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The holidays are here! …Almost. December 11, 2010

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I feel like it isn’t exam time without me posting a blog while procrastinating my studies. :p Though, to be fair, it is 2:30AM. Would I really be studying at this time?

…Actually, yeah, it’s entirely probable that I would be studying at 2:30AM, so I suppose I really am procrastinating while writing this blog. Mission accomplished!

I can’t believe I haven’t written since September. That is abysmal. I really have been meaning to write more often, but a) I haven’t really had much spare time since the start of semester and b) my life hasn’t been all that interesting, though that’s not really news. :p Life is never that interesting while you’re in school. However, neither of those is an excuse because I am procrastinating studying right now and I always manage to find things to ramble on about anyway, so… I just suck at blogging, is what it really comes down to. :p I swear I still love you guys! <3

So, like I said, it’s exam time here. Boooring. I’m already so sick of studying and I’ve only written 2/5 exams. My last exam isn’t even until the 22nd of December, so I don’t even get to go home for ages! Only two days before Christmas. And then semester two starts back up on January 3rd. What the hell, school?! That’s hardly a proper Christmas vacation. And speaking of Christmas, shouldn’t it be snowing about now? This is Canada. We’re supposed to get cold weather and it’s supposed to snow! Geez. I have yet to get snow here at school, and it’s making me so sad. It was also really warm today — I suppose I should clarify that, though, because we all have different definitions of “really warm.” For me, considering it’s the winter, “really warm” was 2C, because I was outside in light sweat pants, a tshirt and a winter jacket and I was boiling. What happened to below 0C temperatures? What happened to the SNOW?! UUUGGHHHH. I can’t take this anymore. It needs to snow. It’s December. There’s a town that already has 1m of snow. 1 freaking metre! Why can’t I live there? *sigh* Although apparently there’s some snow at home, so hopefully the white goodness will still be there when I come home from exams for the break. =) A girl can dream, okay?

Speaking of my winter break, it’s going to be amazing. Hockey, friends, hockey, snow (hopefully!), family, hockey, no school, hockey… What could be better? :D I’m so excited. What are you all doing for the Christmas holidays? I hope you’re all having a good winter so far. (Or summer!) Ooh, I forgot to mention Love, Actually! That’ll be watched at least twice more this holiday season. I already watched it last weekend with a friend, and I’ve been dying to see it again since. That’s by far my favourite holiday movie.

Not much else is happening… Tomorrow I’m going to get up and study for a while, and my break is going to be watching Hockey Night in Canada with my roommate, and while we do that we’re going to eat some dip that I’ve made with nachos, we’re going to make a Christmas-y cake, and we’re going to play cards. It’s going to be epic. Be jealous. ;) And possibly, after the game, we’ll watch the Vampire Diaries that aired yesterday (or, I suppose, since it’s 2:30AM, it’s technically two days ago now…) since we haven’t seen it yet.

OOH. Speaking of TV, the reason I’ve failed to study today is because last night, I watched episode 2 of season 5 of Dexter because I’ve failed at keeping up with that show this year, and I can’t stop watching the episodes… I’m already on episode 8. This is ridiculous! I just… can’t stop watching. This show is too damn good! Although, I like to think that I’m being somewhat productive while I catch up with Dexter because I’m attempting to teach myself to be ambidextrous. (“Yeah, right,” you’re saying. “Productive? Come on.” I know, I know. I really should be studying… I swear, I’ll start tomorrow and study all day! You have my word. —  Except for the game, of course. I’ve already missed three games this week because of studying, I’m not going to miss another! Especially because I’m going to have to miss the game on Tuesday night, too. UGGHHH, stupid education, making me miss hockey. Not cool.) I really do want to be ambidextrous, though. Lefties are awesome. I’ve always envied them. I think I’m actually a lefty at heart because I wear my watch on my right hand even though I’m right-handed. Some people look at me weirdly, but it’s how I’ve always done it. *shrug*

