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Niklas Lidstrom is a God. June 22, 2009

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I am officially a high school graduate.

Well, not technically, yet, since commencement is on Thursday, but I’ve written my final high school exam. Lindsay is freeeeee. To be honest, I’m don’t feel any different. I went to school on Friday to see my chem exam mark (and I’m going back tomorrow to hopefully see my exercise science exam mark) and it felt normal being there. Maybe I’ll feel different after commencement, but probably not. It’s still the same school I’ve been to for four years, and no matter how much crap I put up with in those walls, whether from the school, friends, etc., it was pretty worth it. I’ll miss a lot of people from that school, though I know I’ll make new friends at university. :)

Speaking of which, scheduling classes is a nightmare. Actually, not exactly a nightmare, because I’m an organization/planning freak and I love to do stuff like this, it’s more of a frustration trying to decide which courses I want. Or which electives, more like. I have eight required courses, and then another one that’s strongly recommended, but that’s completely throwing off my schedule because if I take that, I have to take my elective second semester, and it’s impossible to find an elective in second semester that doesn’t have a prereq. Although, I could always take another math, but that would leave me with three maths, two physics, two bios, two chems and a psych, and I’d die. If I don’t take the recommended course (physics, too. Ew), then I have two electives, and I have to debate between two kinesiology courses (omgsointeresting) and two Latin courses. I know Latin will be interesting because I’ve taken three years of Latin in high school, and I’m considering a minor (maybe) in Latin (or math…?) so it would be beneficial to take the course, even if I don’t end up minoring in it because it’ll be a good relief from my science/math-heavy courseload. Although, kinesiology is very interesting and relates to my field of study… Decisions, decisions. I have two weeks to decide, anyway.

On a completely unrelated subject, I went to the mall today and bought some awesome tops from Jacob. :) <3 I might post some pictures of them at a later date, since I’m also looking to go to Garage/Ricki’s and possibly get one thing from each place. We’ll see, I suppose.

On a topic completely unrelated to both things I was just talking about, I was linked to an article the other day that made me respect hockey players so much more than I already did, if that’s even possible. It was about Niklas Lidstrom, and how he was speared in the groin one game (accidentally), and had serious complications and needed an emergency surgery, yet he still came back – in immense pain – to play against the Pittsburgh Penguins. No other sports’ athletes would have come back in that kind of pain. They would have been at home, resting. But Lidstrom is a hockey player. <3 And therefore ridiculously awesome.

I must be off now, unfortunately. My parents and I are watching The Bourne Supremacy, the second of the Bourne movies. The Bourne Identity (movie number one) was so interesting! I’m sure Supremacy will live up to the expectations. I also saw The Perfect Man today, and that was a really cute movie. :) I was almost outraged that the movie would have an ending not as I expected, but it all turned out okay.

Anyway, I really must go now. Jason Bourne is waiting! Haha. Talk to you guys later. <3 Actually, the next time I blog, I’ll probably have my high school diploma. Ahh!


2 Responses to “Niklas Lidstrom is a God.”

  1. Catherine Says:

    Whoot shopping! =) Congrats for finishing your exams. =D

  2. Jacinthe Says:

    The Bourne movies are so good! They made me fall in love with Matt Damon, who was completely uninteresting to me before that.
    We should talk hockey soon. You guys got Mike Komisarek today! I can’t believe I have to hate him now :P
    I’m glad my uni courses are all planned for me in advance in this field, so I don’t have to make heartbreaking choices like you do. It’s sometimes frustrating not to be able to choose the classes that I want, but at the same time, I don’t have to worry about scheduling all that much. Did you make your choice already?

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