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Ewan McGreggor is sexy. August 10, 2010

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I’m surprised by how fast I finished The Hunger Games! I started it yesterday and I’m already done. I was definitely anticipating it would take much longer to re-read, but it was better than I remembered. At this rate I’ll be done Catching Fire again by tomorrow or Thursday, and I’ll have to wait another 12 days for Mockingjay! At least I’ll have Girl with the Dragon Tattoo to pass the time. All 841 pages… I hope it’s good.

So this morning, after two hours of sleep, I ended up going for my blood work like I mentioned yesterday, and I’m not entirely convinced the nurse knew how to properly draw blood. You guys know that rubber band they tie on your upper arm to force the blood vessels out so they can actually get some blood? Yeah, she left that on for most of the time. She finally removed it on the third and last vial, but there was a weird sort of pressure in my arm… I’m sort of half convinced she partially collapsed a vein or something. I feel fine now, but it was a bit disconcerting earlier. Thankfully Ewan McGreggor appeared on my TV when I got home in the form of Camerlengo Patrick McKenna (*cough* Carlo Ventresca *cough*). Angels and Demons is such a fantastic movie, though I still don’t understand why they had to change the name of Ewan McGreggor’s character! It was totally unnecessary. I’m sure they changed some details from the actual plot as well, but apart from the ending I can’t really remember if there was anything else since I haven’t read the book in a while. It’s still a great movie, though. I wonder if they’ll make a movie out of The Lost Symbol, since it also follows Robert Langdon, unlike Dan Brown’s other two novels, Digital Fortress and Deception Point, which are unrelated to each other and to the novels involving Langdon. They should make a movie based off Digital Fortress, though, because that was a fantastic book and it involved lots of math. :D

And even though I didn’t actually blog about it yesterday, we didn’t go to the mall tonight to get my glasses. My dad finished dinner late, and I had to be home at 8PM to be moral support for a friend who was going to try and make amends with another friend, and of course this never went down because the other person didn’t show up until 9. So we could have gone to get my glasses. It’s funny how those things work out. Not.

I think I’m just going to leave it at that for the night. Oh, except for one thing: I hate how OMGIKnowRight spams people every so often on Twitter! Instead of having one or two tweets a day, they just decide to spam you with 20 posts every so often. It’s ridiculous! I would very much appreciate it if they just tweeted once a day or something. Anyway, now I’m really done. I have to go make a bagel or something because I’m so hungry. I’ve had, like, nothing to eat all day. That’s entirely my fault, really, but that doesn’t make me any less hungry. Yay for me posting on time today, though! That’s an improvement, at least. :)

I’ll see you guys tomorrow. <3


I’m blogging on time! O_o August 8, 2010

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Ohnoes! I have 54 minutes to completely write a blog before it’s officially August 9th. (Which, by the way, is the day I’m getting my timetable for uni! Woot! I don’t really know why I’m so excited because most of my classes are set since there is only one scheduled lecture time, but… I dunno. It makes it official and that’s exciting? The only things that have more than one time are my two labs in second semester and a tutorial.)

Anywho. Today hasn’t been particularly exciting. I finished game 5 of the Summit Series today and it made me want to tear my face off, and not only because we lost again. (Although from here on out, no more losing, so yay!) Anyway, apart from wanting to tear my face off at blowing a 3-0 lead (and then, by the way, going up 4-1 and still blowing that), the quality of this game was the worst I’ve ever seen. It’s completely understandable, of course, because it’s genuine footage and sound from 1972, and it was a broadcast from Russian to Canada, so obviously the quality is going to be total rubbish, but that didn’t make it any less frustrating. The colours kept flickering, the screen kept going out, they had to keep flashing to this image of a goalie and the Canadian and USSR flags… (You guys know that error message with the funny coloured bars that you get when your program isn’t running? Yeah. It was like a hockey version of that.) And that message kept coming up all the time. It’s going to be like this for the last three games, too, because they were all played in Moscow. Luckily we win all three, though, so maybe that’ll make it less frustrating. (I highly doubt it.)

I also had to clean my room today, which of course wasn’t very fun. I gathered a whole bunch of books, though, to bring with me to school. That was pretty much the only semi-exciting part. Of course I jinxed our plans of getting Chinese food by mentioning it here the other day… But The Gates was still on TV tonight and that didn’t disappoint, so at least one part of the evening went as planned. Maybe next time I’ll learn my lesson and not jinx things. (Again, I doubt it.

