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Undecided (Though what else is new?) October 29, 2009

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I’m writing this in the 10 minutes of downtime that I have between getting to my room (and eating some delicious raisins!) and going to meet my biology group for our project meeting. Urgh. This biology project is a giant pain, mostly because our group has to meet on Wednesdays and Thursdays, instead of having meetings spread out between, say, Mondays and Thursdays, since the majority of us are busy on Tuesdays and one of our group members works (volunteers?) at a hospital back home for the weekends, so he leaves campus Friday night and returns Monday night, and thus he is unavailable for the weekend. (Wow, grammar fail.) This doesn’t bode well for me, though, considering we meet Wednesday night, conclude the meeting around 7PM, and we have to have considerable amounts of research for 5PM the next day. Did I mention that I pretty much have class from 8:30 – 4:30 every other Thursday? :p (Which of course happened to be today. The universe has it out for me, I swear.) Plus I have my weekly kin test on Friday and a psych midterm Friday (I should probably starting referring to that as tomorrow… ugh) so it’s not like I could devote all my time to research. ANYWAYZ.

I’m going to stop complaining and actually (hopefully) write something interesting. Like how I miss the sound of the rain on the roof. Yesterday I was in my room at night, and I heard this sort of rain-esque sound, but I live on the second floor of six in my building – there’s no way I was going to hear any rain from the roof. It also wasn’t raining. I’ve yet to figure out if there was a legitimate reason for the sound I was hearing or if I was just going insane, lol. The latter is, of course, entirely possible. (And wholly probable. XD)

It’s a trivial sort of thing to miss. It’s not like I miss it a lot, it’s just sort of a passing thought. I love the rain; it relaxes me. Having the clouds just spit though is pointless. It should be a reasonable amount of rain so that I can hear it through the roof as I fall asleep at night. :) Or a ridiculous thunderstorm. Those are always awesome, too. Except when they cut the power for a couple days… Yeah, that’s fun. Not.

It’s now three and a half hours later. We actually accomplished a fair-ish amount at our bio meeting. We have to have a rough draft ready for Tuesday, so we’re meeting again on Monday night to put everything together since two of our group members are going home for the weekend.

Anywho, I feel compelled to share this link from MuggleNet that I found yesterday when I was search for the release date of the HBP DVD. It seems like WB is actually going to do something right! I was so shocked. The list of the special features on the 2-DVD special set looks fantastic: Wizard World preview, awesome things with the cast – telling about their characters, and the actors going around set to the different departments (I’m actually so excited for Rupert’s bit at the stunt place, Dan’s bit with the movie editors and Evanna’s bit with the costume designer!), Jo’s documentary (haha, my parents are going to be really grateful for that because we can finally take it off the PVR, where it’s been since it first aired on TV XD), aaaaand… OUR FIRST LOOK AT DEAHTLY HALLOWS! *omgspaz* This DVD looks like it’s going to be leagues above any DVD features since Chamber of Secrets, or maybe even Philosopher’s Stone. (Excluding the Day in the Life of a Champion from the GoF features, or whatever it was actually called. That was awesome.) I’m so excited. It’s set to be released on December 8th here in Canada and the US, December 7th in the Uck, and November 18th in Australia? (Can someone send me a copy? Haha.) I think it’s is going to be the first time ever that I haven’t gotten the DVD of a Harry Potter movie the day it comes out. Obviously I have no access to it myself (unless I go all the way to Zellers… And since it’s released at the start of my finals period, forget it), and I’m not going to be home anyway until the 21st or 23rd, apparently, so there’s really no point in me buying my own copy when I’m not going to be able to see it. *lesigh* I’ll have to wait for Christmas and my parents or someone can get it for me as a gift. I might have to insist that they buy it the day it’s released just so we can boost sales the first day and keep up the ridiculous stats of HP DVD sales on the first day. (Yeah, because these stats obviously revolve only around my family and whether or not we get it the first day…)

Hm, I just checked out the trivia page on MN for the HBP movie, and it says that Christian Coulson expressed interest in coming back to play Tom Riddle in HBP, but David Yates thought he was too old. Bugger. Christian Coulson was the perfect Tom Riddle! Charming, handsome, persuasive, silky voice… He was chillingly perfect. I mean, the guy they got for teen Tom Riddle was good, I’m not denying that, but Christian Coulson was perfect. Grrr, David Yates. I’m sure he could have pulled it off. CoS only came out, like, 7 years ago? If they filmed HBP two years ago, then it would have been alright. And there’s makeup. It could have worked… *sigh*

