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Ignore my ramblings. September 3, 2010

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Not having the same sleep schedule as regular people really sucks sometimes. The only thing that keeps me entertained past, like, midnight, are movies, books and TV shows since no one else is really up at this time, and since my parents are home I can’t exactly play piano at 3AM. I welcome the start of school next week, not only for something to do but also to make me sleep at normal hours, so there’s a likely chance that if I’m bored, I can bother someone and make them entertain me. :p

I swear I’m going to stop complaining about this soon. I’m such a hypocrite – I hate when people complain about things all the time, but here I am, always complaining about how I have a whack internal clock. I suck.

Anywhoooo. I’m just going to ramble for a bit because I really have nothing else better to do with my time. Yesterday I was out at BestBuy with my parents looking for a replacement battery for my laptop since it pretty much can’t hold any sort of charge anymore, but unfortunately they said it would take a week to get to the store. They recommended we call HP and have them ship it directly to my house at school, since I’m moving in on Saturday, but apparently they don’t sell the model I need anymore, so they gave me the number of their resaler near school so I could go get it from them… *sigh* I think what I might just do it go to the BestBuy near school and get them to do everything for me, even if that means I have to wait longer for it to arrive. I feel like dealing with a resaler would be kind of sketchy and I trust BestBuy. It is kind of out of my way, but since my parents will be driving me up and taking me grocery shopping on Saturday anyway, they said they could drive out to the BestBuy and order it with me, and then I can pick it up next weekend when it gets in or whatever, since I think I’m going to be laser tagging with some friends next Sunday. My friend and housemate’s boyfriend are coming to visit, so we’re going to go laser tagging (I’ve been told) and the laser tagging place, if I remember correctly, is just down the street from the BestBuy, so I’m sure they won’t mind if we take a detour after we’re done there and picking up my battery. :) Although BestBuy is currently experiencing technical difficulties with their website, so I can’t check their hours of operation.

On a random note, I’m really excited for tomorrow evening. I’m not too bothered with posting this (considering whenever I post plans, they’re always ruined in some way) because it mostly involves a TV schedule and it would take something astronomical to ruin that. Anyway, there’s another episode of JONAS, LA tomorrow and Camp Rock 2 at 8:30 (I think)! Yes, I’m a child. I’m weirdly attached to JONAS and I’m actually really excited for Camp Rock 2. Sue me. Also, we taped an episode of How I Met Your Mother that was on tonight for my mother (haha), because I was watching an episode and she came down and said, “Hey… I thought Neil Patrick Harris was in this?” And of course he is, but that particular episode didn’t have that much of his character (for the 5 minutes that she saw :p) and I noticed that later there was an episode that was pretty exlusively about Barney, so I told her and we taped it and we’re also watching that tomorrow. (Even though I’ve seen it, like, three times already. Don’t give me that look! It’s a great episode. (“Perfect Week,” in case you were wondering. Season 5.)) AND I’ve been told we’re getting pizza for dinner! :D Tomorrow night is going to be so awesome. I’m psyched. And something that made today awesome was my trip to Walmart in which I got some stuff for school – well… by “stuff for school” I mean I got Ringolos and some Gatorade, among other things that, you know, I actually need (like some hooks, soap, toothpaste, etc. :p). Walmart had red Gatorade, which I haven’t found in ages, and (wait for it…)


Yeah. I’m drinking it right now. (Well, not right now because RIGHT NOW I’m typing this blog. But you know.) It’s one of the most delicious things I have ever had in my life. I just love strawberry-kiwi juice. My friend Melissa used to have juice boxes of strawberry-kiwi juice at school and I used to have Five Alive, and we’d trade juices at lunch since she hated hers and I was … eh, I was neutral, I suppose, about mine, but LOVED HERS. I named it the Godly Juice because it was so fantastic. I’ve never met anyone else who loves this juice, which is kind of a tragedy on one hand because it’s so underappreciated, but on the other hand, more for me! And I’m always alright with that. :D

