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Failed again! Damn. August 5, 2010

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Unless I all of a sudden packed up and moved to Vancouver or something, I have yet again missed a day of BEDA. I like to think that since I have not yet gone to bed, it can still be August 4th for a while. (Although, no matter how I explain this away, I’ve still totally missed August third, but nothing remarkable happened yesterday. I went to the mall where I found a mattress at The Bay and got a notebook for my linear algebra course this fall. BOO YEAH, LINEAR ALGEBRA. <3 [/crazy])

Today, on the other hand, has been… I was going to say marginally more exciting, but it really wasn’t. I yet again woke up ridiculously late (I really need to start fixing that…) and I did watch Gold Rush 2002, which made me smile a lot, but also wonder at how in the hell Gary Bettman has survived for all these years as the commissioner of the NHL. He’s been the commission for, at the very least, 8 years, and has been screwing us over ever since. Has no one noticed?! God. Someone really needs to do something about him. (AND WHY ISN’T IT OCTOBER YET? UGGGHHHH.)

Anyway. I suppose nothing really exciting happened apart from that. I watched some Friends on TV, ate dinner, had a shower, ate enough Nerds to turn my tongue ridiculously green, and read a book called Love is Hell, which was actually quite good. It’s similar to Prom Nights from Hell, if anyone remembers that ever read it, but the five stories are obviously centred around love, not prom. There’s another book out called Vacations from Hell, but I don’t have it yet. Maureen Johnson wrote a story for it, actually, so I’m looking forward to getting it! Or at least borrowing it from the library. I’m definitely going to try and get a library card for the public library near school this year. Now that I know there’s a branch closer to school than the main branch, it shouldn’t be too difficult to get to. There’s a bus that drops me off only an intersection away from the library, and it’s also near school, so it should only be around a 15 minute walk from the edge of campus? So if I’ve got an hour between classes (or maybe two, depending on if I’m right about how long it’ll take to walk – plus the fact that I have to walk across campus regardless which will take almost 10 minutes itself. Hmm… Although if I had my bike, which I’m probably bringing with me, I could get there and back in an hour, easily) I could nip over and borrow/return something pretty easily, I think. I’m pretty excited because this means I don’t have to stay completely isolated from books throughout the year (apart from any books I bring with me from home), but judging from last year, I’d never have time to read anyway, so I’m not sure if it’ll help. Though knowing I could get books if I have time is reassuring, so hopefully I’ll have some time to read! I have a lot less class time this year since I only have two classes with labs all year, but since I’m in a new field I might have to work harder to stop on top of things, so I suppose we’ll see when September rolls around.

I can’t believe that by the time school starts, I’ll already have read Mockingjay and The Clockwork Princess! They both seem so far away, but they’re really only 19 and 26 days away respectively. (Which, actually, when I put it into numbers like that, is very far. I take it back.) I’m so excited for them, though. I need to re-read The Hunger Games and Catching Fire to make sure I remember all of what happened. Thankfully The Clockwork Princess is the first of a trilogy and therefore requires no re-reads, because I’m not quite sure I have the time for that! I have so many books I need to read, but luckily I’m making a dent in my list. Sort of. I actually finished Blindsight, a sci fi book my friend lent me which I’d had for a year, I finished Love is Hell (which I actually started earlier today – it was that good!), and I’m currently reading The Alchemyst: The Immortal Secrets of Nicholas Flamel by Michael Scott, which is pretty good. That’s also a trilogy, though, if I’m not mistaken. I know for sure there’s at least one more book called The Magician. I’ve also read Devilish and 13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson, but those were borrowed from the library so they weren’t exactly on my “list of books I own that I need to freaking read already.” I’m not sure if there’s been anything else that I’ve read.

Anyway, I’ve for sure begun to ramble so I think I’ll stop here. The song of the day (wow, I haven’t done that in AGES!) is Collide by Howie Day because it’s amazing and I’ve been listening to it tonight. You should check it out. Ciao for now! I will see you tomorrow. (*cough* Later today. *cough*)


Granger Dang… I mean… October 7, 2009

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Alert the media! I’m posting twice in four days and it’s not even BEDA. I’ve been working on chemistry all day, though, and I’m really bored of it at the moment, so I’m going to take a slight break and blog.

In response to Saturday’s blog, I officially have football tickets to the last two home games of the season. One is tomorrow and one is a few weekends from now, so they’re relatively spread out, which is good because then I can still study. (Boo, more midterms coming up. I think I’m going to constantly have assessments of sorts right up until finals. How unfortunate.) Another note about university sports is that I saw some guy carrying a hockey bag and a hockey stick the other day, and it definitely wasn’t a floor hockey stick because it was a really nice stick – a Synergy – and that would not be used for floor hockey. That could cost, like, $200. What league was he playing with, then? I want to know.

