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SPOILERS FOR HBP! July 15, 2009

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Yeah. I was going to post yesterday about how excited I was, but I never finished the post. :p And right now, I’m dying to discuss this with someone, so venting my feelings and opinions on this blog is the next best option. If you haven’t gotten this from the title, PLEASE DON’T READ AHEAD IF YOU HAVE NOT YET SEEN THE MOVIE AND DON’T WANT TO BE SPOILED! This is going to be very long, so… Settle in for a HUGE post, lol.

So, these thoughts are probably scattered, because I got home last night at 3:15 AM, and because I forgot things easily, I made a HUGE list in which I categorized every important detail (and some insignificant ones) into my “likes,” “dislikes,” and “random thoughts I had during the film.” So, here we go!


–They had the relationships absolutely spot on, in my opinion. Lavender was appropriately obnoxious with Ron, he was as dim-witted about Hermione as always, but I loved the emotions that Emma’s finally portrayed with respect to Ron. The tension there (on her part, and lack thereof on his :p) was perfect. I loved, loved, loved the scene between Harry and Hermione in that random room/staircase/whatever it was, where she was asking him, “How does it feel when you see Ginny with Dean? Oh, I know. I see the way you look at her.” And then later, after she Oppugno!‘d Ron and started crying on Harry’s shoulder, he said, “Like this.” That was so perfect. I really loved how after all this time, it really seems like Harry is supporting Hermione, instead of vice versa. There had always been so much drama in Harry’s life that he was always about him, and now it’s finally about him helping someone else the way we know he can. <3 So perfect. And so definitely a friendship and not repressed sexual feelings. Excellent job, Dan and Emma. :) I also really loved the Harry/Ginny scenes. Bonnie is acting so much more like book!Ginny now, and it’s so excellent. <3 The tension and hesitant flirtation between the two was spot on. I loved the scene in the Burrow where they’re eating the little cake things, and then Ron comes and sits in between the two and starts eating. XD Typical big brother!Ron. Loved it.

–LUNA. Ohmygod, she was perfect, as always. Evanna Lynch is just too damn cute. <3 And they kept in her lion hat! YES. So adorable, and so Luna. <3 She’s so wonderful. I loved the scene where Harry takes her to Slughorn’s party. She’s so precious!

–I felt like Tom’s (and Dan’s, for that matter) acting was so much better in this film, that I could actually focus on the character’s and not how unncessarily exaggerated the acting was. For this very reason the Sectumsempra scene was fantastic. So much anger and hate bottled up between the two that was finally unleashed in an alarming way. Very well done. And then the way Snape came in (how did he know about that, though? Lucky he was just passing, I guess…) and looked at Harry and knew. Straight from the book. :)

–Alan Rickman = badass extraordinaire. Even though in the book they ran from the castle at the end, I loved the way he strut so confidently out the doors, his cloak billowing behind him. He’s such a BA. And his scene with Bella and Cissy at the beginning of the movie? SPOT ON. He was so smooth and calm and collected and just so SNAPE. Wonderful. I’m so glad they cast Alan Rickman.

–The tribute to Dumbledore’s death at the end of the movie with the wands pointed towards the sky was so beautiful. I don’t remember that being in the book, but I also haven’t read the book in ages, so I could be horribly mistaken and it could be in there somewhere, but it was a very nice touch nonetheless, considering they cut out his funeral scene.

–Steve Kloves finally decided to keep Jo’s lines! YES. It’s about time, Steven. I’m so glad they kept RAB’s note verbatim. That was so important. I was also waiting for the, “We’re with you, whatever happens,” line from Hermione at the end, but it didn’t come. :( I can’t complain, though, because they did keep a lot of other things exactly as they were, like Dumbledore’s speech to Harry about him following any orders he might give Harry, like to leave Dumbledore alone if he said to. They even got the astonished silence on Harry’s part, and then Dumbledore saying, “Your word, Harry.” Perfect.