I was just scrolling past my categories and saw “books,” which reminded me of my friend’s Christmas present! And by that I mean her Christmas present to me, which is a trilogy of books recommended to me by Brit. The first one is called The Poison Study, and it’s by a Ms. Snyder. Maria V. Snyder, I think? To be honest, I can’t exactly remember the author’s name and I don’t really want to look it up… But it sounds really good and I’m really excited to read it when exams are over. =) I also have to find a present for this friend… I think I’ll get her some candles/room sprays. She loves scents and sprays and stuff, so that’s perfect for her. I think. Also, I’ve asked my parents for Let it Snow by John Green, Maureen Johnson and… DAMN! Another author whose name I can’t remember. Now I feel kind of terrible. Ah, well. I’ve yet to read this book, but I’ve heard nothing but good things about it so I figure it’s a must-read, especially considering it’s the holiday season now. So if they can’t get it for me, I can always use a gift-card to Chapters and buy it for myself after Christmas. Either way, this book will be read this holiday season, and I couldn’t be more excited!

Anyway, I figure I’ve blabbed enough for one night. It’s almost 3AM and I still want to watch another episode of Dexter before I go to sleep… And it’s 50 freaking minutes! I feel like watching it is a bad idea, but I know I won’t be able to sleep anyway, so I might as well watch it. (Technically, I “might as well” study if I want to be productive, but we all know that’s not going to happen. I PROMISE, THOUGH. First thing tomorrow. Studying. I swear. All day, minus three hours for the game, and possibly 45 minutes for Vampire Diaries. But other than that, study study study! I can do it.

So I guess that’s it for tonight. What will you be doing for the holiday season?

I’ll see you guys later! <3


Failed again! Damn. August 5, 2010

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Unless I all of a sudden packed up and moved to Vancouver or something, I have yet again missed a day of BEDA. I like to think that since I have not yet gone to bed, it can still be August 4th for a while. (Although, no matter how I explain this away, I’ve still totally missed August third, but nothing remarkable happened yesterday. I went to the mall where I found a mattress at The Bay and got a notebook for my linear algebra course this fall. BOO YEAH, LINEAR ALGEBRA. <3 [/crazy])

Today, on the other hand, has been… I was going to say marginally more exciting, but it really wasn’t. I yet again woke up ridiculously late (I really need to start fixing that…) and I did watch Gold Rush 2002, which made me smile a lot, but also wonder at how in the hell Gary Bettman has survived for all these years as the commissioner of the NHL. He’s been the commission for, at the very least, 8 years, and has been screwing us over ever since. Has no one noticed?! God. Someone really needs to do something about him. (AND WHY ISN’T IT OCTOBER YET? UGGGHHHH.)

Anyway. I suppose nothing really exciting happened apart from that. I watched some Friends on TV, ate dinner, had a shower, ate enough Nerds to turn my tongue ridiculously green, and read a book called Love is Hell, which was actually quite good. It’s similar to Prom Nights from Hell, if anyone remembers that ever read it, but the five stories are obviously centred around love, not prom. There’s another book out called Vacations from Hell, but I don’t have it yet. Maureen Johnson wrote a story for it, actually, so I’m looking forward to getting it! Or at least borrowing it from the library. I’m definitely going to try and get a library card for the public library near school this year. Now that I know there’s a branch closer to school than the main branch, it shouldn’t be too difficult to get to. There’s a bus that drops me off only an intersection away from the library, and it’s also near school, so it should only be around a 15 minute walk from the edge of campus? So if I’ve got an hour between classes (or maybe two, depending on if I’m right about how long it’ll take to walk – plus the fact that I have to walk across campus regardless which will take almost 10 minutes itself. Hmm… Although if I had my bike, which I’m probably bringing with me, I could get there and back in an hour, easily) I could nip over and borrow/return something pretty easily, I think. I’m pretty excited because this means I don’t have to stay completely isolated from books throughout the year (apart from any books I bring with me from home), but judging from last year, I’d never have time to read anyway, so I’m not sure if it’ll help. Though knowing I could get books if I have time is reassuring, so hopefully I’ll have some time to read! I have a lot less class time this year since I only have two classes with labs all year, but since I’m in a new field I might have to work harder to stop on top of things, so I suppose we’ll see when September rolls around.

