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I have a problem. Or two. August 1, 2009

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You should all be forewarned that this blog post is probably going to be boring, seeing as I’m incredibly bored at the moment and have been for some time.

Um… Ok, so you know how I mentioned two posts ago that I was trying to restrain myself from watching Merlin online? Well, that failed miserably. I’ve already seen every episode twice (some of them I’ve even seen three times), yet it’s only episode nine (of thirteen) that airs tomorrow night on NBC. I’ve also seen a ridiculous amount of fanvids for all of my ships, canon (for the legends) or not – Merlin/Morgana, Merlin/Gwen, Arthur/Morgana and Arthur/Gwen. Aaand I’ve accumulated a scary amount of icons (plus three wallpapers) in a span of two hours.

Yes. I have a problem.

This video in particular has caught my attention. It’s so beautiful in both the video itself and the song. <3 In fact, I love it so much so I bought “You” by Fisher off iTunes and I Google searched for the sheet music, which I found and consequently learned in 10 minutes. I seriously cannot stop playing this song. It’s so beautiful! My favourite part of that video is the part that accompanies the following lyric: Your smiles, well, they make my day / you don’t know it yet but you’re everything.

I should probably add here that I’m not particularly well-versed in Arthurian legend, and I do not care to be, so please do not post spoilers in the comments. I’ve already spoiled myself on what I’m sure is a huge plotline regarding Morgana, although the writers are apparently not following the legends that closely (and after all, there are many variations of the legends…) so I’m not exactly sure if it’ll come to play or not. Even so, please no spoilers. Thanks. :)

Another one of my problems is The Mortal Instruments trilogy, because instead of reading one of the many books I have in my possession but have yet to read, I started reading City of Bones again last night. Why?! My theory is that I was way too bored to start a new book since I didn’t know if I’d like it, so I just went to CoB ’cause it’s guaranteed awesome. Or maybe I’m just really, really obsessed. Either/or.

In completely unrelated news, have I mentioned I’m bored out of my skull? Also, yesterday I saw Ocean’s 11 for the first time, which was actually really awesome. It was the remake with George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon, though, not the original. I really want to see the sequels now, though it’s going to be ridiculously difficult to get them from my library because they’re always checked out. *sigh* I also want to see 11 again because I’d taped it off TV, so I had to fast-forward through the commercials, which was not only irritating but also means that they cut out stuff from the movie. I’ll have to get on that soon.

I’m also currently waiting on my email notification for my residence. Everyone else I know (except for one of my friends) has already gotten their notice, but I haven’t yet. I’ve been reduced to checking my email at least five times a day. The other day I finally changed the email my uni notifications go to so that I get the notifications at my MSN email. Now I don’t have to check multiple email addresses, but it’s still driving me crazy. I should get notice by Wednesday, though, because Wednesday is the new deadline to cancel residence and receive a partial refund. So hopefully I’ll get notice soon. Fingers crossed!

Now I’ve been called on to start dinner, but I’m too bored/tired… Ugh. I have to, though. So I’ll catch you guys later.


6 Responses to “I have a problem. Or two.”

  1. Gerarda Says:

    Yes, you do indeed have a Merlin obsession problem =) I watched the last episode it was a bit weird, I probably should have watched the rest of the episodes so I understood what was going on.
    That sucks that you haven’t got your residency email yet! I hope you get it soon. Also I can relate to being bored, when it was mid-year break I got SO BORED. But now I have heaps of work to do if I want to keep on top of my course. AHH. But I like my units more then last semester =)

    • niamara Says:

      Haha, yeah, you probably should have. XD Wait, do you mean “last episode” as in the finale episode, or “last episode” as in the last episode that aired?

      Thanks. :) I hope so, too. Ahh, work. That sounds alarming, but at least you’re not bored! And I’m glad you like your units better this semester. :)

  2. muse88 Says:

    I wasn’t going to say this before, but I know the guy that plays Merlin. Not like as in I have his phone number or we ever talk more than once a year when we bump into each other. But he’s from where I live and we used to go to a Youth Theatre together. So woop – my claim to fame :) Glad you like it, it’s one of my favourite shows and I’m waiting desperately for a new series to come on TV :)

    • niamara Says:

      Ahh, that is so cool! That sounds really fun. :) Obviously I don’t know him, but from what I’ve seen of the DVD extras (on YouTube, since it’s not released yet), he looks like he’s a really fun guy. Same! I hope it comes to Canada the same time the UK gets it. I don’t think I could wait for it to be uploaded to YouTube to air in Canada! :p

  3. Gerarda Says:

    i meant final episode =)

    • niamara Says:

      Lol, then yeah, you probably should have watched the other episodes. XD It would have been so much more poignant if you did! Do you think you’ll end up watching them?

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