I think I’m just going to leave it here tonight. Titanic is on TV and I should really get around to finishing The Alchemyst if I want to have enough time to re-read the first two Hunger Game books. I’ll probably read The Alchemyst during commercials or something. The chapters are usually pretty short so it works out quite well. :)

I’ll see you guys tomorrow!


I have a pretty closet!

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Well, technically *I* failed at BEDA. BEDA didn’t fail. All this failure this summer is not cool, though. I was going to make a quick post, because I was away all day and only turned on my computer an hour ago, but then I got talking to some friends about some house things that needed to be sorted out, and I got distracted. And now it’s 12:34AM so I’ve failed at BEDA yet again. :( It’s like the fourth time and yet it’s only August 8th. Woooow. I’m really bad at blogging this year.

And now it’s 1:16AM because I spent lots of time discussing that house stuff with some housemates. Wow. Alright, then, I suppose it’s time to put all my attention into this blog for a while. Today we took a surprise trip up to my house at school to move in some more things like my winter clothes and a storage thing we got from Walmart, and we cleaned a bit, too. (Rather, my mother cleaned the window/baseboard and I organized my closet and my dad, er… Well, I don’t really know what he did. LOL. I think he just randomly helped wherever he was needed.) Anyway, I actually love the way my closet is set up. It’s really too bad that it’s so small, though… It’s only 3.5 feet wide, and there’s only the one bar at the top to hang things. Since I’m so cramped for space, my mum agreed to let me get this organizer from Walmart. It’s really convenient and I love it. I put some of my winter sweaters and long sleeved tops in the four little cubbies there, and on the bar underneath I’m going to hang my skirts, tank tops, and hopefully a few summer button-up tops that I usually hang, but I’m not sure if there’s going to be enough space… That organizational unit thing didn’t take up all the space in my closet, though, so I’ve still got a bit of space on the upper bar left that I used for the rest of my winter sweaters and jeans, and I’ve got a LITTLE bit of room left where I can hang at least my two spring/fall jackets, and hopefully my winter jacket as well, but since that’s thick that might be pushing it… I’m not sure. There’s a communal hall closet outside my room where I could of course put my jacket, but I dunno, I’d just rather have it in my room if it’s possible. Although that might be problematic in the winter if it snows and my jacket gets all wet, because that’s going to get the rest of my closet all wet, so I might have to use the closet outside my room. I’m sure we could clean that up and make it a respectable closet. At the very least, it’s only my winter jacket going in that closet, so I suppose I could deal with that. We shall see, I suppose. I also have to fit my shoes in the closet in my room, which normally wouldn’t be a problem but I’ve got some high boots that are quite tall and with the organizational unit causing the tank tops to hang quite low and the other side housing my long sweaters… I’m not sure if there will be room. But I will make it work. I love those boots. <3 They are beautiful and lovely.

Anyway, wow. That wasn’t supposed to take up so much space! I ramble far too much. Hmm. The rest of my day wasn’t too eventful, since most of it was spent up at school. When I got home we had some dinner, and then I flipped between Red Eye and Pirates of the Carribean: Curse of the Black Pearl on TV, but I somehow managed to fall asleep during Pirates even though I woke up super late AGAIN today. This is not very good, because now I’m just going to be until 5AM again and will sleep late again… And thus the cycle continues. I should pull an all-nighter some time and see if that sorts everything out. I was on the verge of doing it once – it was 6AM and I was still energized because I’d been working on something and just lost track of time, but I didn’t think I’d be able to stay up all day without someone home to entertain me so I just went to sleep for a bit. Maybe when I move up to school I could try it out if I haven’t got this sorted out a bit by then.

Oh, I just remembered, too. I cannot BELIEVE I’ve been calling it The Clockwork Princess this whole time! It’s The Clockwork ANGEL that’s coming out August 31st. Not Princess. ANGEL. This feels like that time I called it City of Angels instead of City of Ashes, its actual title. Major fail on my part. I think, in my defense, The Clockwork Princess might actually be a later book in the trilogy, but still, I should have known better anyway. My apologies to anyone who got ridiculously confused reading any previous blog entries.

Alright, I suppose that’s it for now. I’m going to grab a granola bar and watch some Secret Diary of a Call Girl, or maybe some How I Met Your Mother, or maybe Big Bang Theory… I don’t know. Too many shows to pick! I think I want something short, though. Or maybe I might check out some Criminal Minds if I decide to watch something longer. Or maybe some Who! I haven’t seen Who in a while. Maybe I’ll look at that. (I have used “maybe” far too many times. Seriously. I’m going now.)

