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I AM ON TIME. I SWEAR. August 15, 2010

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There has been so much typing done today, dearest readers. If I weren’t so in love with my computer and you and the Internet, I’d be sick to my stomach for having to watch words keep scrolling across the screen as I type this entry. Fortunately, I do love you all and the Internet and my computer, so I can find it within me to type out this blog entry. Lucky you!

Today was an interesting day, to say the least. Last night (and by last night I really mean “in the wee hours of this morning”) I looked over at my clipboard and my notebook and decided that I was going to continue writing my fic, and then got irritated because whenever I decide to write I can’t, and whenever I don’t have the time or opportunity to write, ideas come. It’s backwards. Anyway, I’ve found recently that putting on music and just having it play in the background really helps my focus for whatever reason, so I set my iTunes to organize itself based on the play count of each song, and I went through 3 hours and 10 minutes of my most played music, wrote 7 pages or so and finished my fic! It was invigorating. The problem was that I finished at, like, 5:45AM. :p And today I had to pack some clothes to take to school, because once my father got home from golfing we left to take up some more things. So I probably fell asleep around 6:15, maybe later, and then I was up at 11, packing away some tshirts, tank tops, a pair of capris or two… And then packing the car with whatever else I brought up, like some binders, my backpack, some anatomy notes from last year, a hamper, a garbage bin for my room… Anyway. It turns out that although my closet is really pretty and nicely organized with that cool thing I got from Walmart, I probably should have kept this other thing I’d gotten from Walmart instead, and then bought bins for my sweaters since I don’t hang those and I could have put the bins on the top shelf in my closet. With the cool organizer thing taking up so much space, there’s not much room to hang anything, even though there’s a bar underneath, so I might have to fold some more sweaters or something to make some room for the few things I have left at home… Argh. Moving is really a hassle when you have to find ways to fit your things into a much smaller space. I still have my bed, which has storage for things underneath. I was planning on putting my tshirts, capris, socks and underwear there, but there could be extra space and I could fold some stuff in my closet and put it under my bed so that the closet isn’t as cramped. That might work. I’m moving up on the 29th, so I guess I’ll have to wait until then to see how it works out.

Anywho, when I got back I started typing out the fic I wrote (damn, it’s so long! I don’t have the attention span for this!), did some other stuff that wasn’t really that memorable, and after dinner I watched Fame with my mum. It was the third time I saw it and her first, but I thought it was just as good as the first time I watched it when it came out in theatres last year. :) I love the scenes between Asher Book’s and Kay Panabaker’s characters. There’s one part where they’re just Lily and James Potter. Seriously. (Well, how I imagine them, anyway. IT WAS SO CUTE.) After that was over (thankfully we could finish it! There was a huge thunderstorm going on at the same time and the power flickered slightly near the end. I almost crapped my pants) we watched The Gates, which was on again tonight. Great. Show. Crap is currently in the process of hitting the fan. It’s fantastic. (Well, for some parts, not for others. CHARLIE! UGH. No spoilers. Promise.)

And now it’s 11:59PM so I’m going to submit this now and hope it gets in for August 15th! 9 DAYS UNTIL MOCKINGJAY! YAAAY.


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