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Lindsay’s Criminal Minds Obsession… June 12, 2009

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I don’t really have anything interesting to blog about, but I haven’t blogged in the longest time and I feel like I should be blogging more. I really fail at this now that I don’t have to do it every day.

I woke up this morning to a ridiculous sound – I still don’t even know what it was, but there were strange people in my backyard coating the patterned concrete or whatever it was they were doing. Whatever they were using sounded like a ridiculous and obnoxious lawnmower. No worries, though, because it was around the time for me to get up, anyway. I had some breakfast, read some CoG, and then read the comics and some articles about the upcoming Game 7 between Pittsburgh and Detroit tonight at the Joe Louis Arena. (GO PENS.) Then I got on my computer and had a chat with a friend about part one of the exam that we wrote yesterday. Yes, I’m very much like Hermione in the fact that I love to go over exams after I’ve written them. :p I made myself some lunch eventually, talked with Brit (whom I’ve missed! <3) and then got dressed and went to study math for my exam on Monday – though unfortunately I couldn’t go outside because of what they did to the backyard, and tomorrow I’m going to study with a friend, so we’ll be in his house or at the library, and by the time I get back it’ll be dinner. Maybe I’ll have some time on Sunday to go out or something, but apparently it’s supposed to drop to 11C on Sunday. The weather here fails at being constant.

While I was on the computer, I indulged in watching multitudes of videos about Criminal Minds (mostly Spencer Reid, who is awesome <3) and some videos about Moonlight and Alex O’Loughlin/Sophia Myles. I actually spent a ridiculous amount of time after math and before dinner watching all of the awesome Reid clips on this YouTube account. My all-time favourite clip (though I admittedly haven’t seen all of the episodes) is this clip, where Reid is in the bar with Morgan and successfully chats up the gorgeous bartender with his epic magic skills. <3 He’s so awesome. Although this clip is one of my favourite non-Reid clips, where JJ, Garcia and Emily are at a bar and meet a “real FBI agent.” Needless to say, they PWN him. It’s so funny, you should watch it. :)

I really should be studying, but I’ve done the entire review sheet for math, and I’m going to be studying most of tomorrow, so I’ll probably review some exercise science tonight while watching the game. Ahh. In 134 hours and 40 minutes I will officially be done the last exam I have to write in my high school career. That’s kind of a scary thought. But even more intimidating is that I have to wake a week after that for commencement, which is when I’ll find out whether or not I won any awards. I’m definitely not the waiting type, so that’s going to be difficult, especially because I’m not going to have anything to do, seeing how I won’t have classes, obviously. It’s going to be tortuous, and my library doesn’t even have the seasons of Criminal Minds for me to catch up on, since I haven’t seen season one or two (or part of three)… *sigh* It’ll be interesting. And when I say ‘interesting’ I really mean ‘ridiculously boring’. Oh, well. I’ll survive somehow.

I will leave you all with parting words that just popped up on my TV from House: “So, in conclusion, shut up!” Oh, House. <3 You are a jerk, but I love you and your ridiculous piano-playing talent.

I’ll talk to you guys later. :)


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