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Granger Dang… I mean… October 7, 2009

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Alert the media! I’m posting twice in four days and it’s not even BEDA. I’ve been working on chemistry all day, though, and I’m really bored of it at the moment, so I’m going to take a slight break and blog.

In response to Saturday’s blog, I officially have football tickets to the last two home games of the season. One is tomorrow and one is a few weekends from now, so they’re relatively spread out, which is good because then I can still study. (Boo, more midterms coming up. I think I’m going to constantly have assessments of sorts right up until finals. How unfortunate.) Another note about university sports is that I saw some guy carrying a hockey bag and a hockey stick the other day, and it definitely wasn’t a floor hockey stick because it was a really nice stick – a Synergy – and that would not be used for floor hockey. That could cost, like, $200. What league was he playing with, then? I want to know.

Anyway, after I posted on Saturday, I went down to do my laundry, and I brought a book with me. (I’m not saying which one in case anyone decides to spoil it for me, which would be awful. I’m not saying it’d be anyone I know, but spammers are mean.) Anyway, turns out that the guy doing laundry at the same time as me was reading the same book, and we were at the same chapter (seven!). He was also a fan of Harry Potter. How perfect was that? It was crazy. I love doing laundry because you always meet interesting people like that who have things in common with you. Plus, he lives on my floor. Crazy coincidence? Probably. There are only six floors to my building and the book I was reading is pretty popular. XD Ah, well. It was fun while it lasted.

Also, on Saturday night I went to my friend’s place with a couple other friends (there were six of us in total originally) and we just hung out while the guys played video games and my friend Caitlin (the only other girl) and I screwed around on the computer watching Dane Cook for a bit. Then we ordered pizza and sat around watching an episode of The Big Bang Theory before going to get some ice cream and bringing it back (with three more people XD) to the common room to watch two episodes of Firefly. It was actually so much fun, despite how dorky/lame that sounds. We left at, like, 11:30PM and everyone who didn’t live in that building started walking back our respective buildings. My friend lives in the same building as I do, three floors up, and he was outraged that I hadn’t seen his favourite movies, so we went back up to his place and we looked around for a movie he loved that he thought I’d like (even though by the time the movie started it was midnight, meaning it didn’t end until 2… Thankfully it was a weekend), and we settled on Good Will Hunting, which is a movie from the ’90s with Robin Williams and Matt Damon, where Matt Damon is a troubled youth who keeps assaulting people and has charges against him, but he’s this ridiculously intelligent mathmetician (haha, I bet you can all imagine how excited I was to watch this movie when I found that out and coupled it with Matt Damon’s baddass-ery) who meets Robin Williams, a psychiatrist, and it’s about their relationship. It’s such a good movie. I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t seen it.

So that was my Saturday night adventure. We all had so much fun that we’re looking to make this a monthly deal now and do it the first Saturday night of every month, so hopefully that keeps up because I’m really excited for it. :)

Lately I’ve been really addicted to the A Very Potter Musical soundtrack. Seriously. It’s all I’ve been listening to for the past few days, along with Lena’s songs that I have on my iPod, including Oh, Shit, Fly and Songs about You. They’re all so great. I need to find her albums.

Sunday was good weather-wise during the day, so I got to go grocery shopping, in case anyone was worried about me, haha. I got my milk, Cheerios, and other miscellaneous items like delicious yoghurt, animal crackers and CUPCAKES. Mmm. <3 They’re so good. I was going to get a tissue box, too, but they don’t sell the ones I use in single boxes – you have to buy packages of six – so I’ll just have to wait until I go home (which is actually only in two days), and in the mean time I’ll use the little travel packs, which means I’ll probably have to replenish those as well because I’ve been using so many… Stupid cold. I’m almost over it, though, which is good. I may not have to infect my little cousins on Saturday when we have Thanksgiving lunch/dinner, lol.

I should go have a shower now before it gets too late and then do more chemistry and/or math. I’ll post again soon, I hope. :)


3 Responses to “Granger Dang… I mean…”

  1. Jacinthe Says:

    I love Good Will Hunting! I haven’t seen it in ages though, but I kept a really good memory of it, hehe.
    AAAH, I forgot to download the AVPM soundtrack!! THANKS for reminding me! I’d tried in the first few days that it was available, but the link was down or something, I guess too many people were trying to download it at the same time… so I totally forgot about it. Downloading it right now :)

  2. niamara Says:

    Haha, no problem! I had the same problem with the soundtrack – I had to try for days before it would download for me! Though hopefully you don’t get stuck listening to it over and over and over like me… XD

  3. Jacinthe Says:

    I’ve already listened to it a couple of times :) I was afraid they would just have ripped the audio from the videos, but they didn’t and it’s awesome. I had “Voldemort Is Going Down” stuck in my head for a while, and now I have “Granger Danger”, heh.
    I’m actually torn between that and the new Backstreet Boys album. I might also give in and get the new Mika one, and then my life would be an awful series of dilemmas. Too many good things.

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