Bye, everyone! I’ll see you tomorrow. *cough* Later today because I fail at BEDA *cough*


Wordpress lets you post blogs without titles. August 5, 2010

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Hmm… I’m very quickly running out of things to talk about here for BEDA! That just means my life is pretty boring, which is a little sad. BUT soon I will be living in my house near school, which will make things more exciting. Unfortunately I won’t be living there until the end of August, so I won’t actually be able to use that materal for BEDA, but that’s alright. I might have a few days of awesome material before BEDA ends. :)

Today was pretty normal, I suppose. I watched Ever After, which is a different sort of take on Cinderella in the sense that it’s based in the 15th century. (Or was it the 1500s? I forget. Something to do with 15, though.) It was quite good, actually. I wasn’t expecting it to be good after I learned that it was another story about Cinderella, because I’m not quite fond of Disney and when I think of classics like that I think of Disney, but it actually turned out to be alright. PLUS, Leonardo da Vinci was featured in it! If I weren’t so lazy I would go to Google and see when he lived, because that would obviously tell me if the movie took place in the 1500s or 15th century, but to be honest I’m not that fussed. If anyone is ever bored and hasn’t seen it, I would recommend you check it out. I liked it.

Hmm. In other news, I went out after dinner today with my parents and ordered my bed for school. It’s black like I wanted so it doesn’t clash horribly with my desk, and has drawers underneath it for extra storage. It also has a headboard that has a built-in bookcase, which is really great because I don’t have to just keep my books out on my desk and use bookends like my father had suggested. I wanted to show you guys a picture, but I went to Google and tried to search for the store but apparently it doesn’t exist! Ha. So there are unfortunately no pictures until I move in, if I even remember to take pictures then. I definitely meant to take pictures of my dorm and never did that, so… :p Anyway, my mother thought it was a huge hassle to find a black, single bed with drawers under it, but I think it was worth it. If I’m still going to have this bed and desk when I move out and get my own place (for real, after school), I would really appreciate it if my furniture matched. Now I have that goal accomplished, though, so I feel pretty good. I hope the bed turns out well! *KNOCK ON WOOD* It’s going to be an adventure getting it into my room, since the hallway and my room are both small but the bed and headboard come fully assembled, so… We’ll have to figure that part out. But other than that, my father is extremely pleased they come assembled because he didn’t want to have to put them together himself. :p

Anywho. In other news, I’m still sort of debating the books issue. I think I’m leaning towards getting them right as they come out… I just wish I didn’t have to pay $15 more. *sigh* I was considering maybe getting Mockingjay the day it came out and then ordering The Clockwork Princess and Fallout online and getting them delivered to my house at school, but the doorbells are broken there and I don’t want to miss the delivery person. Hmmm. Why do books cause such great dilemmas? Haha.

I think I’m done for tonight. I don’t have anything else to say, so I’ll see everyone tomorrow! <3


This blog is for Catherine January 23, 2010

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I do apologize for not blogging in ages. In my defense, nothing of interest has happened to me in a long time, I guess. I haven’t had much to blog about. Just school. Well, there was Christmas break, which was awesome. I guess we’ll start there (if I can actually remember what happened).

So… Ok. I’m actually going to start pre-Christmas break. Actually, nevermind. Christmas break it is. I wrote my last exam on December 21st, and my dad and brother came to pick me up and we went home and I unpacked and whatnot, and that night my dad and I went to the Leafs game to celebrate my homecoming and end of exams. :) Unfortunately, we lost in overtime, but it was an awesome game. It was really intense, and that doesn’t happen often anymore for the Leafs, unfortunately. Then… Not much happened between then and Christmas Day, really. My family and I went to visit my godparents on the 22nd, I think, and my uncle came over on Christmas Eve and we opened his gifts then. On Christmas Day we opened presents in the afternoon because my brother is a lazy bum who never gets up before 1 in the afternoon. Then we went to my grandparents’ where chaos insued because I’ve got two little cousins, one of whom sort of provokes the other and I have to watch over them. :p Hmm… Fast forward to the 28th when I went out to lunch with my friends! :) It was really fun. There were, like, 20 of us from high school at this quaint little buffet place and we all just sat and ate and caught up with each other. It was definitely the highlight of my Christmas vacation. After that I went to my friend Dan’s house with some of our friends and we played Taboo and had pizza for dinner, then we went to the mall and saw Avatar which was WICKED. If you haven’t seen it and it’s still playing in theatres (I have no idea if it is or not…), GO SEE IT NOW. It was awesome. I had no idea it would be that epic.

