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This blog is for Catherine January 23, 2010

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I do apologize for not blogging in ages. In my defense, nothing of interest has happened to me in a long time, I guess. I haven’t had much to blog about. Just school. Well, there was Christmas break, which was awesome. I guess we’ll start there (if I can actually remember what happened).

So… Ok. I’m actually going to start pre-Christmas break. Actually, nevermind. Christmas break it is. I wrote my last exam on December 21st, and my dad and brother came to pick me up and we went home and I unpacked and whatnot, and that night my dad and I went to the Leafs game to celebrate my homecoming and end of exams. :) Unfortunately, we lost in overtime, but it was an awesome game. It was really intense, and that doesn’t happen often anymore for the Leafs, unfortunately. Then… Not much happened between then and Christmas Day, really. My family and I went to visit my godparents on the 22nd, I think, and my uncle came over on Christmas Eve and we opened his gifts then. On Christmas Day we opened presents in the afternoon because my brother is a lazy bum who never gets up before 1 in the afternoon. Then we went to my grandparents’ where chaos insued because I’ve got two little cousins, one of whom sort of provokes the other and I have to watch over them. :p Hmm… Fast forward to the 28th when I went out to lunch with my friends! :) It was really fun. There were, like, 20 of us from high school at this quaint little buffet place and we all just sat and ate and caught up with each other. It was definitely the highlight of my Christmas vacation. After that I went to my friend Dan’s house with some of our friends and we played Taboo and had pizza for dinner, then we went to the mall and saw Avatar which was WICKED. If you haven’t seen it and it’s still playing in theatres (I have no idea if it is or not…), GO SEE IT NOW. It was awesome. I had no idea it would be that epic.

Then we fast forward to New Years’ Day, when we always go to my aunt and uncle’s house. Being Greek, we have this New Year’s Day tradition where someone (i.e. my grandma) makes a giant pita and she wraps a dime in tin foil and puts it in the pita. The pita is cut up into sections, and the rest of the family doesn’t know where the coin is. From youngest to oldest we choose a slice, trying to find the coin. The person whose slice has the coin in it is said to have a year of good luck and gets all the money in the pot. (Oh, yeah. Forgot to mention: everyone in the family puts $2 into a collection and the winner gets all the money.) The coin ended up being between my piece and my uncle’s piece, so I guess we share the good luck? And we split the money, which turned out to be around $27 apiece. (Could I say “piece” more often in this paragraph? I don’t think I could.)

Then, because school hates me, I had to come back here on January 3rd because classes started on the 4th. How disgustingly unfair. That was a week and a half of vacation. Not only do other universities nearby get two and a half weeks, but colleges in America get one and a half MONTHS of winter vacation? So unfair. My consolation better be that they finish a month later than we do. Although, I’m sure they start earlier, too, so that’s probably why they can afford that much of a Christmas break.

ANYWAYZ. My friend came to visit me after my first week of school because she was one of the lucky ducks that didn’t start second semester until the 11th. So everyone here at uni that went to our high school took her out to dinner (which was quite an adventure, we ended up “getting lost” – we didn’t actually get lost, but we thought we did :p) and then someone stole our table, so they put us in the bar section of the East Side Marios. XD It was good fun, though. She stayed the night and we had lunch with a bunch of people the next day and had mac and cheese for dinner. :)

Hmm… Yeah. Since then the only new thing in my life, really, is Doctor Who, which has officially taken over my life. I can’t stop watching it. Seriously. I watched the first episode, and I was like, “Eh, it’s alright, really, but I’m curious as to how this turns out.” And now it’s become more like, “OMG THAT WAS CRAZY. THESE THINGS NEVER DIE! WHAAAAT?! I HAVE TO WATCH MORE LYKNAO. …And I love David Tennant, you sexy, sexy man. <3” Yeah. I thought I liked the first (ninth) Doctor, but I loooove David Tennant. (I hope that didn’t confuse anyone who isn’t familiar with DW.) It’s bad enough that the plots are awesome, the villains are crazy, the dialogue is cheeky and hilarious, and now you add a ridiculously attractive actor like David Tennant? How am I supposed to stop watching long enough to study? I have midterms next week! I don’t think this is going to end well. Although I do have a DW poster on my wall and it makes me happy. :)

This actually didn’t take me that long to write, but I suppose I should go back to chemistry now… Or 4×01 of DW? ;) (Oh, yeah. I’m just starting season 4 of DW, so no spoilers, please! Thanks.) DW is obviously more interesting and my chem test isn’t until Friday… But I do have to go grocery shopping tomorrow and have three other tests to study for eventually, although I did study a fair amount tonight… Alright, compromise. I’ll study more chem now and then watch DW. I wish I had drinks here, though. I finished my milk and I’m not entirely convinced my water filter is working properly… *sigh*

I guess I’ll talk to you guys later.

Oh, yeah. I kind of have a house for next year? :D