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First day of University! September 6, 2009

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I really should be asleep. I don’t know why I’m not. I only got around 5 hours of sleep two nights ago, and this morning I was up at 7 because I was so nervous for university. (So not worth it by the way. It’s awesome here.) So awesome, in fact, that I have to document, to the best of my abilities, my first day. I’ll probably forget loads of stuff, though, because I just can’t remember anything I ever do. It’s just too much awesome to be contained in my head, I suppose. Anywayz, on to the good stuff.

So, having a single room really worked out for the best. I have so much space to myself, and I can (even though I shouldn’t) be on the computer when I should be in bed sleeping and preparing for the more awesome to come for the rest of the week. I also have way more storage space than I thought I would. I was worried about bringing too much stuff up, but that turned out to be pointless. I have so much space. I have a giant wardrobe which has two shelves built-in and a bar on top to hang stuff, huge captain’s quarters under my bed, three drawers on my desk, two shelves above my desk, and a dresser that has four drawers to it, not to mention I have my own bathroom, which has a cupboard under the sink as well as a medicine cabinet above. My parents kept telling me to only bring summer and some fall clothes up for cooler nights because I won’t have space for my winter clothes. How wrong they were. I could have brought every stitch of clothing I have at home and more. But enough about my room, since I’ll be vlogging from here later on, I hope. Onto the activities!

So nothing really started for me until the afternoon, since I moved in between 12 and 4. (Unfortunately I missed the carnival because I was scheduled to move in today. :( Ah, well.) I went out to dinner with my friends and one of my friend’s roommates, which was pretty awesome. They all had this delicious pasta that’s currently being stored in my fridge because we didn’t have time to finish dinner and my res was closest to the activities. My fridge kind of smells like their pasta now. :p I’m not sure if that was because my fridge wasn’t completely cooled when we came to put their food in or because the sauce has a strong smell. Anyway. We ended up just outside the football field, and we gathered with the people from our separate residences, and we all ran into the football field when we were called. We found out later that the way we ran into the stadium spelled out “2013” from above (apparently we’re getting emailed a video of this later) which is the year we graduate. Cool, eh? :) Then we did a whole bunch of activities on the field, including gathering with people based on the month you were born, or whatever other criteria they came up with. We hopped on one foot and found people hopping on the same foot, put a pinky or thumb in the air and had to find another person with the same appendage out, etc. We did that thing where you’re sitting on the floor with linked arms trying to stand up, and then we linked arms, standing back to back, and tried to dance. It was hilarious. We had a huge highfive circle. People would call out things like, “I love sports!” and if you did then you’d run into the centre of the circle and get high fives from people. It was so funny. XD

After that I went back to my res for a floor meeting, where we played the ice breaker game of saying your name, faculty, something interesting, your least favourite chore and why it was your least favourite. Then after that we had to go around the group again and say “I hate sex because…” and then you’d use the reason you gave for why your least favourite chore was awful. It was SO funny. One guy had said that his least favourite chore was taking out the trash because the plastic on the bags always breaks, one girl said she hated taking out the trash because she had an unpleasant experience with a racoon… You can imagine how hilarious those were. XD I said my least favourite chore was vaccuuming because a lot of my house is carpeted, plus we have a finished basement, and our vaccuum is huge so lugging it around everywhere was a hassle. So when my turn came around I had to say, “I hate sex because my whole house is carpeted.” Needless to say it was greatly amusing, haha.

We then took a journey to some place on campus – it was dark by this time and I wasn’t really paying attention where we were walking – and we learned about the other activities that are taking place this week, which was fun, and we learned some res cheers. Then we all trooped back to our res (which was on the other side of campus than the place we had that acitivities meeting in) and I began blogging. Well, not right away. First, I made a lunch date with a friend because she called me during the activities on the football field but obviously I couldn’t take the call. I have to go to some drama presentation tomorrow and then hopefully I can have lunch with her and her friends. I also want to go to the football game… It’s the first time ever I’ve wanted to go to a school sporting event. XD My university plays the university that a lot of my friends are also currently attending, so it’ll be fun. I just have to convince at least one friend to come with me. It’s weird – usually they’re the ones telling me to come to school events, but now it’s the other way around! It’s crazy.

Hmmm. Fun facts? One of my community advisors is a huge Leafs fan, too. We had fun booing the Sens and Habs fans, haha. One of the Welcome Week reps made a HP joke. HUGE points. I saw a small teddy bear where we had dinner today and it had “Alex” printed on it. I don’t know if I ever mentioned this, but the body pillow cover I got has things like “huge a tree,” “think green,” and “I <3 trees” on it, which totally reminds me of the Whomping Willows. <3 YAY.

And I’m really going to go to bed now. This is the longest blog I’ve ever written that wasn’t a ridiculous review of Half-Blood Prince. XD I need some sleep, unfortunately. I’m getting up in 8 hours for more awesome stuff. I’ll hopefully blog again soon (and make my TDH video). I’ll talk to you guys later! <3


2 Responses to “First day of University!”

  1. muse88 Says:

    Glad you’re having fun and settling in well!! xox

  2. Gerarda Says:

    Yay! =D I’m so glad you’re having a good time, I was going to say something but my mind completely blanked just then XD
    Good luck with the rest of your week! <3

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