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Night of ADVENTURES September 24, 2010

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It’s finally time for a blog update. I had originally planned on writing a blog when I first got moved in to my new house, but that night I was really upset and would just have written lots of sad pandas things, so I didn’t bother, and then by the time the next day rolled around, of course I’d forgotten all about it. Then school started, I got busy, and didn’t write my blog. So… I’m moved in now? Ha. I’m sure you all know that. This blog (as the title may or may not suggest – I don’t know yet, I haven’t written a title :p) is about my adventures from last night. And I use “adventures” in the loosest possible way because really, I was at my friends’ house the entire night, so it’s not like we went anywhere. But we had fun. So it’s all good. Also, I may start rambling about a certain someone and how he won’t get out of my head! But if I do, feel free to ignore. I’m trying to.

Anywayz. So last night I went to my friends’ house for the premiere of season 4 of The Big Bang Theory, which was on at 8PM. We sat, watched some BBT, generally laughed about it… Then when the show was over, one of my friends wanted to bum Doctor Who off another friend in the house, so I just chilled in the living room while they were off copying files and whatnot. So another one of my friends comes into the room, and he was all, “Hey, where’d everyone go?” And I said, “I dunno, they’re all doing their own things, I guess. Coyping Doctor Who files, doing homework maybe?” So he came to hang out with my in the living room. And here’s where things got sketchy. So, not really having much work to do ourselves, we were really bored. And when guys get bored, they do stupid things. And I did a really stupid thing. (I just realized that makes me sound like a guy. I assure you all, I’m not. I’m a girl. Just clearing that up. XD) So he goes to the fridge looking for some food, and comes back and claims that there’s no food and nothing to do. Buuut… There are hot peppers. And we should each have one.

Yeah. You can see where this led… God knows why, but I agreed to this stupid proposal – though I made sure that we’d each only eat half of one. We even shook on it. It was pretty official. Anyway, the whole one would have taken two bites, and I’ve heard stories about how ridiculously hot these were, so I wanted to make sure I only had to take one bite and not go through the agony of having to take another once I found out just how hot it really was. So we just stood in the kitchen as I took a pepper and cut it in half and each of us took a piece. I made sure I knew not to chew for more than 10 seconds or else it just destroys your mouth, and then I counted down from 3. Then we each had a half of the hottest pepper I’ve ever ate.

Even now, I can’t really say why I agreed to this. Well, actually… I think I might have an idea. But that is not news for a public blog. :p ANYWAY. So thus began the worst 20 minutes of my life. Actually, I’m probably exaggerating. It wasn’t really that bad. Apparently I’m to be commended on how well I handled it, since only this friend and another of his housemates (another guy, I might add) were the only people to have eaten a pepper that hot and not cried or freaked out or anything. So I felt pretty good about myself after that. XD Especially considering I don’t even like spicy things. (And yet I still agreed to this stunt. WTF, self?)

Anyway, so that was adventure part 1. I suppose it was more like an experience. I was instructed to eat yoghurt right after I’d swallowed the pepper, but I’m not sure it helped much. It was pretty good yoghurt, though. Peach flavoured. =)

Theeen… I don’t really know what we did next. I think we all just hung out in the kitchen for a bit before deciding on Apples to Apples – and really, if you guys have never played that game, GET ON IT! It’s so much fun! One of my friends ended up cheating and ended up with, like, 25 cards in his hand by the end of the game, so in my mind I disqualified him for being a filthy cheater. :p So I won! Haha. It was so much fun. I love that game.

The adventures continued when we decided to make brownies and watch a movie! And by “we” I mean I watched a movie with someone and some other people made brownies. :p We were going to watch some other movie, but I’d never heard of it, so he just told me to check out what movies he’d brought up with him, and of course when I saw Harry Potter on his book shelf, I knew that’s what we were watching, and I told him so. He was perfectly fine with this, and I told him he could pick which one to watch. Guess which he picked? PS and CoS are his favourites. JUST LIKE ME. :D Although GoF is his favourite book and mine’s HBP, I think, but GoF is a close second. I love it. Anyway, we watched PS and both quoted the majority of the movie. It was fantastic. Unfortunately I had to leave before the movie was over so I could catch my bus since it was already after midnight on a Thursday evening, so we still had classes the next day.

But anyway. That was my night of “adventures” that didn’t really involve any real adventures except a two-minute bus ride to get to their house. And then we stayed in all night and played games, did stupid things, and ate brownies. And watched HP. <3 And BBT.

Anyway, the point is that’s it, really. Nothing else happened. And now I have to go shower and do some readings (ewww *sigh*), so I’ll talk to you guys later! <33


4 Responses to “Night of ADVENTURES”

  1. Catherine Westcott Says:

    Sounds you had a fun night! Haha to the red peppers though, that definitely sounds like something my friends would do if they were bored (or drunk =P)

    I hope your having fun in your new house and school isn’t preventing you from enjoying it! <3

    • Me! Says:

      It was pretty fantastic, yeah. =) Haha, yeah… So do I. XD

      Thanks! It is actually really great. I thought it’d be awkward, but everyone’s really cool with each other and there’s no stupid tension. School is being stupid and giving me lots of readings, but it’s not TOO bad yet. I hope you’re enjoying your mid-semester break! <3

  2. Gerarda Says:

    I think eating half a pepper is an experience everyone should have, especially if it’s shared with a lovely guy who likes HP. ;D
    I love adventures at friends’ houses. They are the best kind of adventures! How do you play Apples to Apples? The name intrigues me!…

    • Me! Says:

      Mmmm, he is quite lovely, so I’m going to have to agree. :D

      They really are! It’s so much fun just to sit around and hang out with people. Ohmy, you’ve never played Apples to Apples?! It’s so much fun! Basically, there are green cards (which have adjectives on them) and red cards (which have nouns on them). For every round, there’s a judge and they pull a green card from the stack and read out the adjective. Everyone else has to submit cards (face down) from their red cards (everyone has 7 red cards) that fit the adjective. When everyone has put down a card, the judge picks up the cards and chooses the winner. You can play different ways – sometimes people choose the most accurate card, somtimes people choose the funniest card, etc. It’s all pretty much up to that round’s judge. It seems kind of lame, but it’s awesome. It works really well for large groups, too. In fact, there’s almost no point playing unless you have at least 5 people. 4 might work, but then each round you’d only have three cards to choose from, and it’s fun trying to figure out who put down which red card.

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