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Raunchy CoG Excerpt! Ohemgee. May 26, 2009

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I cannot believe this. I actually had something constructive to blog about today, but first I said to myself, “I should finish doing this chemistry review question first, because my test is tomorrow. Then I can blog.” And guess what happened? I forgot what I was going to blog about. F-a-i-l. It figures I’m actually motivated to blog when I should be studying for two tests, too. I’ve got my priorities mixed up, just like Hermione in Philosopher’s Stone, lol. Oh, Hermione. <3

OH, I remembered what I wanted to blog about! Silly me, I’ve even still got the window open in my browser. *sigh* So, I was procrastinating studying earlier today (what else is new?), and randomly I thought of Cassandra Clare’s MySpace page and had this urge to visit it. What happens when I get there? A new entry was recently posted! The entry pretty much made my life. In it, she mentioned that her website for the Infernal Devices trilogy is up and running. *confetti* Unfortunately, the first book (book one: The Clockwork Angel; book two: The Clockwork Prince; book three: The Clockwork Princess) isn’t going to be released until the fall of 2010 (no set date yet), so I’ve got a while to wait. I’m so excited, though, because if these books and characters are anywhere near as awesome as those in The Mortal Instruments trilogy, I’m going to love them! She’s even got an excerpt up from chapter seven (titled Pale Kings and Princes) of the first book. Read it here. Unfortunately, the character profile for Jem (on the character page – look for the headings at the top of the page) is cut off, so I can’t read it all. :( The character profiles for Tessa and Will look really awesome, though! I’m so excited for this book! (In case I haven’t already mentioned that. XD)

Something else she posted that made my day was on her LiveJournal a little while ago. She posted a link to an unedited scene from City of Glass! AHH. The number one reason why this made my day is because it’s a Jace/Clary excerpt – unedited in all its racy glory. <3 Ok, it’s actually not that racy, but it does involve more … raunchiness? That’s not really the word I’m looking for … than in the book, and it’s awesome. YAY for Jace/Clary! <333 Read it here.

On the subject of blogs, I was reading Hayley Hoover’s blog (go read it, by the way! She’s hilarious), and she mentioned a website called PostSecret. I clicked the link, being the curious person I am, and what I found was really interesting. I can’t describe it myself, so here’s a direct quote from the website: PostSecret is an ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a postcard. I was reading through the posts on the website, and they’re all funny, touching, kind of alarming, silly, etc. The author of this website has so far put together four books, and is currently (as far as I’m aware) working on a fifth. Two of the postcards in particular caught my attention: this one and this one. The author has actually published the books he assembled with secrets people have mailed him, and I really want to get them. They’re pretty expensive, though – well, they’re actually a regular price for books, but a) I’m cheap, and b) there are four books. 4 x $20 = too much money for Lindsay. I could theoretically get them off Ebay or something, but even that would still cost $55. Unfortunately, Chapters only has two of the books, so I can’t even just bike there in the summer and sit around in the chairs at the back and read them without buying them. :p I guess I’ll see what happens. I can always read the first two and buy the others or something. We’ll see.

One last thing before I go: I was in math today, and my teacher was casually talking about the test to some students (today was a work period, so he was just sort of mulling around and chatting with us while we worked. He’s the best! <33) and he said something about yesterday’s test that caught my attention, and you’ll never guess what it was, so I’ll just tell you all. I finally got perfect on a math test! AHH. I don’t think that’s ever happened before. (If it has, I don’t remember, which is upsetting because I hope I’d remember something like this.) I was so pleased! This brings me closer to my life goal, which is to get perfect on a math exam. As you all know, exams are coming up soon, so I have one last chance to get perfect on a math exam. (Of course, I’m taking math in university, but let’s face it, there’s absolutely no way I’d get perfect on a university math exam.) So, this is my last chance to complete my life goal.

And now, speaking of school, I must go and study, considering I have a test tomorrow and a test Thursday, and I haven’t yet looked over all of my notes for my test Thursday. Ohmygod, I feel so bad about that test. My test study habits are definitely going to have to change for university. There’s no way I’m going to be able to pull off the same marks I have now by study for tests two (or sometimes even one) days in advance, and the weekend before for exams, too. That’s not going to cut it. You all have full permission to scold me if I don’t study for tests well enough in advance, ’cause if I don’t, I’ll flunk out of uni and be forced to be a hobo. Not cool, I’m sure. Anyway. So I’m off to study and also watch game four of the Pittsburgh/Carolina series. Poor Carolina is down three games to none. I want Pittsburgh to win the series, but I’m also kind of hoping Carolina wins at least one game, ’cause it would be embarassing to lose a conference final in four games straight. Also, then when Pittsburgh advances to the Cup final, they have to beat Detroit. It is unacceptable if they don’t. GO PENS.

I’m actually leaving now… Bye! <3


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