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I fail at reading. Maybe I’m secretly illiterate. August 9, 2009

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It’s times like this that I wish my life was more exciting. At the moment, my life consists of waiting and lists. Waiting for residence, waiting for a new chapter in this awesome fic I’m reading (which, by the way, you should check out – it’s awesome!), waiting for the release of my school schedule (coming on Tuesday – wish me luck!), waiting for Friday to hang out with a friend; lists of things I have to bring to uni, things I have to get, things I already have… Ahh. Too many lists, too much waiting. Waiting and lists makes for a boring existence.

The thing about waiting, also, is that since I don’t know where I’m living, I don’t know what kind of space I’m going to have, so I can’t really buy some bigger things (like a potential book case or storage unit) until I find out. I’m in suspense because I don’t know if I’ll be able to have beloved books at school with me! Although I was talking to someone recently, and they had a good strategy – bring mostly the books that I haven’t read yet, because if I bring too many of my favourites, I’ll never get around to reading my other books. Obviously I can bring some of my favourites – HP and The Mortal Instruments mainly – but I should bring other books because otherwise they’ll never get read. I’ve been looking forward to reading some of those, too. I recently bought Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella, and I also got The Alchemyst and The Magician, both by Michael Scott and about Nicholas Flamel. Three cheers for wizard stories! Apparently The Sorceress is the third book of that series, and it’ll be six books long when it’s done. I have to start reading that, then…

On top of those, I have numerous books in my basement that I know I’ve not finished reading – a Jodi Picoult book I was half-way through, The Uglies and The Subtle Knife are ones I know I’ve started and not finished, and then I’ve got some that I haven’t even started yet. I’m also really embarassed to admit that I haven’t even finished Harry, A History.  My friends gave me The Science Behind Harry Potter for Christmas, and I haven’t even started that yet, though it seems so interesting, especially to a huge science/math geek like me! I fail so hard. I am seriously backlogged and need to clear this up, yet I keep re-reading City of Bones instead. Shame on me. I went into my issues with that last blog, though, so I’ll just leave it as that.

Last post I mentioned that I saw Ocean’s 11, and I’ve really been wanting to see Ocean’s 12 and Ocean’s 13. I don’t know if my parents will consent to going out to rent them, though, since they’d also have to see Ocean’s 11, and I don’t know if they’re 2-day or 1-week rentals. If we can only have them for two days, then I doubt they’ll say yes, because it’s unreasonable to expect them to watch three movies in two days. Ocean’s 13 was released on DVD on November 13th, 2007, though, so I’m hoping it’ll be a weekly rental by now. Two years is enough, yeah? Now I just have to drag one of my parents out.

It’s much later now, and neither of my parents took to the idea of going out for the Ocean’s movies. Good thinking, I suppose, considering it’s thunderstorming now and the power has already gone out twice. We’d (or, rather, they’d) decided to watch Burn After Reading, though I said it had received really poor reviews and we had other movies we could watch, like Firewall, which we haven’t even opened, but nooo. Oh, well. Maybe now that the movie network isn’t running, they’ll take to Firewall, which seems a lot more interesting and hardcore than Burn After Reading. Or maybe we’ll be forced to watch the lacrosse championships.

Zay also updated She Said What? which made me very happy. :) Although it was a short chapter, we readers have been promised lots of LJ developements over the next three chapters, which are all about the Christmas hols. Yay! <3

On that happy note, I think I’ll end it before I have the chance to rant about something. :p Talk to you all later. :)


2 Responses to “I fail at reading. Maybe I’m secretly illiterate.”

  1. Roxanne Says:

    I loved ‘Burn After Reading’!!!!! I think it was hilarious and Brad Pitt was incredible. However, it’s a bit of a black comedy kind of thing and a lot of people doesn’t understand or like that kind of humour. Or maybe it just wasn’t what they expected it to be.

    My sister and her boyfriend hated it.

  2. niamara Says:

    Yeah, I think the problem for most people was that it wasn’t what they were expecting. Our movie network died right after we started it, so we never finished… So I still don’t know whether or not I like it, lol.

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