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Ohnooo. I’m going to have to settle for another late entry today since it’s 11:38 and I can’t write a proper entry in 22 minutes. I’m also talking to my friend Tim so I’m not completely focused on writing my blog.

Anywho, today was a pretty relaxed day. I wasn’t feeling too well and there was practically no food in my house, so I sat around eating Cheerios and crackers for most of the afternoon, somewhat watching TV as well, until my mother got home from work/grocery shopping and brought me some delicious grapes. (Although they taste oddly like apples, and this is weirding me out a little…) I’ve also discovered that TSN2 is airing all of Canada’s Olympic men’s hockey games from the 2010 games. I saw that the Canaday/Norway (our first game of the preliminary round) was on the other night, but I didn’t watch because it was such a one-sided victory and there were other things I was watching. (Poor Norway. :( I obviously like it when we win – who doesn’t like it when their home team wins? – but I always feel sorry for the teams that get blown out. That’s really not fun at all, not for either team. *sigh*) Our second game, though (Canada/Switzerland), aired this afternoon and I saw most of the third period, all of overtime and the shootout of that one, and then game three, the last of our preliminary games (Canada/USA), aired tonight. Unfortunately our next game (the qualifier against Germany in which Shea Weber shot the puck so hard it went through the net – yeah. He’s a god) won’t air until Tuesday. :( THAT’S TOO FAR AWAY. But back to the Canada/USA game: since this is the first time I’ve seen it since it aired back in February and I now know the outcome so I can watch it without worrying insanely, I’ve noticed a whole bunch of things that make me really angry. I bet anyone can guess what I’m about to say… The refs. UGH. There were so many things the Americans did that weren’t called, and there were a few things called against us that should not have been penalties. Come on! I’m not saying if everything was properly called, we would have won – Ryan Miller was too good (my god, he’s such a tank. And Jonas Hiller, the Swiss goalie, was SUCH A TANK, TOO. He’s the main reason we only beat them by a goal) and Brodeur screwed up too much. Come on, man. 4 goals allowed in something like 19 shots? Jeez. No wonder Luongo played the rest of the tournament. (LUUUUU! <3) But seriously. Just call it fairly, yeah? (Though expecting that is ridiculous. It will never happen.)

Moving on! Actually… Not much else happened today. :p The Canada/Swiss game ended around dinner, I think, so after it I ate, read more of Catching Fire, showered, and by the time I got downstairs again it was pretty much time for Canada/USA. After the game against the Swiss, they actually showed a really nice montage of our accomplishments over the entirety of the winter games this year to the bilingual version of I Believe/J’Imagine, and it was so beautiful that I started to tear up a little. Thank you, TSN2. <3 I hope the rest of the games will be shown before I move back to school, since there’s no way I’m getting TSN2 at school. I would have thought for sure they’d be able to show four games in 2.5 weeks, but if they’re waiting a week before showing the qualifying game… I don’t know. After that, there’s still the quarters against Russia, the semis against the Slovaks, and then the final against the Americans. Granted, I have the gold medal game on my external harddrive (yeah, I’m ridiculous, I know), it’s not the same because it’s the NBC broadcast… NBC is American. Our broadcasts were shown on, well, TSN. We had different announcers. I would have liked to see our version the gold medal game again – obviously we were shown the same game, but I dunno, it’s just a different feel with the announcers I’ve known forever. Pierre McGuire does a lot of stuff for the Leafs, so… Whatever. I just really hope I can see the rest of the games before school. That would be a really great present. :) But the TV Guide only goes a week in advance, so I’ll be kept waiting until I can see it on the guide, or the worst case scenario is I just find out on Tuesday when they tell me when the next game is. Considering they showed two games today, they MUST be able to finish four games in a week and a half. WHY they’re waiting a week between games is beyond me, and it’s completely ridiculous. I need my hockey fix! You can’t just dangle games in front of me like that and then take them away so quickly. I wish I could remember when I saw the Canada/Norway game on the guide so it could give me any clues as to how long I’m going to have to wait… If it was a week ago, then maybe waiting a week between games is pretty customary and I won’t get to see them all before school. If it was only a few days ago, then waiting a week before Germany is ridiculously long and probably won’t happen again.

…I need to stop analyzing and just shut up and wait for the games. *sigh* This is going to be really difficult. I’m just going to shut up for now and go read some more of Catching Fire. 12 days until Mockingjay. *breathes*


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