I can’t believe that by the time school starts, I’ll already have read Mockingjay and The Clockwork Princess! They both seem so far away, but they’re really only 19 and 26 days away respectively. (Which, actually, when I put it into numbers like that, is very far. I take it back.) I’m so excited for them, though. I need to re-read The Hunger Games and Catching Fire to make sure I remember all of what happened. Thankfully The Clockwork Princess is the first of a trilogy and therefore requires no re-reads, because I’m not quite sure I have the time for that! I have so many books I need to read, but luckily I’m making a dent in my list. Sort of. I actually finished Blindsight, a sci fi book my friend lent me which I’d had for a year, I finished Love is Hell (which I actually started earlier today – it was that good!), and I’m currently reading The Alchemyst: The Immortal Secrets of Nicholas Flamel by Michael Scott, which is pretty good. That’s also a trilogy, though, if I’m not mistaken. I know for sure there’s at least one more book called The Magician. I’ve also read Devilish and 13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson, but those were borrowed from the library so they weren’t exactly on my “list of books I own that I need to freaking read already.” I’m not sure if there’s been anything else that I’ve read.

Anyway, I’ve for sure begun to ramble so I think I’ll stop here. The song of the day (wow, I haven’t done that in AGES!) is Collide by Howie Day because it’s amazing and I’ve been listening to it tonight. You should check it out. Ciao for now! I will see you tomorrow. (*cough* Later today. *cough*)


bad day. August 2, 2010

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I don’t really have anything to blog about today, to be honest. If I were in school, something hilarious probably would have happened, whether in class or hanging out with my friends before school or during lunch. However, as it is not the school year, I don’t have tales from school. I’ve been home all day, as opposed to the weekend, and all I’ve done all day is fight with my parents. We fought on Saturday, too. They are being ridiculously and unreasonably ass-backwards and I’m just frustrated. One month until school! Then I will be away from home and will have something to do. Awesome. :) (That also brings me a month closer to winter and the start of the hockey season, which are both welcome in my books! :D)

However, The Big Bang Theory is currently on TV, and when that’s over I’m going to watch The Mentalist, because that show always cheers me up. <3 Although I suppose something mildly interesting is that my best friend and I started playing the Impossible Quiz again on Saturday when we were hanging out, and I remembered why I stopped. It’s so frustratingly addictive! Haha. Ohmygod. We got up to level 91 and kept dying, but today she figured out how to get past that level so I might try again tonight and see if I can get any further.

Aaaand… I just watched a commercial involving Chinese food and now I really want some rice and noodles. (Not together, of course. Separately. But I would like some brown fried rice and some of the noodles they had at the Chinese place in the caf at school. Seems like I’ll have to settle for a muffin and some water, though.)

Anyway, I will see everyone tomorrow!


EPIC MICKEY?! July 4, 2010

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Even though I have now seen all of series 5 of Doctor Who, I was still upset that The Lodger was not on my TV this evening. It’s not a Saturday without Doctor Who. :( And since I’ve seen all of series 5, there is no more Doctor Who for 170-something days! We have to wait until Christmas to see the next new episode of Doctor Who. How unacceptable is this?! I don’t want to wait unti Christmas. That means I have to get through four months of school. I have to get through the rest of the summer. This. Is. Not. Cool. I want more Doctor Who now! Why can’t it have 24 episodes like regular TV? *sigh*

Alright, I suppose I’ve done enough complaining about that for now. I’ll just re-watch the finale for the third time after I’m done this blog post or something, haha. I’m also waiting on Frank from PostSecret to put up the Sunday secrets since it is now 12:24AM on Sunday morning and they are not up. Although, I must admit I’m pretty amused at the moment because I’m listening to “Chances” by Athlete a lot, which I recently discovered, courtesy of Doctor Who. What else? Ha.

