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Failed again! Damn. August 5, 2010

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Unless I all of a sudden packed up and moved to Vancouver or something, I have yet again missed a day of BEDA. I like to think that since I have not yet gone to bed, it can still be August 4th for a while. (Although, no matter how I explain this away, I’ve still totally missed August third, but nothing remarkable happened yesterday. I went to the mall where I found a mattress at The Bay and got a notebook for my linear algebra course this fall. BOO YEAH, LINEAR ALGEBRA. <3 [/crazy])

Today, on the other hand, has been… I was going to say marginally more exciting, but it really wasn’t. I yet again woke up ridiculously late (I really need to start fixing that…) and I did watch Gold Rush 2002, which made me smile a lot, but also wonder at how in the hell Gary Bettman has survived for all these years as the commissioner of the NHL. He’s been the commission for, at the very least, 8 years, and has been screwing us over ever since. Has no one noticed?! God. Someone really needs to do something about him. (AND WHY ISN’T IT OCTOBER YET? UGGGHHHH.)

Anyway. I suppose nothing really exciting happened apart from that. I watched some Friends on TV, ate dinner, had a shower, ate enough Nerds to turn my tongue ridiculously green, and read a book called Love is Hell, which was actually quite good. It’s similar to Prom Nights from Hell, if anyone remembers that ever read it, but the five stories are obviously centred around love, not prom. There’s another book out called Vacations from Hell, but I don’t have it yet. Maureen Johnson wrote a story for it, actually, so I’m looking forward to getting it! Or at least borrowing it from the library. I’m definitely going to try and get a library card for the public library near school this year. Now that I know there’s a branch closer to school than the main branch, it shouldn’t be too difficult to get to. There’s a bus that drops me off only an intersection away from the library, and it’s also near school, so it should only be around a 15 minute walk from the edge of campus? So if I’ve got an hour between classes (or maybe two, depending on if I’m right about how long it’ll take to walk – plus the fact that I have to walk across campus regardless which will take almost 10 minutes itself. Hmm… Although if I had my bike, which I’m probably bringing with me, I could get there and back in an hour, easily) I could nip over and borrow/return something pretty easily, I think. I’m pretty excited because this means I don’t have to stay completely isolated from books throughout the year (apart from any books I bring with me from home), but judging from last year, I’d never have time to read anyway, so I’m not sure if it’ll help. Though knowing I could get books if I have time is reassuring, so hopefully I’ll have some time to read! I have a lot less class time this year since I only have two classes with labs all year, but since I’m in a new field I might have to work harder to stop on top of things, so I suppose we’ll see when September rolls around.

I can’t believe that by the time school starts, I’ll already have read Mockingjay and The Clockwork Princess! They both seem so far away, but they’re really only 19 and 26 days away respectively. (Which, actually, when I put it into numbers like that, is very far. I take it back.) I’m so excited for them, though. I need to re-read The Hunger Games and Catching Fire to make sure I remember all of what happened. Thankfully The Clockwork Princess is the first of a trilogy and therefore requires no re-reads, because I’m not quite sure I have the time for that! I have so many books I need to read, but luckily I’m making a dent in my list. Sort of. I actually finished Blindsight, a sci fi book my friend lent me which I’d had for a year, I finished Love is Hell (which I actually started earlier today – it was that good!), and I’m currently reading The Alchemyst: The Immortal Secrets of Nicholas Flamel by Michael Scott, which is pretty good. That’s also a trilogy, though, if I’m not mistaken. I know for sure there’s at least one more book called The Magician. I’ve also read Devilish and 13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson, but those were borrowed from the library so they weren’t exactly on my “list of books I own that I need to freaking read already.” I’m not sure if there’s been anything else that I’ve read.

Anyway, I’ve for sure begun to ramble so I think I’ll stop here. The song of the day (wow, I haven’t done that in AGES!) is Collide by Howie Day because it’s amazing and I’ve been listening to it tonight. You should check it out. Ciao for now! I will see you tomorrow. (*cough* Later today. *cough*)


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