–It wasn’t anything near how it happened in the book, but I thought the Felix scenes were really hilarious. Dan acted like he was so high. XD I think one of my favourite lines in that entire movie was the, “Harry?” “Sir?!” exchange between Professor Slughorn and Harry in the greenhouses. XD Dan’s expression and delivery were just priceless.

–I loved the Inferi. They were actually done much better than they appeared in the trailers, it seems. I definitely jumped when the Inferi reached out to get Harry, even though I knew it was coming. It was just so well done and the music during that scene was fantastic.

–They left in Fawkes leaving! They didn’t totally explain that he was leaving because Dumbledore was dead and that he wasn’t coming back, but I guess it was either a nod to the book readers (in which case, good effort, film makers!) or they expected us to gather that on our own. I like to believe it was the former, but it was probably the latter. :p Either way, I’m really glad that was kept it. It was such a nice touch. I thought they might show Fawkes bursting into flames and not being reborn or something stupid in Dumbledore’s office instead when Harry was in there at the end, but I’m glad they kept it like it’s supposed to happen.

–They had very little stupid humour in this film, which was so appreciated. By stupid humour, I reference scenes like in GoF, where Harry, Ron and Hermione are in the Great Hall on their study period or whatever, and they’re discussing dates for the ball, and Harry and Ron get shoved in the back of the head by Snape. That was so stupid and unncessary, and I’m glad they left out anything to that effect in this film.

–Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes was totally brilliant. Fred and George are awesome!

–They explained a lot of things that they included fairly well, like finally explaining what the diary was, explaining about the horcruxes, and even keeping in the explanation about Dumbledore’s hand, and why it was black. (Sort of.)

–Fenrir looks just as gross and capable of devouring small children as Jo made him out to be. Well done to that actor.

–This probably doesn’t make logical sense, but I loved the effect they did on Katie’s hair when he was up in the air as the results of the cursed necklace. It made it seem more surreal to me that what was happening to her wasn’t a result of her surroundings – like it was sort of voodoo magic or whatever, which makes it seem hokey when it’s written down like that, but I dunno. Making her body respond to things that aren’t happening around her made it seem more spooky and believable that it was dark magic.


–Whatever ridiculous jumping movement that Bella was doing after she set Hagrid’s hut on fire. It reminded me of that weird creature at the end of that skiing game on the computer that tried to eat you. Did anyone else play that game? The other where you had to ski down the hill and avoid the trees and stuff, and there were rainbow-coloured jumped you could go off of, and when you got to the bottom you had to avoid that crazy jumping creature. That’s who/what Bella reminded me of. :p Unncessary jumping motion.

–The delivery of, “Severus, please,” was just awful on Michael Gambon’s part. Dumbledore was supposed to be so weak that he could barely stand without the aid of a railing or something, yet he said it like he was totally confident and practically not hurt at all. SO not how it was supposed to happen. Also, I don’t know if this is because we know the outcome of DH already and what that line was really supposed to mean, but it seemed to me like Michael Gambon made it totally obvious what Dumbledore meant. There was no ambiguity in that no, no wondering, “Omg, is Dumbledore pleading for his life?! He wouldn’t do that! What does that line REALLY mean?” Also, somewhat along the same lines, in the cave scene, Dumbledore never got his water. Harry never splashed it all over his face like he did in the book, giving him the strength to cast the huge fire that let them escape from the island. (Or ifHharry did, then I’m horribly mistaken, and all of that about the caves is forgiven.)  They also didn’t explain how they got back, because as far as we know, Harry can’t Apparate by himself, but I guess if Dumbledore magically had the strength/sheer will do conjure that fire, he had the strength to Apparate them both back to Hogwarts. Also, the explanation of how they Apparated inside Hogwarts was stupid. It would have taken the same amount of time to say, “Well, Harry, being Headmaster, I stripped down the wards surrounding this tower,” or whatever, instead of, “Being me, I have special priviledges,” or whatever stupid explanation he offered that didn’t make sense. Whatever. Moving on.