I’m also just going to list off a few things I have to do tomorrow. You won’t let me forget, dear blog readers. Right? So here they are:
1. Pick up movie from the library, because they’ll reshelve it if I don’t pick it up tomorrow. While I’m there, check for Chasing Liberty, because I need to see this movie again, even though it’s currently “in processing,” so there’s almost no chance it’ll be available tomorrow.
2. Write down the textbooks I currently own, research some “used textbook” prices on my school’s website so I can figure out how much I want to sell them for, and post this on my university’s Facebook page.
3. Possibly go to Best Buy or FutureShop and get a cooling pad for my laptop, because it gets hot pretty quickly sometimes and I need to keep it cool so it doesn’t explode on me. That would be bad.
4. Look for the Canada flag my dad gave me. I might want to hang that up in my room at school or something. If I have room. Also, mental note to get more sticky tack… I know I got all of it from when I was at my dorm at school, but it looks significantly less. So I might need some more.
5. While at Walmart for the sticky tack, I also need to look for large, double-sided sticky things to hold up my calendar and whiteboard. While I was in my dorm, I just used masking tape because the sticky things they came with didn’t really work, but the walls there weren’t plaster, so I could use masking tape and it wouldn’t destroy the walls. I don’t think that’s going to work at my new place, so I need heavy duty double-sided sticky things.

I feel like there was something else to add to that list, but I suppose that’s it for now. My Canada Day celebrations were FANTASTIC, just in case anyone was wondering. :D I thought I should regale you with some stories, but it’s pretty simple. I got together with four other friends, and we hung out all day. Literally. I was over at 12, and I didn’t leave people until after midnight. We made cupcakes (with little rainbow-coloured bits in them!), watched movies like Star Trek and Chasing Liberty, played game – Bananagrams and Apples to Apples. Best games EVER – and then we went to the park and had various adventures on the swings and playground and we played Grounders and took lots of photos, as some of you might see if you check out Facebook. :D Then we had some delicious ice cream and went to see the fireworks! It was pretty much the best day ever.

As a random update to my current mood, I am now angry. Why are brothers so inconsiderate? My grandma made pita for the entire family, and my brother has, within the span of 10 minutes, eaten the majority. WHAT THE HELL. I’ve had THREE BLOODY PIECES. I don’t think my parents have had any. This has happened the last three times my grandma has brought us pita, too. Even though I kind of hate my house and my housemates all have some sort of drama going on and I’m really not looking forward to living there anymore, I can’t wait to go back to school so I can have my own food again. If my housemates takes up my brother’s post of eating my food, I swear to God, I WILL NOT BE PLEASED.

Anyway, moving on. I will not dwell on what is making me angry. In other news, my friend IMed me this link earlier, and you guys have to check it out! Disney is making a video game called Epic Mickey! It’s about Mickey Mouse, and apparently it’s going to bring back a lot of the characters they used to have. I’m so excited, even though I don’t have a Wii. Hopefully one of my friends will get it and I’ll just go over and play it all the time or something. XD

Another note to self: stop writing about future events in your blog. It jinxes things. I don’t want to erase all of the stuff I wrote about food, though, so it’s staying. And now that it’s after 2AM, because I’ve been distracted many times while writing this, I’m going to stop and do something else. I should probably go to bed, but I won’t. I might watch some How I Met Your Mother, or maybe part 2 of the series 5 finale of Doctor Who. I just realized I italicized that now, but I didn’t before when I mentioned it. Oh, well. I’m not going back to change it because I am lazy. :p Anyway. I’m off for now, chums. I will talk to you all at a later date in time!


I’m doing a good deed! June 29, 2010

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Two things I do not appreciate about people making plans is that, sometimes, they either cancel last minute or, if the plans involve me, they don’t tell me about said plans and then get angry when I can’t make it. Regarding the latter, I don’t think I should be required to tell every single person I know every time I make plans on the offchance that they’ve been planning something on my behalf without telling me either. I’m not going to apologize for occasionally having a life. Next time you want me to come to something, tell me when it’s in the planning stages, and I’ll let you know if I’m available. Understood?

Alright, then. Moving on.

