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The Lost Symbol! April 30, 2009

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Oh, no! It’s the last day of BEDA. :( I’m going to miss BEDA quite a lot, so I think I’m going to continue blogging after April ends – hopefully this works when I’m not required to blog every day! I’m going to actually start my blog with a small frustration and then end it with this awesome news that I have to share, but keep forgetting.

So first, we’re starting vectors in math. I knew I wasn’t going to like this unit, because vectors = physics and I both hate and don’t understand physics, but today got my hopes up a little and then crushed them. We were doing some simple work with vectors, which wasn’t all that bad and I understood it completely, and then we did word problems with vector diagrams and I realized that I hated it more than I thought, which makes me really upset. Everyone knows how much I love math, and I hate that I’m going to be hating math for the next month just because it’s about vectors. :( The last math class of my high school career is going to be a vectors class, and I’m going to hate it. This sucks more than I imagined it would. My only hope is that my math teacher will somehow miraculously make me understand vectors so I won’t hate it as much, but I’ll take unpleasantness over full-out hating. I guess only time will tell. *sigh* I’ll have to wait it out, which also sucks because I’m impatient…

Anyway, on to happy thoughts. I keep forgetting to pass on this wonderful news that my friend told me the other day. For all you Dan Brown fans: Dan Brown is writing another book! :) Well, ‘has written’ is more accurate, I suppose. This new book, which will be called The Lost Symbol, is due to be released September 15th of this year! *squee* I’m really excited. Dan Brown is one of my favourite authors. <3 Apparently The Lost Symbol is going to take place after the events of The DaVinci Code, too, which means it’s another Robert Langdon novel, which is excellent because he’s my favourite character of Dan Brown’s. <33 For any Canadians reading this, Chapters is offering a huge discount for pre-ordering the book – 45% off! It’s only in-store, though, and only valid until May 31st, so go and pre-order it now if you’re going to buy it! AHH. I’m actually insanely excited. I really hope I won’t be bogged down with too much work at that point because I won’t be able to put this book down. I just asked my dad, and he said we could pre-order it! :) YAY!

I don’t think I really have much else to say, unfortuantely. I’ll have to end this last blog of BEDA here! The song of the day (hopefully I haven’t repeated this somewhere else already) is You Found Me by The Fray. <3 Though this is the last BEDA, I’m going to try and blog, still, so I’ll see you guys soon, hopefully! :)


One Response to “The Lost Symbol!”

  1. Gerarda Says:

    aww well if you need help with vectors just ask. I’m doing them twenty four seven now XD they can be fun! trust me!! =)

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