Then we fast forward to New Years’ Day, when we always go to my aunt and uncle’s house. Being Greek, we have this New Year’s Day tradition where someone (i.e. my grandma) makes a giant pita and she wraps a dime in tin foil and puts it in the pita. The pita is cut up into sections, and the rest of the family doesn’t know where the coin is. From youngest to oldest we choose a slice, trying to find the coin. The person whose slice has the coin in it is said to have a year of good luck and gets all the money in the pot. (Oh, yeah. Forgot to mention: everyone in the family puts $2 into a collection and the winner gets all the money.) The coin ended up being between my piece and my uncle’s piece, so I guess we share the good luck? And we split the money, which turned out to be around $27 apiece. (Could I say “piece” more often in this paragraph? I don’t think I could.)

Then, because school hates me, I had to come back here on January 3rd because classes started on the 4th. How disgustingly unfair. That was a week and a half of vacation. Not only do other universities nearby get two and a half weeks, but colleges in America get one and a half MONTHS of winter vacation? So unfair. My consolation better be that they finish a month later than we do. Although, I’m sure they start earlier, too, so that’s probably why they can afford that much of a Christmas break.

ANYWAYZ. My friend came to visit me after my first week of school because she was one of the lucky ducks that didn’t start second semester until the 11th. So everyone here at uni that went to our high school took her out to dinner (which was quite an adventure, we ended up “getting lost” – we didn’t actually get lost, but we thought we did :p) and then someone stole our table, so they put us in the bar section of the East Side Marios. XD It was good fun, though. She stayed the night and we had lunch with a bunch of people the next day and had mac and cheese for dinner. :)

Hmm… Yeah. Since then the only new thing in my life, really, is Doctor Who, which has officially taken over my life. I can’t stop watching it. Seriously. I watched the first episode, and I was like, “Eh, it’s alright, really, but I’m curious as to how this turns out.” And now it’s become more like, “OMG THAT WAS CRAZY. THESE THINGS NEVER DIE! WHAAAAT?! I HAVE TO WATCH MORE LYKNAO. …And I love David Tennant, you sexy, sexy man. <3” Yeah. I thought I liked the first (ninth) Doctor, but I loooove David Tennant. (I hope that didn’t confuse anyone who isn’t familiar with DW.) It’s bad enough that the plots are awesome, the villains are crazy, the dialogue is cheeky and hilarious, and now you add a ridiculously attractive actor like David Tennant? How am I supposed to stop watching long enough to study? I have midterms next week! I don’t think this is going to end well. Although I do have a DW poster on my wall and it makes me happy. :)

This actually didn’t take me that long to write, but I suppose I should go back to chemistry now… Or 4×01 of DW? ;) (Oh, yeah. I’m just starting season 4 of DW, so no spoilers, please! Thanks.) DW is obviously more interesting and my chem test isn’t until Friday… But I do have to go grocery shopping tomorrow and have three other tests to study for eventually, although I did study a fair amount tonight… Alright, compromise. I’ll study more chem now and then watch DW. I wish I had drinks here, though. I finished my milk and I’m not entirely convinced my water filter is working properly… *sigh*

I guess I’ll talk to you guys later.

Oh, yeah. I kind of have a house for next year? :D


Miracles do happen! November 22, 2009

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For whatever reason, I had the urge to go and check Cassandra Clare’s website to see if there were any updates about Clockwork Princess (I think that’s the first one in the new trilogy) or City of Fallen Angels. Of course, there weren’t. Then I decided to go to YouTube and watch Alex’s video about the two truths and a lie about City of Fallen Angels and mull over which of them are true. Then I remembered that there are going to be movies made of the City of Bones, City of Ashes and City of Glass books and I got kind of irritated, but I started watching the videos and realised how perfect Alex Pettyfer would be for Jace if he was a few years younger and I wanted to watch Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker again. Alas, I don’t have the DVD, though I should be watching my psych lecture, anyway, so I guess it all works out in the end. Sort of. :p