–The explanation of Snape as the HBP totally came out of nowhere. It definitely seemed as if they’d forgotten to explain it somewhere else in the movie, and they were filming the final scene, and the filmmakers thought, “Oh, shit, we haven’t explained this. Hey, Alan Rickman, add another line in here, as you’re taunting Harry… Yeah? Cool.” It’s not like the movie/book was called Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince or anything. Pfft. It could have definitely had a better explanation. Kind of seemed like they put it in there to avoid another Marauders fiasco, like in PoA where they put in something and didn’t explain it.

–The added Burrow scene seemed to have no conclusion. We were left with the image of the Burrow burning, but I still have questions. Are the Weasleys able to rebuild their home? Was it a magical fire, causing them not to be able to rebuild? What happened?! Are we supposed to just assume that the Weasleys were able to fix their home, or are we supposed to wait for DH to see what happened? (And get no explanation, I’m sure, confirming my former idea that we’re just supposed to assume everything is okay.)

–Maggie Smith, Robbie Coltrane and Alan Rickman needed way more screen time. :(

–The slow-mo of Dumbledore falling was just stupid.

–There was no nearly enough Neville. He had, what, one line? Unacceptable. He’s supposed to go from one line in HBP to being a complete BAMF and destroying Nagini in DH? And they had better keep that in, by the way. If they cut that out, I will never forgive the film makers.

–I really wanted Christian Coulson back as teen!Riddle, even though I knew he wasn’t going to be. He was such a good Riddle, though. Handsome, charming, slick… You knew there was something wrong with him, but you couldn’t help be drawn to him at the same time. He was so perfect.

–Cormac was kind of a sleezeball. He was a pervy creeper, but I guess that’s how he’s supposed to be in the book. (Or just annoying, I can’t remember.) I guess this should have gone under the ‘likes,’ then, since he did a good job at portraying his character. :p

–No words of wisdom from Snape when he was leaving at the end. No, “Close your mind to the Dark Lord, Potter!” Although, was it just me, or did it seem like Snape was kicking something to Harry at the end, there? It kind of looked like there was something beige in the grass next to Harry, like a piece of parchment or something, but they didn’t show anything of it in the final scenes, and I’m sure Harry would have mentioned it if Snape gave him something, so I’m inclined to think that I just imagined it, but then at the same time I’m disappointed that Snape didn’t say anything to Harry. I guess it’s too much to ask that Alan Rickman say that line, and the audience remember the Occlumency classes from the previous movie, eh?

I’ll save my random thoughts for the chat on the weekend, since most of them are just nonsense things that made me laugh (not because of lines in the movie, but things that happened that made me think of, for example, John Noe and his convinction that Harry sucks at magic, so, “How the hell is he going to destroy all the horcri?!”). Anyway, this was already way too long after the ‘likes’ category, so I’m just going to say that I liked it a lot better than I thought I would, which I’m really pleased about. I know you probably couldn’t gather that from my lists, because I think my ‘dislikes’ list was the longer of the two, lol, but the things I disliked were much more minor in comparison to the things they finally did right in the movie. :) This could also be because I haven’t read the book in ages, so I couldn’t criticize the movie properly, but even so, it worked out for the better! Anyway, I’m done now. Leave your comments about what you liked/disliked/thought overall!


11 Responses to “SPOILERS FOR HBP!”

  1. Germain Says:

    I would disagree with the explanation of Snape as the HBP. I did think this storyline wasn’t exploited enough, because Harry (and Hermione) would’ve been supposed to show way more interest and curiosity as to who it was, but the “revelation” came in just as in the book: in their final confrontation, Snape tells Harry not to use his own spells against him, and says “It is I, the Half-Blood Prince, who invented them blah-blah-blah…”. So it was fairly similar, but I do think the HBP subject should’ve been brought more often during the film. I’m disappointed Harry didn’t find out Snape was the traitor who delivered half of the Prophecy to Voldemort, causing him tu murder Harry’s parents, because that made his anger towards Snape even worse, and Snape kept comparing Harry to James, and I just loved the line “Kill me like you killed him, you coward!”… But I guess it wasn’t that important. I hope they explain all that stuff in DH, though… as they’re making two films they might save a bit of screentime for explanations that were niver given throughout the rest of the films.

