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Heartbreak May 10, 2009

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I’m just going to go right ahead and say it: I don’t think I’ve ever been so upset over the outcome of a hockey game before. I actually cried a little at the end when they were handing out the medals and showing the Russians celebrating. The gold medal match of the IIHF World Men’s tournament just finished and we lost to the Russians 2 – 1. The loss isn’t even what’s making me so upset. Of course I’d be upset if we lost fairly, but I really don’t think we did. There were so many blatant trips that weren’t called against the Russians, and the Russian net kept coming off at the slightest touch, which of course got the whistle called and stopped play, preventing us from scoring, just to name a few things. We out-shot the Russians ridiculously – I’m pretty sure we had more than twice the amount of shots they did. But our net didn’t come off as often. They were able to drive the net constantly. We had to take the penalties. Wtf kind of hockey game is that? It was so unfair. Plus, I think our players were trying to be too fancy with the puck sometimes. They would pass instead of shooting, try to deke the goalie instead of shooting.

Oh, and I can’t forget the icing on the cake: the Russains are claiming that the wins the Soviet Union had at the World Championships (World Juniors and World Men’s and possibly Under 18s, too) count as wins for Russia, so they were claiming that, before this tournament, Canada and Russia had an equal number (24) of World titles. Now that they’ve won this tournament, they’re going to say that they’ve won more than us now, which isn’t true because the Soviet Union consisted of more than just Russia. UGH. They’re going to rub it in our face. We had better beat them next year, both in World Juniors AND in World Men’s and reclaim our title as the hockey nation with the most World titles, even by Russia’s standards of including the Soviet Union.

To top off my bad mood, too, I was reminded of Moonlight yesterday, and today I went to IMDB to read up on the trivia (because I’m a nerd like that) and I saw that this one person posted saying that Friday nights were boring without Moonlight, which reminded me how sad I was about Moonlight ending, and how I’m still really upset over that. Ugh, CBS. Why do you have to ruin everything good about TV? I hate you.

I’m going to go and try to distract myself. Maybe I’ll watch the promo for next week’s Criminal Minds season finale again… Oh, CBS, if you make the wrong decision here, too, I swear I will never forgive you.


One Response to “Heartbreak”

  1. Angela Says:

    Next week isn’t the Criminal Minds season finale. The season finale is the episode *after* next week’s and it’s a two hour episode.

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