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in which I ramble a lot more than usual. August 13, 2010

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I have returned. Did you miss me? I was in bed by 10:15PM yesterday and didn’t get a chance to blog, but I’m back.

Even though it’s been 49 hours since my last blog, not very much has happened… Two nights ago, the night of my last blog, I was up really late re-reading Catching Fire. In fact, I finished it at 5:15AM. At that point I went up to my room, but I started writing and couldn’t put the pen down until 6:30AM. At that point I attempted to sleep until 7AM and couldn’t, and at that point I figured it was useless and just went downstairs and had some Cheerios, deciding to just stay up all day instead and try and get my internal clock back to normal. After watching a half hour of TSN’s SportsCentre, I put on the Hannah Montana movie – it was actually quite amusing, and the guy who plays her “love interest” would make a good Peeta from The Hunger Games if his hair was longer and curly. To be honest, I picture Peeta with straight hair like the guy in the movie, but that’s how he’s described in the book, so… But filmmakers get a lot of things wrong these days; I’m sure they’re not going to pay special attention to how Peeta’s hair should look. If they’re even making a movie out of it. I’ve heard that they are from various sources and that it’s due out next year, but it’s already almost half-way through August and I’ve heard nothing about actors/actresses, potential directors, etc., so I really have no idea what’s going on. I’m not sure I’d like it if a movie was made out of the book, to be honest. I’d be curious and I’d most likely break down go see it if one was made, but I have no faith that Hollywood would do a good job with it. I’ve been so disappointed with movie adaptions of books lately, and this one is particularly gory and difficult to get right… *sigh* I guess we’d just have to wait and see. Again, if there even is a movie being made/that will be made in the near future.

Anywho, I ended up napping from 1PM – 2:15PM and then managed to stay awake until 11 when I finally fell asleep. I was asleep until 4:30AM when I suddenly woke up for no reason and couldn’t get back to sleep until 7AM, which was incredibly irritating, and then woke up for good around 12:30. That random 2.5 hours where I was awake totally threw everything off and probably didn’t help anything, so we’ll see how early I can get to sleep tonight. I did have a dream last night, though, that I’ve been told is very Inception-like. (No spoilers, though, please! I haven’t seen it yet.) I’m still confused about it, especially since I don’t remember much… But basically there were two parts. I’m not really sure what happened in the first part. All I know is that I met this awesome guy who was really nice and funny and awesome, and he seemed really into me. Then I woke up, but I’m not sure if I actually woke up or if what I was having was a dream-inside-a-dream and I was waking up from the dream-inside-a-dream so when I “woke up” I was still dreaming… I’m leaning towards the latter. Anyway, I woke up, whether it was real or not, and was disappointed because when you wake up, you never get to continue the dream you were previously having. It is the Law of Dreams. The Dream Lord from Doctor Who will tell you so. After being disappointed I went back to sleep, but I started dreaming of this guy again! Or at least, he showed up in my next dream, which is making me lean towards the dream-inside-a-dream theory because this NEVER happens in reality. Again, I have no idea what we were doing previously or where we were, but we were getting on a bus as if we were on some kind of trip, and I remember seeing my friends sitting near the front of the bus, but everyone had assigned seats and Mystery Guy and I were, of course, seat partners and we were seated near the back of the bus, away from everyone. At that point I was very confused as to whether it was reality or a dream, and I asked him that, if he was following me in my dreams or if it was all real, and I’m sure he replied and the dream ended after that, but I don’t remember what he said at all. What a shame. If I hadn’t doubted the reality of it all, I probably could have stayed dreaming a while, but once you realize it’s a dream, that’s pretty much it. *sigh* It was exciting while it lasted.

That’s pretty much it, really. Tonight I watched Jonas LA and became irritated at the abundance of sexual tension of TV these days. Seriously. Nick didn’t kiss Macy, on The Mentalist, Jane won’t kiss Lisbon even though it’s clear that they’re both in love with each other (although I don’t think Lisbon realizes it yet, but she will. Jane can totally see that she’s in love with him, though, so he has no excuse. Hear that, Jane? JUST FREAKING KISS HER ALREADY!)… And don’t even get me started on The Doctor/Amy, because there’s enough sexual tension there to… Well, I don’t know, actually. I don’t have a good ending to that sentence or a decent metaphor. There’s just a lot of sexual tension. (Or maybe I’m just crazy, but that’s how I see it.)

I’ve got 15 minutes left before I’ve missed two days of BEDA, so I think I’m just going to stop here. Tomorrow won’t be very interesting, but on Sunday I’m going to school to drop off some more clothes. This time we’re taking up summer clothes. Yeah. My mother wants to leave me with, like, two pairs of shorts and four or five tops for 14 days. This is going to be frustrating. Obviously it’s completely doable, I don’t mind wearing some clothes multiple times before I throw them for laundry unless they’re dirty, but I like to have choice, and by tomorrow I’m going to have to choose which clothes I can wear for the next two weeks. That sounds incredibly vain of me. Ah, well. I’m not too bothered, plus I have the rest of my episode of How I Met Your Mother to watch. :D I’ve been watching since before 11, and then I got distracted when Barney said, “I’ll write about it in my blog!” And thought, “OHCRAP. I HAVEN’T BLOGGED IN TWO DAYS.” Then I ran here, started blogging, and occasionally got distracted by Plurk because I’m having a hilarious conversation with Britney. And, quite frankly, it takes a while to get out over 1,155 words when you have to think of what you want to say because you don’t have a script. Anyway, I’m actually done now. I know I said that probably 300 words ago, but I’m actually done. XD I’ll see you guys tomorrow! 11 days until Mockingjay! WOOT.


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