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BEDA Day 2 – The Day I Almost Finished My Paper April 2, 2012

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Sooo… I have a feeling Tara is going to keep me on top of BEDA, haha. I keep forgetting about it until she makes her Tumblr post and then I’m like, “OH GOD, I HAVE TO GO DO BEDA.” And then I drop what I’m doing and come make a post here. Even though I should be writing my paper. And no one is actually reading this.

IN MY DEFENSE, I only have two pages left! Well, less than two now because I’ve actually written some stuff down, but omg. I just have to finish another paragraph on the gaps in the literature and some future research, then I just have to write some synthesis of the research, rephrase a couple things, analyse some stuff better and I think I’m done! WOOOOO. Alright. 

Nothing very exciting happened today. We were going to discuss awesome music-related things in my differentials course, but then my professor decided he’s rather allot the time to boring systems-related thing that are going to be on the exam. Boo. I was so excited to use math to prove that guitars are musical instruments and drums aren’t, but… It was not meant to be. =( 

Until tomorrow, lovelies. <3


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