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EPIC MICKEY?! July 4, 2010

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Even though I have now seen all of series 5 of Doctor Who, I was still upset that The Lodger was not on my TV this evening. It’s not a Saturday without Doctor Who. :( And since I’ve seen all of series 5, there is no more Doctor Who for 170-something days! We have to wait until Christmas to see the next new episode of Doctor Who. How unacceptable is this?! I don’t want to wait unti Christmas. That means I have to get through four months of school. I have to get through the rest of the summer. This. Is. Not. Cool. I want more Doctor Who now! Why can’t it have 24 episodes like regular TV? *sigh*

Alright, I suppose I’ve done enough complaining about that for now. I’ll just re-watch the finale for the third time after I’m done this blog post or something, haha. I’m also waiting on Frank from PostSecret to put up the Sunday secrets since it is now 12:24AM on Sunday morning and they are not up. Although, I must admit I’m pretty amused at the moment because I’m listening to “Chances” by Athlete a lot, which I recently discovered, courtesy of Doctor Who. What else? Ha.

I’m also just going to list off a few things I have to do tomorrow. You won’t let me forget, dear blog readers. Right? So here they are:
1. Pick up movie from the library, because they’ll reshelve it if I don’t pick it up tomorrow. While I’m there, check for Chasing Liberty, because I need to see this movie again, even though it’s currently “in processing,” so there’s almost no chance it’ll be available tomorrow.
2. Write down the textbooks I currently own, research some “used textbook” prices on my school’s website so I can figure out how much I want to sell them for, and post this on my university’s Facebook page.
3. Possibly go to Best Buy or FutureShop and get a cooling pad for my laptop, because it gets hot pretty quickly sometimes and I need to keep it cool so it doesn’t explode on me. That would be bad.
4. Look for the Canada flag my dad gave me. I might want to hang that up in my room at school or something. If I have room. Also, mental note to get more sticky tack… I know I got all of it from when I was at my dorm at school, but it looks significantly less. So I might need some more.
5. While at Walmart for the sticky tack, I also need to look for large, double-sided sticky things to hold up my calendar and whiteboard. While I was in my dorm, I just used masking tape because the sticky things they came with didn’t really work, but the walls there weren’t plaster, so I could use masking tape and it wouldn’t destroy the walls. I don’t think that’s going to work at my new place, so I need heavy duty double-sided sticky things.

I feel like there was something else to add to that list, but I suppose that’s it for now. My Canada Day celebrations were FANTASTIC, just in case anyone was wondering. :D I thought I should regale you with some stories, but it’s pretty simple. I got together with four other friends, and we hung out all day. Literally. I was over at 12, and I didn’t leave people until after midnight. We made cupcakes (with little rainbow-coloured bits in them!), watched movies like Star Trek and Chasing Liberty, played game – Bananagrams and Apples to Apples. Best games EVER – and then we went to the park and had various adventures on the swings and playground and we played Grounders and took lots of photos, as some of you might see if you check out Facebook. :D Then we had some delicious ice cream and went to see the fireworks! It was pretty much the best day ever.

As a random update to my current mood, I am now angry. Why are brothers so inconsiderate? My grandma made pita for the entire family, and my brother has, within the span of 10 minutes, eaten the majority. WHAT THE HELL. I’ve had THREE BLOODY PIECES. I don’t think my parents have had any. This has happened the last three times my grandma has brought us pita, too. Even though I kind of hate my house and my housemates all have some sort of drama going on and I’m really not looking forward to living there anymore, I can’t wait to go back to school so I can have my own food again. If my housemates takes up my brother’s post of eating my food, I swear to God, I WILL NOT BE PLEASED.

Anyway, moving on. I will not dwell on what is making me angry. In other news, my friend IMed me this link earlier, and you guys have to check it out! Disney is making a video game called Epic Mickey! It’s about Mickey Mouse, and apparently it’s going to bring back a lot of the characters they used to have. I’m so excited, even though I don’t have a Wii. Hopefully one of my friends will get it and I’ll just go over and play it all the time or something. XD

Another note to self: stop writing about future events in your blog. It jinxes things. I don’t want to erase all of the stuff I wrote about food, though, so it’s staying. And now that it’s after 2AM, because I’ve been distracted many times while writing this, I’m going to stop and do something else. I should probably go to bed, but I won’t. I might watch some How I Met Your Mother, or maybe part 2 of the series 5 finale of Doctor Who. I just realized I italicized that now, but I didn’t before when I mentioned it. Oh, well. I’m not going back to change it because I am lazy. :p Anyway. I’m off for now, chums. I will talk to you all at a later date in time!