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House Woes and 1972 Hockey. August 6, 2010

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Look at me! I’m remembering to blog on time tonight. What an achievement. Now if I can write this blog in under 1 hour and 22 minutes, I can actually POST it tonight. And then we’re good.

Today was pretty uneventful, I suppose. I failed at that “getting up early” thing I mentioned last blog… But I made myself feel better by watching episode 13 of Moonlight, which featured a mostly shirtless Alex O’Loughlin, which was pretty great. ;) I also watched game 4 of the Summit Series and started game 5, but I have a feeling I’m really going to hate watching games 5 – 8, because they took place in Russia in 1972 (well, back then it was the USSR, but they were in Moscow so whatever. Russia it is), and obviously technology kind of sucked back then compared to now, so the broadcasts to Canada were terrible and thus the versions we have on the DVDs are kind of awful as well. They keep cutting out and it makes me angry. It figures that the only games I’ll probably get to watch in good (for 1972) quality are the ones where Canada gets raped. Well, to be fair, we won one game and tied another, but… We got raped in two for sure and then the others were questionable. BUT when we played in Russia, we won 3/4 games to come back and win the series, but since the quality sucks… Argh. That’s totally not fair, but eh. I will live, I suppose.

Tonight I also ventured to my grandma’s with my parents to pick up some plates and bowls and stuff she had for me for my house at school, and I didn’t realize it was like a whole set – 12 bowls (big and small), 12 plates (small, medium and large), 12 forks… Even a few spoons and I have more that I can take from home. The only other regular thing we’d need would be knives – bread and meat knives – and some regular glasses. (On top of the regular stuff we’d need pots and pans, of course, but that’s another matter.) But of course, since my housemates are never available at the same time to talk, we can’t coordinate anything so I just found out today that two of my housemates have already brought up some plates and cutlery for themselves and a bunch of the cupboards are already used. ARGH. This is so frustrating. I just want to sort everything out and know what I have to bring, whether it’s every person for themselves or whether we’re sharing things like plates and whatever.

Anyway, my grandma can be pretty batshit crazy sometimes, but I still love her. <3 Like tonight, she knowingly provoked a wasps’ nest with a giant painting roller and wasps came zooming out everywhere. Needless to say, I went straight for the house. :p Wasps are alarming, ok! Don’t judge me. Then her, my grandpa, my mum and I had the most ridiculously non-sequitor conversation I’ve ever had. I didn’t know what was going on half the time. :p (Then again, half of it was in Greek, which I don’t understand anyway, so that was part of it.) It was interesting, though. My grandparents are pretty awesome. <3 AND WE GOT PITA. WOOT! :D Lots of it, too. I’m pretty happy. And I had pasta for dinner, so hellz yeah! Today is an awesome day for food in my mind.

Hmm. I think that’s pretty much it for today. My mother claims this weekend is cleaning weekend, even though I swear we cleaned last weekend… *sigh* So this weekend won’t be too fun. Although, we’re looking to get Chinese food Sunday night (YES! Brown fried rice and chicken balls with ketchup, here I come. NOM.), which is also when the next episode of The Gates is airing. :D Sounds like a great night to me. Does anyone else watch that show? I kind of love it, it’s pretty interesting. Maybe I’ll also make my special dip for Sunday night, but that involves eating the dip with nachos and that’s going to be so loud during The Gates, so I’m not sure. I’ll think about it, I suppose. Sunday is also the day of new secrets from PostSecret, so YAY. Sunday is going to be a good day, I think.

I guess I’m done for now, so I’ll talk to you guys later! :)


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