I’m also currently dying to discuss The Clockwork Angel with someone. Poor Marzieh is stuck in Iran without Internet at the moment and hasn’t even read the book yet! D: (Not by any fault of her own, of course.) That makes me so sad. I can’t post anything here, either, for fear of spoiling someone… Oooh, and also the snippet of City of Fallen Angels which is found in the newly published paperback of City of Glass. There’s not much in it, since it’s not even a full chapter, but nonetheless. I shall have to await Marzieh’s return. I hope you’re not too bored in Iran, Marzieh! <33 I miss you already. (This is kind of pathetic since of course you can’t read this, not having Internet, which also sucks! *sad pandas*)

I was going to say I’ll just leave it here, but I forgot to mention what I ended up getting at BestBuy! We were on our way to the cash since my mum found a case for her camera, and my dad pointed out this CBC special that was made in honour of the 1972 Summit Series and it was on sale for $7, so… It is now mine! I can’t wait to watch it. According to the front (if I remember correctly) it’s three discs, but it’s no larger than a regular DVD case, so I’m not entirely convinced. I’ll have to see when I open it on the weekend. *excited* That was all I wanted to say about that.

So now I’m really going to shut up because this is getting waaaay too long and I feel like watching How I Met Your Mother. Or maybe The Mentalist. Something.

Good night, blog. If anyone still reads this.


4 Responses to “Ignore my ramblings.”

  1. Gerarda Says:

    I shall NOT ignore your ramblings! So when exactly do you go back to school? I wish I had time to read =/. I’m supposed to be reading Dracula which I borrowed from a friend… but I’ve read 50 pages so far, (in the last 6 weeks!!). At this rate I’m never going to finish it! XD Also, about your sleeping schedule, it’s kind of amusing/worrying how sometimes I get home from uni and your still on MSN or Facebook or you respond to a Plurk. I just think “HOW IS SHE STILL AWAKE!!!?!!” =P

    • Me! Says:

      Well, I move in on Saturday (technically tomorrow at this point…) but classes don’t start until September 9th. Ugh, I know what you mean about reading. That’s what it was like for me while I was at school, so that’ll be starting up again soon… :( It makes me sad. I love having my reading time! Haha. I started Dracula once ages ago and couldn’t get through it. I think I stopped before the 50th page. :p The same thing happened with my friend Joe, though. I borrowed a book from him (Blindsight – it was a kind of futuristic scifi novel) and it took me a year to read. O_O It was terrible. (Not the book, though that was confusing. Just the fact that it took me that long to finish.) Lol, yeah… It is amusing and worrying at the same time, isn’t it? I’m moving in Saturday in the morning, so I’m hoping that getting up early will let me go to bed early, and then since people are already at the house I can demand that they not let me sleep past 9:30 or something. That should fix it. I hope.

  2. Catherine Westcott Says:

    I still read your blog! That sounds like an awful lot of effort for a laptop battery. I’m glad I have a new laptop (it’s shiny!).

    I wish I could stay up late but with uni and such it’s just too much effort. I need sleep! I’m so jealous that you’re moving to a new house! I sometimes wish that it was more more common to do that here. :)

    • Me! Says:

      Yay! I’m glad you still read, too. :) Yeah, it is a huge effort… But my dad is all, “What happens if you can’t use your charger? What if the power goes out and you need to do your school work?!” I explained that if that happened, I’d be screwed no matter what because most things are online and if the power went out I wouldn’t have Internet… But apparently that’s no excuse? :p So yeah. New, shiny laptop! Awesome. :D What kind is it?

      Yeah, I know what you mean about sleep. *sigh* It is quite lovely. Not many people get houses near school in Australia? I mean, of course people commute here a lotof the time, it’s just that my school is at least an hour from home, so it’s not really that feasible for me to take the train in… That would take even longer. t might be a two-hour adventure for me to get to school every day. If you go to a school that you can’t commute to, do you just live in residence your whole time or something? Or do you guys just generally attend schools closer to home?

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