In other news, I decided yesterday that instead of getting my hair cut this summer like I normally do, I’m going to keep letting it grow so I can donate it to charity to help make wigs for children who have cancer. I kind of feel a little guilty that I’ve never done this before, actually. I mean, for the longest time I’ve only gotten my hair cut once a year. I don’t get split ends or dead ends, and I can’t decide between keeping long hair or short hair, so I like having both at different times. Plus the longer hair keeps my neck warm in winter and then when summer comes around I cut it short because it’s too warm for long hair, haha. But this year I’m just going to get a trim so I can make sure it’s all exactly one length, and then I’m going to keep growing it out. Right now if I were to cut it to chin-length, I could get around 6.5 or 7 inches, but they require 10 inches for donations so I probably won’t be able to get it cut until Christmas, or maybe later… I was kind of hoping I could get it cut for New Year’s, or, if my hairdresser is busy during the holidays, I can wait until early January and have it done for second semester, but I’m not sure if I’ll have the 10 inches I need by then. Wish me luck! I feel really good about this decision. :) Apparently, to make a wig, the companies need 5 or 6 ponytails! I was shocked. And they need 10 inches because around 2 inches or so are lost in the process of making the wig itself, which is actually molded to the child’s head so it feels natural, and they make it so that the wig can be worn while doing all sorts of every day activities – playing sports, swimming, etc. AHH. I’m so excited for this.

Other than that, my life hasn’t been too exciting lately. Although yesterday I spent a few hours at my friend Tim’s place and we watched the last three episodes of series 5 of Doctor Who! That was pretty exciting, and they were incredible episodes. I can’t say anything more because loads of people haven’t seen the finale yet, and some haven’t seen the Lodger, which is episode 11. And he has the most BEAUTIFUL piano! It’s not anything large like a grand piano, or even a baby grand. It’s no bigger than the one I have, but it’s in this beautiful cherrywood, and the keys are worked in so they’re not stiff when you try to play… I think I’m in love with his piano. <3 *sigh* It’s just so pretty and wonderful and gorgeous. *love* Theeeen… On Friday my family is coming over in the evening to have a minor celebration of my birthday, so that won’t be fun. Plus I’ll have to be up at 7AM that morning because my dad and I have check-ups at the dentist’s office at 8AM. 8 IN THE MORNING. Who makes appointments that early? Who’s practice is OPEN that early?! Good god, that’s like the crack of dawn. I think I should just move out to the west, like Vancouver or something. That’s clearly where my internal clock lies, anyway. Plus they don’t get warm summers and they get ridiculous amounts of snow in the winter. YESPLZ. :)

On Saturday I might be going up to school with my parents to move some things into my new room, although I won’t put any money down on this. They keep saying we’re going up, but we never do. So we’ll see. Then on Sunday I’m going to a buffet near my house with a bunch of friends from high school, so I’m excited for that so I can see everyone again! Well, not everyone, because I’ve actually seen quite a few people, and a decent amount actually go to the same university as I do. But I’m excited to see everyone else for the first time since… Christmas. O_o It’s been a while, to say the least. We try and have buffets every six months or so so we can keep up with each other and just generally have fun like we used to in high school when we’d all see each other every day. :)

Aaaand that’s pretty much it! The World Cup has been on my TV more than I’d like to admit, and I’ve been having really random dreams lately, but those have been pretty entertaining, to say the least. I also don’t have any plans for Canada Day yet, despite that being on Thursday. (Which also happens to be the day that the free agency starts in the NHL. Speaking of hockey, congrats to Taylor Hall, who went first in the entry draft! Alhough unfortunately it was to Edmonton… But what can you expect when you’re drafted first. You go to a really crap team. Anyway. I wish him and the other 98 Canadians who were drafted the best of luck! [/hockey]) How about you guys? Anyone have any plans to celebrate Canada’s 143rd birthday in style?


I have issues. May 7, 2010

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I have some serious issues. Really, I do. I’m following three separate hockey tournaments, and apparently that’s still not enough hockey because during the day, I’m watching the ’72 Summit Series games and interviews from the commemorative DVDs my dad has. And I would still watch more hockey if I could. I think I need help.