    And I’m pretty sure Snape kicked away Harry’s wand in the end. I don’t think it was a bit of parchment or something else, though it might have been and that would actually be very intelligent – to end this film with no real explanation, but to start the next one (because as I said they might have a bit of spare time) with a bunch of stuff directly related to Dumbledore’s death (a list of clues to find the Horcruxes, maybe? as Harry has seriously no clue what to look for now, he doesn’t know about the cup or what the real locket looks like…). I don’t know.

    • niamara Says:

      Yeah, that’s true. That’s probably why I felt the revelation, as you called it, came out of nowhere. In the book, there was this whole mystery – Harry and Hermione spent hours upon hours in the library trying to figure out who this Half Blood Prince character was – and then in the movie, we see it in the book when Harry first opens it, and then Hermione says it once, maybe twice, and that’s all. Sure, the final delivery was the same in both the movie and the book, but in the book it was built up, it made sense for Snape it say that there, whereas in the movie, you’re like, “…Who cares? What’s the significance? Oh, yeah, I think I remember Hermione mentioning that name…” Anyway. I agree that it should have been brought up more during the film. If they had one scene of Harry and Hermione looking in the library for any mention of a Half Blood Prince, I would have been satisfied. Oh, yeah, that’s a good point, too. I’d totally forgotten about that! When Harry finds out about Snape being the traitor… Yeah, my hopes for DH are already high, since it’s split into two parts. Now they really have no excuses for not explaining things when they have 4 – 5 hours to wrap up everything. I mean, I thought they did a good job with HBP – if they had another half an hour, it could have been perfect and included every little nuance and explanation/storyline they had in the book, probably – so with DH, they have pretty much the same amount of story, since they were the same amount of pages, and then an extra 1 – 2 hours to explain everything they’ve missed through the past six films. I think it’s going to be awesome. :) Hopefully.

      Ohh, ok. That would make a lot more sense than him kicking a piece of parchment to Harry. XD I’m going to see it again tomorrow, though, so I’ll watch out for that. I agree, it would be very smart of them to do that, thinking ahead to the next film. That would be so genius.

  2. Germain Says:

    I loved the fact that this film started with a kind of depressed flashback from OotP (even though it would’ve been nice to know and feel Harry actually missed Sirius), and as it’s exactly the same crew for the next two films (and HBP was made after book!DH went out, so normally they should’ve found a way to explain everything even if some stuff from one book has to be transfered to another film), I think it’s very probable they make direct links between the films. Also, I kind of have the feeling DH1 will feel as much like a sequel to HBP than DH2 will feel like a sequel to DH1. Or at least that would be nice.

    • niamara Says:

      Yeah, that was really cool. I totally wasn’t expecting that at all – I was under the impression that the film started with the muggles. Haha, yeah, that would’ve been nice, but I guess we’re lucky to have gotten the film we got, so I can’t complain, even though I agree. Hmm, it was filmed after book!DH came out, but when was the screenplay written? Movie!OotP and book!DH came out around the same time, and HBP was really scheduled to be released last November… I think the screenplay may have been written before book!DH came out, so they may have added a few things, but not a lot because the screenplay was probably nearly, if not completely, done by the time book!DH came out. That would actually be really reassuring, if that’s the case, because then the DH movies would be the only movies that had the screenplay done after the final book came out (obviously, since they’re the screenplays for the final movies… :p) so then they know for sure in DH what’s important and what not to waste time on. Or I could be completely wrong, the screenplay for HBP may not have even been started until book!DH was released, and I could be making a giant fool of myself. :p Either way, they could definitely have made deliberate links between HBP and DH1, which would be so incredibly awesome!