Anyway, after I posted on Saturday, I went down to do my laundry, and I brought a book with me. (I’m not saying which one in case anyone decides to spoil it for me, which would be awful. I’m not saying it’d be anyone I know, but spammers are mean.) Anyway, turns out that the guy doing laundry at the same time as me was reading the same book, and we were at the same chapter (seven!). He was also a fan of Harry Potter. How perfect was that? It was crazy. I love doing laundry because you always meet interesting people like that who have things in common with you. Plus, he lives on my floor. Crazy coincidence? Probably. There are only six floors to my building and the book I was reading is pretty popular. XD Ah, well. It was fun while it lasted.

Also, on Saturday night I went to my friend’s place with a couple other friends (there were six of us in total originally) and we just hung out while the guys played video games and my friend Caitlin (the only other girl) and I screwed around on the computer watching Dane Cook for a bit. Then we ordered pizza and sat around watching an episode of The Big Bang Theory before going to get some ice cream and bringing it back (with three more people XD) to the common room to watch two episodes of Firefly. It was actually so much fun, despite how dorky/lame that sounds. We left at, like, 11:30PM and everyone who didn’t live in that building started walking back our respective buildings. My friend lives in the same building as I do, three floors up, and he was outraged that I hadn’t seen his favourite movies, so we went back up to his place and we looked around for a movie he loved that he thought I’d like (even though by the time the movie started it was midnight, meaning it didn’t end until 2… Thankfully it was a weekend), and we settled on Good Will Hunting, which is a movie from the ’90s with Robin Williams and Matt Damon, where Matt Damon is a troubled youth who keeps assaulting people and has charges against him, but he’s this ridiculously intelligent mathmetician (haha, I bet you can all imagine how excited I was to watch this movie when I found that out and coupled it with Matt Damon’s baddass-ery) who meets Robin Williams, a psychiatrist, and it’s about their relationship. It’s such a good movie. I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t seen it.

So that was my Saturday night adventure. We all had so much fun that we’re looking to make this a monthly deal now and do it the first Saturday night of every month, so hopefully that keeps up because I’m really excited for it. :)

Lately I’ve been really addicted to the A Very Potter Musical soundtrack. Seriously. It’s all I’ve been listening to for the past few days, along with Lena’s songs that I have on my iPod, including Oh, Shit, Fly and Songs about You. They’re all so great. I need to find her albums.

Sunday was good weather-wise during the day, so I got to go grocery shopping, in case anyone was worried about me, haha. I got my milk, Cheerios, and other miscellaneous items like delicious yoghurt, animal crackers and CUPCAKES. Mmm. <3 They’re so good. I was going to get a tissue box, too, but they don’t sell the ones I use in single boxes – you have to buy packages of six – so I’ll just have to wait until I go home (which is actually only in two days), and in the mean time I’ll use the little travel packs, which means I’ll probably have to replenish those as well because I’ve been using so many… Stupid cold. I’m almost over it, though, which is good. I may not have to infect my little cousins on Saturday when we have Thanksgiving lunch/dinner, lol.

I should go have a shower now before it gets too late and then do more chemistry and/or math. I’ll post again soon, I hope. :)


Waiting May 23, 2009

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I’ve been doing a lot of waiting lately, and am currently doing some waiting still. Considering I’m not a patient person, it’s kind of painful! Right now I’m waiting for the third game of the Pens/Canes game. Thankfully that starts in five minutes, so I don’t have to wait long, and I have this blog post and music to help me through. I’m also waiting on my friend to let me know if she’s coming to the same university as me, so we can do the residence application together, since if she’s coming, then we’re going to room together. I’m not too anxious about that because she’s supposed to let me know by tomorrow. The thing I’m most anxious about is the next episode of Criminal Minds. Ohemgee. Yesterday, I saw the season finale (which aired on Wednesday), and ohmygod it was amazing. There was a ridiculous cliff-hanger that I didn’t expect at all, but I haven’t been watching Criminal Minds for very long – I think I started watching at the end of last season – so I don’t have a very good idea of what they do for season finales, and I’m not too in-tune with the characters and the show itself, like I might be for CSI or House. Plus, this cliff-hanger related to a previous episode, and it was right at the end of the episode. I knew something was up during the last minute of the show, but I was expecting a slightly different turn of events. Anyway, OMG. I need to see the next episode immediately! I can’t be in suspence for the whole summer. :( It’s going to eat me alive. And who knows, being at uni, if I’m going to be able to see the season premiere! I’d better. Seriously. If I live in an apartment- or suite-style residence, it comes with free cable, so as long as someone in my room brings a TV, and no one else wants to watch something else at the same time (unless someone else brings a VCR), then we’re good. Assuming I have time to watch TV. We’ll see, I suppose.

