MUST be able to finish four games in a week and a half. WHY they’re waiting a week between games is beyond me, and it’s completely ridiculous. I need my hockey fix! You can’t just dangle games in front of me like that and then take them away so quickly. I wish I could remember when I saw the Canada/Norway game on the guide so it could give me any clues as to how long I’m going to have to wait… If it was a week ago, then maybe waiting a week between games is pretty customary and I won’t get to see them all before school. If it was only a few days ago, then waiting a week before Germany is ridiculously long and probably won’t happen again.

…I need to stop analyzing and just shut up and wait for the games. *sigh* This is going to be really difficult. I’m just going to shut up for now and go read some more of Catching Fire. 12 days until Mockingjay. *breathes*


Ewan McGreggor is sexy. August 10, 2010

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I’m surprised by how fast I finished The Hunger Games! I started it yesterday and I’m already done. I was definitely anticipating it would take much longer to re-read, but it was better than I remembered. At this rate I’ll be done Catching Fire again by tomorrow or Thursday, and I’ll have to wait another 12 days for Mockingjay! At least I’ll have Girl with the Dragon Tattoo to pass the time. All 841 pages… I hope it’s good.

So this morning, after two hours of sleep, I ended up going for my blood work like I mentioned yesterday, and I’m not entirely convinced the nurse knew how to properly draw blood. You guys know that rubber band they tie on your upper arm to force the blood vessels out so they can actually get some blood? Yeah, she left that on for most of the time. She finally removed it on the third and last vial, but there was a weird sort of pressure in my arm… I’m sort of half convinced she partially collapsed a vein or something. I feel fine now, but it was a bit disconcerting earlier. Thankfully Ewan McGreggor appeared on my TV when I got home in the form of Camerlengo Patrick McKenna (*cough* Carlo Ventresca *cough*). Angels and Demons is such a fantastic movie, though I still don’t understand why they had to change the name of Ewan McGreggor’s character! It was totally unnecessary. I’m sure they changed some details from the actual plot as well, but apart from the ending I can’t really remember if there was anything else since I haven’t read the book in a while. It’s still a great movie, though. I wonder if they’ll make a movie out of The Lost Symbol, since it also follows Robert Langdon, unlike Dan Brown’s other two novels, Digital Fortress and Deception Point, which are unrelated to each other and to the novels involving Langdon. They should make a movie based off Digital Fortress, though, because that was a fantastic book and it involved lots of math. :D

And even though I didn’t actually blog about it yesterday, we didn’t go to the mall tonight to get my glasses. My dad finished dinner late, and I had to be home at 8PM to be moral support for a friend who was going to try and make amends with another friend, and of course this never went down because the other person didn’t show up until 9. So we could have gone to get my glasses. It’s funny how those things work out. Not.

I think I’m just going to leave it at that for the night. Oh, except for one thing: I hate how OMGIKnowRight spams people every so often on Twitter! Instead of having one or two tweets a day, they just decide to spam you with 20 posts every so often. It’s ridiculous! I would very much appreciate it if they just tweeted once a day or something. Anyway, now I’m really done. I have to go make a bagel or something because I’m so hungry. I’ve had, like, nothing to eat all day. That’s entirely my fault, really, but that doesn’t make me any less hungry. Yay for me posting on time today, though! That’s an improvement, at least. :)

I’ll see you guys tomorrow. <3


Lots of books to read.

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So WordPress changed their little bar at the top of the page. I went to click “new post,” because it’s usually right up there, and instead I saw “my account,” “my blog,” and “blog info.” So that took a little adjustment, but we’re good because I have expertly figured everything out. (Here’s where you laugh.)

As you can tell if you’re reading this, it’s already August 10th which means I’ve… Say it with me! Failed BEDA again. I think I’m just going to look past all these failures and stop mentioning them because it’s become a tradition, really, that I don’t blog until after midnight.