I’m not going to bore you all with the details, since I know very few of you follow hockey to any extent, but the people at CBC and TSN really need to stop scheduling important games at the same time. That’s not cool. I don’t like having to switch between games, so if you could keep scheduling one at 7:00 and the other at 9:30 like you do for Vancouver/Chicago and Boston/Philly, that would be awesome. Thanks. :)

Anyway… It’s only the second week of vacation and I’m bored out of my skull. Hockey is only on in the evenings, and the ’72 games will only last me so long. Although, I’m going to visit my high school tomorrow with a friend, which should be fun, and on Saturday I’m going to meet my landlord with my housemates to get our keys and colours approved for painting, so at least I’ll be doing something. (Although Canada is playing Italy Saturday morning which means I’ll have to tape the game instead of watching it live, which I don’t appreciate.  I swear, I’m going to shut up about hockey. I promise.)

Ooh. Since I’m going to school tomorrow to visit some teachers, I’m going to try and talk to my awesome exercise science teacher and see if he can give me any advice on what to do about my major. He studied kinesiology and I think he did his masters in it, too, so hopefully he can help me decide what I want to do. :) Plus, he’s just ridiculously awesome, so I can’t wait to catch up with him!

Speaking of school, however, I’m upset that I have to wait until May 31st to find out how I did in my second semester biology and chemistry courses. Since it’s the end of term, the school is focusing on figuring out which fourth or fifth years are eligible to graduate, so obviously they’re top priority. Us lowly returning students get to be shafted until the grads are dealt with, so the registrar’s office isn’t posting grades again until May 31st. Uncool. I know for a fact that grades were due to the registrar before May 3rd, which was the last day that they were going to post marks until the 31st, so either my bio and chem departments have outdone themselves and didn’t hand in the grades on time, or the registrar decided to be a jerk and keep me on the hook for the only two subjects I’m worried about. Thanks for that. That might be the day that we get notified about which programs we’ve been accepted to as well, so… May 31st will be a stressful day.

Hm. It’s 2:05AM and I have nothing left to talk about. I would share the movie I last saw with you guys, but that happens to be Miracle, but that’s a hockey-related movie and I promised I wouldn’t talk about hockey again. OOH. New Doctor Who on Saturday, though! :D I’m really excited. It’s been… 3 weeks, I think, since I last saw a new episode of DW, since I used to *cough* download them *cough* when they had aired in the UK, which is 2 weeks ahead of Canada. Saturday is finally the air date for episode 4 in Canada, and I’m so excited to finally see it. My favourite villains are returning! WOOT! (I won’t mention what they are for fear of spoiling anyone, but it’s going to be epic. I swear.)

I’m also having math withdrawals. Man, I’m such a nerd. I have to go four whole months without math. How will I survive?! [/drama] And I don’t even know if I’m going to be able to fit math in my schedule next year. It could be an entire year without math. 12 months. 365 days. 525,600 minutes. Without. Math. I’m going to go crazy. Hopefully in third year I’ll have an explosion of math in my timetable and it’ll be epicly awesome and the world will right itself.

H’ok. It’s almost 2:30AM and I’m tired and have to be up early so I can meet my friend at school, so I’m off. I’ll see you guys later. <33


This blog is for Catherine January 23, 2010

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I do apologize for not blogging in ages. In my defense, nothing of interest has happened to me in a long time, I guess. I haven’t had much to blog about. Just school. Well, there was Christmas break, which was awesome. I guess we’ll start there (if I can actually remember what happened).

