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Moose tracks = SO GOOD. October 3, 2009

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I’m going to bring everyone’s memories back to the “What’s the weather like?” thread (or whatever it was called) and discuss the weather, which, incidentally, is ridiculous. For the first few weeks of school it was great – sunny, hot, never raining, never dipping below 25C. Now, for the last week, it has all of a sudden become cold with no warning, not giving anyone time to adjust to the temperature drop, and it’s raining all the time. I love the rain, but this is ridiculous. I’d love to be able to walk to class without an umbrella, or to be able to go grocery shopping. (Which I have to do today… But I don’t know if I can because, of course, it looks like it’s going to rain.) I also have to vaccuum my room, but bringing a vaccuum I’m responsible for from the rental building back to my room in the rain isn’t going to work out so well, even if it is less than 20m between the buildings.

I suppose I do have other things that I could be doing today, like doing some laundry, studying some math/chem, watching two psych lectures, and recording my vlog, but my milk is supposed to expire today, and I’m running really low on Cheerios, so I’d like to be able to replenish them, plzkthnx.

Anyway, enough about that. Apart from the weather woes, uni’s been alright recently. I took my bio midterm last night, so we’ll see how that went. It was only out of 45 marks, so there wasn’t much room for error.

OOH. Interuption in the scheduled programming. I cannot believe I forgot to mention this before. (And when I saw before, I mean waaay before. This story happened the week before uni started, I think, if not before that.) So, I was at my friend’s house one day for a small pool party, and two of our friends were going to be late. By the time they’d gotten there, we’d all finished swimming and had just settled in his basement to watch a movie or two. As a peace offering, they brought ice cream. Moose tracks ice cream. I’d never had moose tracks before, and I didn’t actually know what it was, but John Noe keeps saying it’s his favourite, and I was really curious, because to my knowledge I couldn’t remember seeing moose tracks at ice cream stores. (Though I’d never really been looking because I always fixate on the “boring” ones like chocolate, vanilla or mint oreo. <3) They’d brought a tub and some cups, so we all took a few spoonfuls from the tub and ate ice cream while watching the movie. (We’d ended up watching Love, Actually, which was pretty good.) Let me just say that I now completely understand why moose tracks is John’s favourite ice cream. It. Was. Delicious. Ohmygod. It was like heaven on earth. So much delicious chocolate-y goodness! It was fantastic. And that’s my pointless story of the day. (Be glad you got an actual story. Most of my stories are like this: “Hey, Allison, guess what? I was going to make pasta for lunch today, but I didn’t.” “…And?” “That’s it. That was my story.” “Oh.”)

Now where was I? Ah, yes, the bio midterm. So before we started writing, we were all just chatting and studying together, and I had a nice conversation with these two guys behind me about Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium and what conditions must be met for a population to be in equilibrium.

Thanksgiving is next weekend, so I’m going home for a few days to see the family and stuff. Hopefully I’ll have gotten over my cold by then. I’ve now been sick for almost a week, and usually I don’t get over colds for two weeks, so it might be pushing it, but we’ll see. I’ll try and eat more soup and drink more water to see if it helps any sort of recovery. It’s not too bad, I’m just coughing and blowing my nose a lot, but I do seem to be running out of tissues, lol. Also, I apologise in advance for my vlog, if I make that today, because I’ll probably sound more nasally than I’m sure I already do. (Though I’m becoming increasingly able to breathe through my nose, so that’s an improvement, at least!)

On a completely unrelated topic (kind of), YouTube is now down for maintenance and “will be back up shortly.” Nooo. I wanted to listen to When You Say Nothing At All by Ronan Keating! Grr, YouTube. What an inconvenient time for you to go down for maintenance. A Saturday afternoon? Bollocks. Although this gives me more reason to get out, go have some lunch and start my chores, I suppose. I really should get on those so I can have them all done by tonight, which means I can relax and study tomorrow instead of being cramped for time as usual. Eating here has made me realize how much I love steamed broccoli. It’s mostly just the head, though. I could do without the stem, but the head of steamed broccoli is delicious. Unfortunately, when you ask for vegetable as a side, I don’t thin you can just request the broccoli. *sigh* Ah, well. Maybe the staff will be more obliging if I went during off hours? Hmm, it’s definitely a theory to test. (I’ve been studying too much of the scientific method recently. XD)

OOH, speaking of science! I totally forgot to mention. Considering the last time I posted was the first day of welcome week, I never got around to telling everyone how the faculty day went! IT WAS AWESOME, in case you couldn’t tell. XD The faculty of science called it Naked Science Day, and (mostly) true to their word, most of the reps only had on a (awesomely decorated) lab coat and a bathing suit underneath. They are brave souls, let me tell you. We had so many awesome cheers, too. I remember most of the science cheers, but only one of my residence’s cheers. Haha. I guess that tells you were my loyalties lie. (No one better come quick, though, there aren’t any students out of bed. ;)  ) And one of my reps that day was a huge HP fan and had buttons on her lab coat! It was so cool! I met this guy on Wednesday during my chem lab, too, who is also a huge fan of HP and we had this long conversation about the book, movies, Jo… everything. It was fantastic. The best thing about university labs (so far, anyway) is the fact that you don’t have to take any data home and do a formal lab report. You do everything during class. (Or, in the case of my kin labs, you aren’t even marked on the lab. You just write obversations down in your manual. Granted, you are tested on this material on the weekly tests, so… It’s a trade off, but still. At least you get to go home and review the material instead of handing something in on the spot!)

Also, I have my very own lab coat and goggles now! I’m so excited, lol. I love my lab coat. <3 You’ll see it in the video I need to make, ’cause it hangs proudly in my room. :)

And now I’m seriously going to have a small lunch so I can have dinner at a reasonable time and have time for that to digest before going for late night ice cream with my friends in celebration of surviving our first midterm! WOO! I’ll talk to you guys later. <3

(…PS? I’ve had to take to supporting the football team because my university doesn’t have a hockey team. WTF? Grr. I was hoping they’d have a hockey team I could support considering I probably won’t catch many NHL games – plus my radio gets a lot of static for the radio broadcasts of the game, grr – but no. No hockey team for Lindsay to support here. *sigh* I’ll have to wait for the Christmas holidays to watch the IIHFs… GO CANADA! Yaaay.)


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