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bad day. August 2, 2010

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I don’t really have anything to blog about today, to be honest. If I were in school, something hilarious probably would have happened, whether in class or hanging out with my friends before school or during lunch. However, as it is not the school year, I don’t have tales from school. I’ve been home all day, as opposed to the weekend, and all I’ve done all day is fight with my parents. We fought on Saturday, too. They are being ridiculously and unreasonably ass-backwards and I’m just frustrated. One month until school! Then I will be away from home and will have something to do. Awesome. :) (That also brings me a month closer to winter and the start of the hockey season, which are both welcome in my books! :D)

However, The Big Bang Theory is currently on TV, and when that’s over I’m going to watch The Mentalist, because that show always cheers me up. <3 Although I suppose something mildly interesting is that my best friend and I started playing the Impossible Quiz again on Saturday when we were hanging out, and I remembered why I stopped. It’s so frustratingly addictive! Haha. Ohmygod. We got up to level 91 and kept dying, but today she figured out how to get past that level so I might try again tonight and see if I can get any further.

Aaaand… I just watched a commercial involving Chinese food and now I really want some rice and noodles. (Not together, of course. Separately. But I would like some brown fried rice and some of the noodles they had at the Chinese place in the caf at school. Seems like I’ll have to settle for a muffin and some water, though.)

Anyway, I will see everyone tomorrow!


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