That was incredibly random. The miracle to which my titles refers is that the Leafs won their game last night! :D It was actually a total fluke, I’m not going to lie, but at this point I’m going to take what I can get. We played Washington and for the longest time it was 1 – 0 for Washington, but then a shot bounced off a Washington defensemen and then rebounded off someone else (Hagman, I think…) and ended up in the net. Somehow, a shot that was originally going incredibly wide ended up in the net. XD I can’t complain, though. Somehow we held out and ended up defeating them in a shootout. (Surprising, considering we only have, like, one good shooter: Kessel. Oh, and Kaberle’s pretty decent as well considering he’s a defense.) The win made my night, though. :) Then I spent the rest of them night with my friends playing Tetris. XD (And eating cake! Mmm. It was delicious.)

I’ve also officially finished midterms! WOO! :D Although the relief is short-lived. I don’t know if this is going to make sense or not, but has anyone been so focused on getting through midterms, for example, that you know what date it is but it doesn’t really sink in? Sort of like you know that you have a bio midterm on November 20th, but the date itself isn’t processed as an actual date, just a landmark of when your exam is. Anyway, I looked at my calendar yesterday and fully realised what November 21st actually means: two weeks left of class. First semester has, yet again, flown by. Finals start in 16 days. My last exam is a month from yesterday. Christmas (for those who celebrate) is in a month and three days! Wooo. I’m so excited to not have any work to do this Christmas/New Year’s break. Usually I’d have some stupid ISU to do or an exam to study for. Not this time! I can laze about, watch TV/movies, read, and go see friends. Also celebrate Christmas/New Year’s, of course. The downside is that we start classes up again on the 4th of January, but the upsides are: a) the Juniors will be playing at the time! and b) we actually get a break next semester instead of being in class for three months straight. And we all know what’s happening after next semester – Infinitus! :)

I’m going to go watch my psych lecture now, because I may or may not be hanging out with a friend tonight. If I’m not, then hopefully I’ll have to watch Three Rivers (if it’s up tonight) and/or read. Wish me luck! :)


Undecided (Though what else is new?) October 29, 2009

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I’m writing this in the 10 minutes of downtime that I have between getting to my room (and eating some delicious raisins!) and going to meet my biology group for our project meeting. Urgh. This biology project is a giant pain, mostly because our group has to meet on Wednesdays and Thursdays, instead of having meetings spread out between, say, Mondays and Thursdays, since the majority of us are busy on Tuesdays and one of our group members works (volunteers?) at a hospital back home for the weekends, so he leaves campus Friday night and returns Monday night, and thus he is unavailable for the weekend. (Wow, grammar fail.) This doesn’t bode well for me, though, considering we meet Wednesday night, conclude the meeting around 7PM, and we have to have considerable amounts of research for 5PM the next day. Did I mention that I pretty much have class from 8:30 – 4:30 every other Thursday? :p (Which of course happened to be today. The universe has it out for me, I swear.) Plus I have my weekly kin test on Friday and a psych midterm Friday (I should probably starting referring to that as tomorrow… ugh) so it’s not like I could devote all my time to research. ANYWAYZ.

I’m going to stop complaining and actually (hopefully) write something interesting. Like how I miss the sound of the rain on the roof. Yesterday I was in my room at night, and I heard this sort of rain-esque sound, but I live on the second floor of six in my building – there’s no way I was going to hear any rain from the roof. It also wasn’t raining. I’ve yet to figure out if there was a legitimate reason for the sound I was hearing or if I was just going insane, lol. The latter is, of course, entirely possible. (And wholly probable. XD)

It’s a trivial sort of thing to miss. It’s not like I miss it a lot, it’s just sort of a passing thought. I love the rain; it relaxes me. Having the clouds just spit though is pointless. It should be a reasonable amount of rain so that I can hear it through the roof as I fall asleep at night. :) Or a ridiculous thunderstorm. Those are always awesome, too. Except when they cut the power for a couple days… Yeah, that’s fun. Not.

It’s now three and a half hours later. We actually accomplished a fair-ish amount at our bio meeting. We have to have a rough draft ready for Tuesday, so we’re meeting again on Monday night to put everything together since two of our group members are going home for the weekend.