Also, I feel terrible that I’d forgotten about the tragic death of the actor who played Marcus Belby. :(  Next time I watch HBP, I’m definitely having a moment of silence for him. <3

Tape that! – Towards the end of the film, when Harry is lying on the ground near Hagrid’s Cabin, Snape kicks Harry’s wand away from his hand. Right in the middle of this shot, as he kicks the wand, you can clearly see a square of neon tape where Harry’s wand was placed, so that the actor, Alan Rickman, would know where to kick.” (From HBP Mistakes.) I wasn’t imagining things. :O Well, I sort of still was, because I swear what I saw was beige, and not neon… But there was at least something there, and that makes me feel better about not seeing things, lol.

I should probably get back to studying now, though. I have a psych midterm tomorrow evening and my weekly kin test in the morning, which is on the complex subject of brain anatomy and neurophysiology! It’s so interesting. It’s most definitely my favourite course this semester. It’s been making me rethink my career choice, though… I mean, biochem is interesting and all, but … I dunno. I love kin, and it comes naturally to me. (Not that bio and chem don’t, but they’re really frustrating me at the moment, too.) Topics like nutrition, bodily functions, gross anatomy, and, surprisingly, embryological development, are so interesting. I’d love to take a nutrition course and figure out what does what, why it does that, what deficiencies are caused by and what the symptoms are… There are select third- and fourth-year courses in kinesiology that I can take without being in the program, but I’ve forgotten what they are at the moment. :p I’ll have to look them up again, though, and take a closer look. I also research about switching into kinesiology next semester instead of psych (argh, I’m still undecided on that…) and I’ve figured out that the lab spot and test time that I’d need to fit in my schedule are open. I could reasonably switch out of psych and into kin, no problems. (Except for the four labs that I’d have next semester, which would kill me for sure.)

Bah. I hate not knowing what to do. I suppose I’ll figure it out some time later. I have to go study now. Bye! <3

PS. Oh yeah. Before I go: What the heck would possess Tampa Bay to allow Viktor Hedman to go play in the Juniors? Why can’t they be selfish like the NYIslanders will no doubt be with Tavares, keeping him for their own NHL games? GRR. This does not bode well for Canada, considering he was the top defenseman of the 2009 tournament. (Although maybe it’ll be good for us in the sense that they might block out Russia? Who knows…)

I swear I’m going now.



2 Responses to “Undecided (Though what else is new?)”

  1. Jacinthe Says:

    Is that true about Christian Coulson? Yates wants Dan, Rupert and Emma to be aged for the epiloge in DH, it’d be weird if he didn’t want Coulson back just because he was too old. And like, Moaning Myrtle was played by a 40-ish woman! Hum.

    LOL about that neon tape thing. I was sure you were mistaking the “note” for something else that was on the ground, but it turns out there was actually something there. Now I can’t wait for the DVD just to get a better look a it. I’ll pause that bit for sure.

    Is it weird that I’m not that excited for the DVD? I can’t remember when it’s coming out (well, I know it’s Dec. 8 now that I’ve just read it in your post), and I didn’t even check what the features were going to be. It’s like I don’t care. And I still think it was my favourite movie. Though reading about the features in your post reminded me that I should be excited for it.
    And I feel really bad that I remembered the New Moon release date but not the HBP DVD release date. Still, I’m more excited about the HPB DVD than the New Moon movie.

    • niamara Says:

      I read about Christian Coulson on MuggleNet, so as long as their information is accurate, then yeah, it’s true. I agree about the trio and Myrtle, though… It doesn’t really make sense. Hum indeed. I would have been ecstatic to see Christian again in HBP! He was such a perfect Tom Riddle. *sigh*

      Haha. Me too. XD I need to pause and see for myself that there was actually something there.

      Nah, it’s not weird. To be honest, I just remembered about it while I was writing that post, so I went to Google it and found the release date, and then went to MN for the first time in AGES and luckily the first post on the page was about the DVD! It was only then that I read about the special features. Ha, I still don’t know the release date of the NM movie, so I guess I’m a bad fan of both series. XD

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