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I have a pretty closet! August 8, 2010

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Well, technically *I* failed at BEDA. BEDA didn’t fail. All this failure this summer is not cool, though. I was going to make a quick post, because I was away all day and only turned on my computer an hour ago, but then I got talking to some friends about some house things that needed to be sorted out, and I got distracted. And now it’s 12:34AM so I’ve failed at BEDA yet again. :( It’s like the fourth time and yet it’s only August 8th. Woooow. I’m really bad at blogging this year.

And now it’s 1:16AM because I spent lots of time discussing that house stuff with some housemates. Wow. Alright, then, I suppose it’s time to put all my attention into this blog for a while. Today we took a surprise trip up to my house at school to move in some more things like my winter clothes and a storage thing we got from Walmart, and we cleaned a bit, too. (Rather, my mother cleaned the window/baseboard and I organized my closet and my dad, er… Well, I don’t really know what he did. LOL. I think he just randomly helped wherever he was needed.) Anyway, I actually love the way my closet is set up. It’s really too bad that it’s so small, though… It’s only 3.5 feet wide, and there’s only the one bar at the top to hang things. Since I’m so cramped for space, my mum agreed to let me get this organizer from Walmart. It’s really convenient and I love it. I put some of my winter sweaters and long sleeved tops in the four little cubbies there, and on the bar underneath I’m going to hang my skirts, tank tops, and hopefully a few summer button-up tops that I usually hang, but I’m not sure if there’s going to be enough space… That organizational unit thing didn’t take up all the space in my closet, though, so I’ve still got a bit of space on the upper bar left that I used for the rest of my winter sweaters and jeans, and I’ve got a LITTLE bit of room left where I can hang at least my two spring/fall jackets, and hopefully my winter jacket as well, but since that’s thick that might be pushing it… I’m not sure. There’s a communal hall closet outside my room where I could of course put my jacket, but I dunno, I’d just rather have it in my room if it’s possible. Although that might be problematic in the winter if it snows and my jacket gets all wet, because that’s going to get the rest of my closet all wet, so I might have to use the closet outside my room. I’m sure we could clean that up and make it a respectable closet. At the very least, it’s only my winter jacket going in that closet, so I suppose I could deal with that. We shall see, I suppose. I also have to fit my shoes in the closet in my room, which normally wouldn’t be a problem but I’ve got some high boots that are quite tall and with the organizational unit causing the tank tops to hang quite low and the other side housing my long sweaters… I’m not sure if there will be room. But I will make it work. I love those boots. <3 They are beautiful and lovely.

Anyway, wow. That wasn’t supposed to take up so much space! I ramble far too much. Hmm. The rest of my day wasn’t too eventful, since most of it was spent up at school. When I got home we had some dinner, and then I flipped between Red Eye and Pirates of the Carribean: Curse of the Black Pearl on TV, but I somehow managed to fall asleep during Pirates even though I woke up super late AGAIN today. This is not very good, because now I’m just going to be until 5AM again and will sleep late again… And thus the cycle continues. I should pull an all-nighter some time and see if that sorts everything out. I was on the verge of doing it once – it was 6AM and I was still energized because I’d been working on something and just lost track of time, but I didn’t think I’d be able to stay up all day without someone home to entertain me so I just went to sleep for a bit. Maybe when I move up to school I could try it out if I haven’t got this sorted out a bit by then.

Oh, I just remembered, too. I cannot BELIEVE I’ve been calling it The Clockwork Princess this whole time! It’s The Clockwork ANGEL that’s coming out August 31st. Not Princess. ANGEL. This feels like that time I called it City of Angels instead of City of Ashes, its actual title. Major fail on my part. I think, in my defense, The Clockwork Princess might actually be a later book in the trilogy, but still, I should have known better anyway. My apologies to anyone who got ridiculously confused reading any previous blog entries.

Alright, I suppose that’s it for now. I’m going to grab a granola bar and watch some Secret Diary of a Call Girl, or maybe some How I Met Your Mother, or maybe Big Bang Theory… I don’t know. Too many shows to pick! I think I want something short, though. Or maybe I might check out some Criminal Minds if I decide to watch something longer. Or maybe some Who! I haven’t seen Who in a while. Maybe I’ll look at that. (I have used “maybe” far too many times. Seriously. I’m going now.)

Bye, everyone! I’ll see you tomorrow. *cough* Later today because I fail at BEDA *cough*


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