Nothing particularly exciting happened today. I finished The Alchemyst, which turned out to be alright. It was an interesting story, but for some reason a slow read. I didn’t really find myself getting into it that often, but it was alright. I have The Magician so I’ll have to read that sometime, and I’ve discovered there are two other books. I can’t remember what the third is called, but I believe the fourth is called The Necromancer. I’ve also started to re-read The Hunger Games in preparation for Mockingjay, which is officially released in two weeks! I’m so excited. Another book also finally arrived at the library today after being on hold since early June. It’s called The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Apparently there’s been a movie based off of it recently, but I haven’t seen it. My Latin teacher from high school recommended it when I went back to visit her after I got home from university, so I immediately put a hold on it and it’s finally here! It’s going to take ages to read, though. It’s 841 pages. O_o And considering I have to read The Hunger Games and Catching Fire in two weeks and then Mockingjay AND The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo all before August 29th, this will be very interesting.

In other not-so-awesome news, I have to be up tomorrow at 7:15AM so I can go get blood drawn for the annual checks. I’m not sure I even want to get blood drawn that early… The nurses can’t be any more awake than I will be! I’m not afraid of needles, but it’s so easily to bruise or collapse a blood vessel… Well, it’s easier to bruise it with the needle. Generally you’ll collapse it if you have way too much pressure on it for a ridiculous amount of time. But still. Bruising blood vessels is painful. Let’s hope the nurse is both sufficiently awake and not jittery from any ingested caffeine. Wish me luck!

Aaaand… Those were pretty much the important parts of my day. That’s really sad. Tomorrow, as of now, seems to at least have more action – and by action I mean just more stuff to do, really. I have indeed learned my lesson and haven’t talked about anything but the blood draw in the morning, for that is definitely happening. I will let you know how everything else goes demain soir. (For those of you who don’t speak the beautiful language that is French, that means tomorrow night. Or, if I know me, tomorrow after midnight so technically Wednesday morning. :p If I’m still awake.)

I suppose I’ll leave it at that for tonight. I want to get back to The Hunger Games, partly because it’s so interesting, even though I’ve read it before, and partly because if I’m going to read four books in less than three weeks, I have to get GOING. I will see you guys tomorrow! :)


I’m blogging on time! O_o August 8, 2010

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Ohnoes! I have 54 minutes to completely write a blog before it’s officially August 9th. (Which, by the way, is the day I’m getting my timetable for uni! Woot! I don’t really know why I’m so excited because most of my classes are set since there is only one scheduled lecture time, but… I dunno. It makes it official and that’s exciting? The only things that have more than one time are my two labs in second semester and a tutorial.)

Anywho. Today hasn’t been particularly exciting. I finished game 5 of the Summit Series today and it made me want to tear my face off, and not only because we lost again. (Although from here on out, no more losing, so yay!) Anyway, apart from wanting to tear my face off at blowing a 3-0 lead (and then, by the way, going up 4-1 and still blowing that), the quality of this game was the worst I’ve ever seen. It’s completely understandable, of course, because it’s genuine footage and sound from 1972, and it was a broadcast from Russian to Canada, so obviously the quality is going to be total rubbish, but that didn’t make it any less frustrating. The colours kept flickering, the screen kept going out, they had to keep flashing to this image of a goalie and the Canadian and USSR flags… (You guys know that error message with the funny coloured bars that you get when your program isn’t running? Yeah. It was like a hockey version of that.) And that message kept coming up all the time. It’s going to be like this for the last three games, too, because they were all played in Moscow. Luckily we win all three, though, so maybe that’ll make it less frustrating. (I highly doubt it.)

I also had to clean my room today, which of course wasn’t very fun. I gathered a whole bunch of books, though, to bring with me to school. That was pretty much the only semi-exciting part. Of course I jinxed our plans of getting Chinese food by mentioning it here the other day… But The Gates was still on TV tonight and that didn’t disappoint, so at least one part of the evening went as planned. Maybe next time I’ll learn my lesson and not jinx things. (Again, I doubt it.

I think I’m just going to leave it here tonight. Titanic is on TV and I should really get around to finishing The Alchemyst if I want to have enough time to re-read the first two Hunger Game books. I’ll probably read The Alchemyst during commercials or something. The chapters are usually pretty short so it works out quite well. :)

I’ll see you guys tomorrow!