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Ewan McGreggor is sexy. August 10, 2010

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I’m surprised by how fast I finished The Hunger Games! I started it yesterday and I’m already done. I was definitely anticipating it would take much longer to re-read, but it was better than I remembered. At this rate I’ll be done Catching Fire again by tomorrow or Thursday, and I’ll have to wait another 12 days for Mockingjay! At least I’ll have Girl with the Dragon Tattoo to pass the time. All 841 pages… I hope it’s good.

So this morning, after two hours of sleep, I ended up going for my blood work like I mentioned yesterday, and I’m not entirely convinced the nurse knew how to properly draw blood. You guys know that rubber band they tie on your upper arm to force the blood vessels out so they can actually get some blood? Yeah, she left that on for most of the time. She finally removed it on the third and last vial, but there was a weird sort of pressure in my arm… I’m sort of half convinced she partially collapsed a vein or something. I feel fine now, but it was a bit disconcerting earlier. Thankfully Ewan McGreggor appeared on my TV when I got home in the form of Camerlengo Patrick McKenna (*cough* Carlo Ventresca *cough*). Angels and Demons is such a fantastic movie, though I still don’t understand why they had to change the name of Ewan McGreggor’s character! It was totally unnecessary. I’m sure they changed some details from the actual plot as well, but apart from the ending I can’t really remember if there was anything else since I haven’t read the book in a while. It’s still a great movie, though. I wonder if they’ll make a movie out of The Lost Symbol, since it also follows Robert Langdon, unlike Dan Brown’s other two novels, Digital Fortress and Deception Point, which are unrelated to each other and to the novels involving Langdon. They should make a movie based off Digital Fortress, though, because that was a fantastic book and it involved lots of math. :D

And even though I didn’t actually blog about it yesterday, we didn’t go to the mall tonight to get my glasses. My dad finished dinner late, and I had to be home at 8PM to be moral support for a friend who was going to try and make amends with another friend, and of course this never went down because the other person didn’t show up until 9. So we could have gone to get my glasses. It’s funny how those things work out. Not.

I think I’m just going to leave it at that for the night. Oh, except for one thing: I hate how OMGIKnowRight spams people every so often on Twitter! Instead of having one or two tweets a day, they just decide to spam you with 20 posts every so often. It’s ridiculous! I would very much appreciate it if they just tweeted once a day or something. Anyway, now I’m really done. I have to go make a bagel or something because I’m so hungry. I’ve had, like, nothing to eat all day. That’s entirely my fault, really, but that doesn’t make me any less hungry. Yay for me posting on time today, though! That’s an improvement, at least. :)

I’ll see you guys tomorrow. <3


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