Ahh. It’s really killing me that I don’t have anyone with whom I can discuss this episode of Criminal Minds right now! One of my friends is supposed to watch it tomorrow, I think, since she was working the night it aired, so hopefully I can talk to her in chem on Monday or something. No doubt she’ll have some good insights to analyse.

On a completely different note, I finally got a phone! *yay* I actually like it more than expected, considering it’s not the gorgeous blue phone I was eyeing at from Rogers/Telus. It’s a silvery-grey colour that sort of looks dark blue in certain lights. Also, my plan includes international text! How cool is that? I don’t have many minutes right now, but I’m not going to use my phone that much at the moment, so it’s okay. I might be getting a different plan when I go to uni that will give me more minutes, so we’ll see if I need it.

This is getting kind of long, so one last thing: I was YouTube-ing the other day, and somehow I came across a Mick/Beth video (<333) – from Moonlight, for those of you who don’t know – and this one video in particular had an amazing song behind it. It’s called What About Now by Daughtry. <3 Take a listen!

Now I’m off to watch the game/study/reread City of Bones for the upteenth time. See you later!


Happy Birthday to Marzieh! May 8, 2009

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Marzieh reminded me that I have to blog (because I said I would and I haven’t! I fail miserably) and so I’m going to blog now and wish Marzieh another happy birthday! Since it’s her birthday now. Well, not in Canada’s timezones, but where she is. :)

Nothing really interesting has been happening recently… Although there are hilarious things that happen and I think, “Hey, I should blog about that!” but then when I get home from school I forget about it because I have work. (Sometimes.) Though this weekend I have no homework! :) We were going to have a lab report to do, but my teacher couldn’t prepare the lab in time, so we’re doing it on Monday instead. Which means I have all weekend to relax. :) Although on Sunday (since I’m actually busy tomorrow visiting my university of choice for the third time XD) I’m going to have to actually accept that university, since I haven’t done that yet and I have to by May 28th. I’m pretty sure I have to send them a deposit for the dorms, too. Speaking of which, I have to decide on my top three choices of residences… Hopefully I’ll be able to do that tomorrow after seeing the uni again.

On a completely unrelated note, I was at Walmart last night and got these delicious ice cream bars, and I also found this awesome vanilla pudding (and they have banana, butterscotch and chocolate, too) that has no trans fat and is low in saturated fats! :) Yay for healthier pudding choices! <3 This is really making me want one of those ice cream bars or some pudding now. :p

There’s also only one week left until my math competition, which I’m really excited about! I’m such a huge nerd. XD I should practice my mental math beforehand, because there’s a mental math category and my mental math sucks a lot.

Enough about math, though. I was also going to talk about hockey, but I don’t think anyone who reads this, other than Jacinthe, follows hockey at all, so that’s pointless. Plus, I’ll just end up jinxing something again. I always do that. I’m also kind of tired so I’m just going to end off here before I start rambling ridiculously. I’ll try and post again tomorrow after I get back from the uni or something, since I’m sure I’ll have remembered something hilarious to blog about by then!

Old School by Hedley is the song of the day, because that’s the last song I downloaded, and I love it. <3


The Lost Symbol! April 30, 2009

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Oh, no! It’s the last day of BEDA. :( I’m going to miss BEDA quite a lot, so I think I’m going to continue blogging after April ends – hopefully this works when I’m not required to blog every day! I’m going to actually start my blog with a small frustration and then end it with this awesome news that I have to share, but keep forgetting.

So first, we’re starting vectors in math. I knew I wasn’t going to like this unit, because vectors = physics and I both hate and don’t understand physics, but today got my hopes up a little and then crushed them. We were doing some simple work with vectors, which wasn’t all that bad and I understood it completely, and then we did word problems with vector diagrams and I realized that I hated it more than I thought, which makes me really upset. Everyone knows how much I love math, and I hate that I’m going to be hating math for the next month just because it’s about vectors. :( The last math class of my high school career is going to be a vectors class, and I’m going to hate it. This sucks more than I imagined it would. My only hope is that my math teacher will somehow miraculously make me understand vectors so I won’t hate it as much, but I’ll take unpleasantness over full-out hating. I guess only time will tell. *sigh* I’ll have to wait it out, which also sucks because I’m impatient…

Anyway, on to happy thoughts. I keep forgetting to pass on this wonderful news that my friend told me the other day. For all you Dan Brown fans: Dan Brown is writing another book! :) Well, ‘has written’ is more accurate, I suppose. This new book, which will be called The Lost Symbol, is due to be released September 15th of this year! *squee* I’m really excited. Dan Brown is one of my favourite authors. <3 Apparently The Lost Symbol is going to take place after the events of The DaVinci Code, too, which means it’s another Robert Langdon novel, which is excellent because he’s my favourite character of Dan Brown’s. <33 For any Canadians reading this, Chapters is offering a huge discount for pre-ordering the book – 45% off! It’s only in-store, though, and only valid until May 31st, so go and pre-order it now if you’re going to buy it! AHH. I’m actually insanely excited. I really hope I won’t be bogged down with too much work at that point because I won’t be able to put this book down. I just asked my dad, and he said we could pre-order it! :) YAY!