      Pfft, no, your syntax is perfect. :)

  3. Germain Says:

    I really feel like my English is total rubbish today. Is my syntax really that bad?

  4. Catherine Says:

    I think Cormac McLaggen was supposed to be sleazeball. I thought that part was hilarious. =)

    I’ll mention more things in the chat and in my blog later.
    But I thought that the attack on the Weasley house was a bit pointless and stupid. I mean, there was no follow up or explaination. THEY BLEW UP THE WEASLEY HOUSE!!! That’s a big deal. Plus there’s no way Harry and Ginny should have been using magic outside school or that they could have held Death Eaters away for so long.

    It didn’t work in a movie plot line sense or in a book adapting sense.

    I want Arnold the pygmy puff. He is my squishy and he will be mine.

    Hey look now I’m blogging, I’d better stop.

    Don’t be silly, Germain. Your syntax is pretty flawless.

    • niamara Says:

      Yeah, I was even more disappointed this time about the lack of explanation about the attack on the Weasley house. Wtf? And it totally just cut off to the next scene while the house was still on fire. Yeah, they shouldn’t have been using magic outside of school, but I guess in dire circumstances it’s alright. Plus, they’re at the Weasley house, and any magic done under that roof, as far as the Ministry is concerned, is done by Arthur or Molly, so they wouldn’t have gotten reprimanded officially. And I think the MoM has more to deal with at this point than underage magic, haha. XD

      I saw Arthur this time, too! And ohmygoodgod he is so cute. <3 He would be such an adorable pet. Thanks for pointing that out, Catherine. =)

  5. Jacinthe Says:

    I just wanted to say that one of my favourite scenes (if not my absolute favourite – I’ll have to see the movie again to decide) is the Felix Felicis scene. It’s not how it is in the book (I’m pretty sure it never says that Harry looks high, lol), but it was SO fitting and funny. I watched CoS a few days before and also the day after I saw HBP and then I was laughing so much at the Aragog scene! The things Harry says about it in HBP are just SO funny. He’s remembering a bad and scary thing but, under the Felix, it seemed like it was fun. Daniel Radcliffe is just perfect. It wouldn’t have been the same if he hadn’t done it properly. I was saying to Germain that he reminded me of his Alan Strang in Equus in that scene. It’s so far away from everything he’s done in a Harry Potter movie before! It got me by surprise, because if Dan’s acting improved along the HP movies, I always thought his acting was better in everything else (My Boy Jack, December Boys, and Equus of course). I think the people who only see the movies will be quite blown away.
    I’m nervous to see how it’s rendered in the French dubbed version, though.

    Sorry for the rambling :P

    • niamara Says:

      I feel like this isn’t an adequate reply, considering how much I wrote to Germain’s one line, but… I agree with everything you said. :p Apart from maybe the Equus stuff, just because I haven’t seen that, but I agree with everything else. :)

  6. Germain Says:

    Guys! I missed the chat! How did it go, did you come to any fantastic conclusions?

    • niamara Says:

      It actually only turned out to be Catherine, Gerarda and myself. :( Jacinthe came in a bit later and we chatted, but then I had to leave because I was seeing HBP again, ironically. Other people said for sure they’d come and then didn’t show up, so… *sigh* When you get back, we should talk more indepth. :) I was looking out especially for the scene at the end with Snape and Harry, the one where you thought he kicked his wand away and I thought he gave him a parchment, and I’m more convinced there was a piece of parchment there. Snape sort of did a sweeping motion with his robes I think and there was no sound effect of his foot connecting with the wand, and then it flashed to a shot of Snape’s face and him looking not at Harry, but sort of off to the side like it was at the parchment… But I dunno. Alex thought he was kicking the wand away, too, so maybe my brain is just making up images to support what I think happened. I have this whole spiel about Snape and the parchment (if that happened) and it’s repercussions on DH and what it might mean for the Snape story-line depending on what that parchment says, but I’ll go into that when I talk to you later, since it’s quite long.

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