Anywho, I feel compelled to share this link from MuggleNet that I found yesterday when I was search for the release date of the HBP DVD. It seems like WB is actually going to do something right! I was so shocked. The list of the special features on the 2-DVD special set looks fantastic: Wizard World preview, awesome things with the cast – telling about their characters, and the actors going around set to the different departments (I’m actually so excited for Rupert’s bit at the stunt place, Dan’s bit with the movie editors and Evanna’s bit with the costume designer!), Jo’s documentary (haha, my parents are going to be really grateful for that because we can finally take it off the PVR, where it’s been since it first aired on TV XD), aaaaand… OUR FIRST LOOK AT DEAHTLY HALLOWS! *omgspaz* This DVD looks like it’s going to be leagues above any DVD features since Chamber of Secrets, or maybe even Philosopher’s Stone. (Excluding the Day in the Life of a Champion from the GoF features, or whatever it was actually called. That was awesome.) I’m so excited. It’s set to be released on December 8th here in Canada and the US, December 7th in the Uck, and November 18th in Australia? (Can someone send me a copy? Haha.) I think it’s is going to be the first time ever that I haven’t gotten the DVD of a Harry Potter movie the day it comes out. Obviously I have no access to it myself (unless I go all the way to Zellers… And since it’s released at the start of my finals period, forget it), and I’m not going to be home anyway until the 21st or 23rd, apparently, so there’s really no point in me buying my own copy when I’m not going to be able to see it. *lesigh* I’ll have to wait for Christmas and my parents or someone can get it for me as a gift. I might have to insist that they buy it the day it’s released just so we can boost sales the first day and keep up the ridiculous stats of HP DVD sales on the first day. (Yeah, because these stats obviously revolve only around my family and whether or not we get it the first day…)

Hm, I just checked out the trivia page on MN for the HBP movie, and it says that Christian Coulson expressed interest in coming back to play Tom Riddle in HBP, but David Yates thought he was too old. Bugger. Christian Coulson was the perfect Tom Riddle! Charming, handsome, persuasive, silky voice… He was chillingly perfect. I mean, the guy they got for teen Tom Riddle was good, I’m not denying that, but Christian Coulson was perfect. Grrr, David Yates. I’m sure he could have pulled it off. CoS only came out, like, 7 years ago? If they filmed HBP two years ago, then it would have been alright. And there’s makeup. It could have worked… *sigh*

Also, I feel terrible that I’d forgotten about the tragic death of the actor who played Marcus Belby. :(  Next time I watch HBP, I’m definitely having a moment of silence for him. <3

Tape that! – Towards the end of the film, when Harry is lying on the ground near Hagrid’s Cabin, Snape kicks Harry’s wand away from his hand. Right in the middle of this shot, as he kicks the wand, you can clearly see a square of neon tape where Harry’s wand was placed, so that the actor, Alan Rickman, would know where to kick.” (From HBP Mistakes.) I wasn’t imagining things. :O Well, I sort of still was, because I swear what I saw was beige, and not neon… But there was at least something there, and that makes me feel better about not seeing things, lol.

I should probably get back to studying now, though. I have a psych midterm tomorrow evening and my weekly kin test in the morning, which is on the complex subject of brain anatomy and neurophysiology! It’s so interesting. It’s most definitely my favourite course this semester. It’s been making me rethink my career choice, though… I mean, biochem is interesting and all, but … I dunno. I love kin, and it comes naturally to me. (Not that bio and chem don’t, but they’re really frustrating me at the moment, too.) Topics like nutrition, bodily functions, gross anatomy, and, surprisingly, embryological development, are so interesting. I’d love to take a nutrition course and figure out what does what, why it does that, what deficiencies are caused by and what the symptoms are… There are select third- and fourth-year courses in kinesiology that I can take without being in the program, but I’ve forgotten what they are at the moment. :p I’ll have to look them up again, though, and take a closer look. I also research about switching into kinesiology next semester instead of psych (argh, I’m still undecided on that…) and I’ve figured out that the lab spot and test time that I’d need to fit in my schedule are open. I could reasonably switch out of psych and into kin, no problems. (Except for the four labs that I’d have next semester, which would kill me for sure.)

Bah. I hate not knowing what to do. I suppose I’ll figure it out some time later. I have to go study now. Bye! <3

PS. Oh yeah. Before I go: What the heck would possess Tampa Bay to allow Viktor Hedman to go play in the Juniors? Why can’t they be selfish like the NYIslanders will no doubt be with Tavares, keeping him for their own NHL games? GRR. This does not bode well for Canada, considering he was the top defenseman of the 2009 tournament. (Although maybe it’ll be good for us in the sense that they might block out Russia? Who knows…)

I swear I’m going now.