So… Ok. I’m actually going to start pre-Christmas break. Actually, nevermind. Christmas break it is. I wrote my last exam on December 21st, and my dad and brother came to pick me up and we went home and I unpacked and whatnot, and that night my dad and I went to the Leafs game to celebrate my homecoming and end of exams. :) Unfortunately, we lost in overtime, but it was an awesome game. It was really intense, and that doesn’t happen often anymore for the Leafs, unfortunately. Then… Not much happened between then and Christmas Day, really. My family and I went to visit my godparents on the 22nd, I think, and my uncle came over on Christmas Eve and we opened his gifts then. On Christmas Day we opened presents in the afternoon because my brother is a lazy bum who never gets up before 1 in the afternoon. Then we went to my grandparents’ where chaos insued because I’ve got two little cousins, one of whom sort of provokes the other and I have to watch over them. :p Hmm… Fast forward to the 28th when I went out to lunch with my friends! :) It was really fun. There were, like, 20 of us from high school at this quaint little buffet place and we all just sat and ate and caught up with each other. It was definitely the highlight of my Christmas vacation. After that I went to my friend Dan’s house with some of our friends and we played Taboo and had pizza for dinner, then we went to the mall and saw Avatar which was WICKED. If you haven’t seen it and it’s still playing in theatres (I have no idea if it is or not…), GO SEE IT NOW. It was awesome. I had no idea it would be that epic.

Then we fast forward to New Years’ Day, when we always go to my aunt and uncle’s house. Being Greek, we have this New Year’s Day tradition where someone (i.e. my grandma) makes a giant pita and she wraps a dime in tin foil and puts it in the pita. The pita is cut up into sections, and the rest of the family doesn’t know where the coin is. From youngest to oldest we choose a slice, trying to find the coin. The person whose slice has the coin in it is said to have a year of good luck and gets all the money in the pot. (Oh, yeah. Forgot to mention: everyone in the family puts $2 into a collection and the winner gets all the money.) The coin ended up being between my piece and my uncle’s piece, so I guess we share the good luck? And we split the money, which turned out to be around $27 apiece. (Could I say “piece” more often in this paragraph? I don’t think I could.)

Then, because school hates me, I had to come back here on January 3rd because classes started on the 4th. How disgustingly unfair. That was a week and a half of vacation. Not only do other universities nearby get two and a half weeks, but colleges in America get one and a half MONTHS of winter vacation? So unfair. My consolation better be that they finish a month later than we do. Although, I’m sure they start earlier, too, so that’s probably why they can afford that much of a Christmas break.

ANYWAYZ. My friend came to visit me after my first week of school because she was one of the lucky ducks that didn’t start second semester until the 11th. So everyone here at uni that went to our high school took her out to dinner (which was quite an adventure, we ended up “getting lost” – we didn’t actually get lost, but we thought we did :p) and then someone stole our table, so they put us in the bar section of the East Side Marios. XD It was good fun, though. She stayed the night and we had lunch with a bunch of people the next day and had mac and cheese for dinner. :)

Hmm… Yeah. Since then the only new thing in my life, really, is Doctor Who, which has officially taken over my life. I can’t stop watching it. Seriously. I watched the first episode, and I was like, “Eh, it’s alright, really, but I’m curious as to how this turns out.” And now it’s become more like, “OMG THAT WAS CRAZY. THESE THINGS NEVER DIE! WHAAAAT?! I HAVE TO WATCH MORE LYKNAO. …And I love David Tennant, you sexy, sexy man. <3” Yeah. I thought I liked the first (ninth) Doctor, but I loooove David Tennant. (I hope that didn’t confuse anyone who isn’t familiar with DW.) It’s bad enough that the plots are awesome, the villains are crazy, the dialogue is cheeky and hilarious, and now you add a ridiculously attractive actor like David Tennant? How am I supposed to stop watching long enough to study? I have midterms next week! I don’t think this is going to end well. Although I do have a DW poster on my wall and it makes me happy. :)

This actually didn’t take me that long to write, but I suppose I should go back to chemistry now… Or 4×01 of DW? ;) (Oh, yeah. I’m just starting season 4 of DW, so no spoilers, please! Thanks.) DW is obviously more interesting and my chem test isn’t until Friday… But I do have to go grocery shopping tomorrow and have three other tests to study for eventually, although I did study a fair amount tonight… Alright, compromise. I’ll study more chem now and then watch DW. I wish I had drinks here, though. I finished my milk and I’m not entirely convinced my water filter is working properly… *sigh*

I guess I’ll talk to you guys later.

Oh, yeah. I kind of have a house for next year? :D