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I’m doing a good deed! June 29, 2010

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Two things I do not appreciate about people making plans is that, sometimes, they either cancel last minute or, if the plans involve me, they don’t tell me about said plans and then get angry when I can’t make it. Regarding the latter, I don’t think I should be required to tell every single person I know every time I make plans on the offchance that they’ve been planning something on my behalf without telling me either. I’m not going to apologize for occasionally having a life. Next time you want me to come to something, tell me when it’s in the planning stages, and I’ll let you know if I’m available. Understood?

Alright, then. Moving on.

In other news, I decided yesterday that instead of getting my hair cut this summer like I normally do, I’m going to keep letting it grow so I can donate it to charity to help make wigs for children who have cancer. I kind of feel a little guilty that I’ve never done this before, actually. I mean, for the longest time I’ve only gotten my hair cut once a year. I don’t get split ends or dead ends, and I can’t decide between keeping long hair or short hair, so I like having both at different times. Plus the longer hair keeps my neck warm in winter and then when summer comes around I cut it short because it’s too warm for long hair, haha. But this year I’m just going to get a trim so I can make sure it’s all exactly one length, and then I’m going to keep growing it out. Right now if I were to cut it to chin-length, I could get around 6.5 or 7 inches, but they require 10 inches for donations so I probably won’t be able to get it cut until Christmas, or maybe later… I was kind of hoping I could get it cut for New Year’s, or, if my hairdresser is busy during the holidays, I can wait until early January and have it done for second semester, but I’m not sure if I’ll have the 10 inches I need by then. Wish me luck! I feel really good about this decision. :) Apparently, to make a wig, the companies need 5 or 6 ponytails! I was shocked. And they need 10 inches because around 2 inches or so are lost in the process of making the wig itself, which is actually molded to the child’s head so it feels natural, and they make it so that the wig can be worn while doing all sorts of every day activities – playing sports, swimming, etc. AHH. I’m so excited for this.

Other than that, my life hasn’t been too exciting lately. Although yesterday I spent a few hours at my friend Tim’s place and we watched the last three episodes of series 5 of Doctor Who! That was pretty exciting, and they were incredible episodes. I can’t say anything more because loads of people haven’t seen the finale yet, and some haven’t seen the Lodger, which is episode 11. And he has the most BEAUTIFUL piano! It’s not anything large like a grand piano, or even a baby grand. It’s no bigger than the one I have, but it’s in this beautiful cherrywood, and the keys are worked in so they’re not stiff when you try to play… I think I’m in love with his piano. <3 *sigh* It’s just so pretty and wonderful and gorgeous. *love* Theeeen… On Friday my family is coming over in the evening to have a minor celebration of my birthday, so that won’t be fun. Plus I’ll have to be up at 7AM that morning because my dad and I have check-ups at the dentist’s office at 8AM. 8 IN THE MORNING. Who makes appointments that early? Who’s practice is OPEN that early?! Good god, that’s like the crack of dawn. I think I should just move out to the west, like Vancouver or something. That’s clearly where my internal clock lies, anyway. Plus they don’t get warm summers and they get ridiculous amounts of snow in the winter. YESPLZ. :)

On Saturday I might be going up to school with my parents to move some things into my new room, although I won’t put any money down on this. They keep saying we’re going up, but we never do. So we’ll see. Then on Sunday I’m going to a buffet near my house with a bunch of friends from high school, so I’m excited for that so I can see everyone again! Well, not everyone, because I’ve actually seen quite a few people, and a decent amount actually go to the same university as I do. But I’m excited to see everyone else for the first time since… Christmas. O_o It’s been a while, to say the least. We try and have buffets every six months or so so we can keep up with each other and just generally have fun like we used to in high school when we’d all see each other every day. :)

Aaaand that’s pretty much it! The World Cup has been on my TV more than I’d like to admit, and I’ve been having really random dreams lately, but those have been pretty entertaining, to say the least. I also don’t have any plans for Canada Day yet, despite that being on Thursday. (Which also happens to be the day that the free agency starts in the NHL. Speaking of hockey, congrats to Taylor Hall, who went first in the entry draft! Alhough unfortunately it was to Edmonton… But what can you expect when you’re drafted first. You go to a really crap team. Anyway. I wish him and the other 98 Canadians who were drafted the best of luck! [/hockey]) How about you guys? Anyone have any plans to celebrate Canada’s 143rd birthday in style?