I don’t think I really have much else to say, unfortuantely. I’ll have to end this last blog of BEDA here! The song of the day (hopefully I haven’t repeated this somewhere else already) is You Found Me by The Fray. <3 Though this is the last BEDA, I’m going to try and blog, still, so I’ll see you guys soon, hopefully! :)


Alex O’Loughlin and Second-Last-BEDA! April 29, 2009

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I am currently very sad pandas. (And exhausted, but that’s another story.) I was reading Marzieh’s blog earlier, and she was saying that tomorrow is the last day of April, which I realized, but for some reason never related to the last day of BEDA, too! :( I’m going to miss doing these blogs. I think I’ll actually continue to blog after BEDA, even if it’s not every day, ’cause this has been really fun! Thanks to Catherine for introducing me to this awesome concept. :)

On the plus side, I made $20 today! :) Seriously, I should have gotten into this tutoring business way earlier. I could have actually made so much money. *sigh* That’s ok, though. There are still six (I think) weeks left of school. (Ohmygod, that’s so short. :( I don’t want to leave high school yet!) Criminal Minds was also on tonight, and it was amazing! Alex O’Loughlin played the serial killer. <3 I really miss him. :( For anyone who watched this before it was cancelled, he played Mick St. John in Moonlight. It was so bizarre seeing him in Criminal Minds because he character was SO drastically different than Mick. I realize that obvious he wouldn’t play the same character again and again, but they were practically polar opposites. It was so weird! Though it was awesome seeing him on screen again in something new. <3 I hope he gets a new show – I swear CBS said that he would be in a new show starting in the fall (last fall, mind you) and I have yet to hear of this supposed show. Damn you, CBS, and your unreliability. I hate you. I also hate you because you didn’t put any special features on the Moonlight DVD. Not cool.

I’m too tired to blog about anything else at the moment. Tomorrow I’ll probably be able to make my blog longer (hopefully!) for the last BEDA blog of 2009. :( Today’s song of the day is I’m Yours by Jason Mraz. Enjoy! :)


Ka-Ching! April 28, 2009

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Wooo, money! I earned $10 today, and have another $20 tomorrow, and possibly $10 again on either Thursday or Friday. I should have gotten into the tutoring business ages ago. Seriously. If this keeps up at a constant rate for the rest of the year… :) But I can’t jinx it! I always end up jinxing things, so just forget I said anything about that. :p

We had another meeting today for the math competition coming up, and the teacher asked me if I had any preferences regarding roommates, since I’m the only girl going (apart from the teacher) but I said I didn’t – I sort of do, but I didn’t want to impose myself on any of the guys in case they already had plans to room with some friends, plus we don’t know if the rooms we’re going to be in are doubles or triples or what. Our teacher is actually going to the site tomorrow to ask some questions and stuff, so hopefully she can find out and let us know. Anyway, I said I didn’t have any preference, so I really hope that she doesn’t take that to mean I don’t care if I room with her, because I really don’t want to room with her. Rooming with a teacher is so awkward, and I kind of don’t like her… I’ve also never been in her class, so there’s no established relationship. I’m hoping they’re all triple rooms and then the teachers can get a single or nearby double room to themselves, because that would work out perfectly, since there are nine students and one teacher going. :) And I’m rambling about stuff no one cares about. Moving on!

Nothing else really memorable happened today. We’re supposed to be starting nutrition tomorrow, which is going to be really interesting! I’m so psyched for that. :) The unit will be all about macro/micromolecules like vitamins, fats, carbs, proteins, minerals, etc., and their effects on the body, what a balanced diet is, and more stuff like that.

I’m actually exhausted for no good reason (actually, I was really warm last night so it took a bit to fall asleep… :p), so I’m off to bed after another short blog. *sigh* Since I ended this blog on a health-related note, today’s song is going to be What A Way To Wanna Be! by Shania Twain. <3 My god, I love her Up! CD! <33 She is so talented and awesome. (And Canadian! Boo yeah. XD)

PS. Cookies to anyone who recognized the title of this blog as another Shania Twain song from the same CD… Which no one probably did. XD But that’s ok. :)