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Ka-Ching! April 28, 2009

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Wooo, money! I earned $10 today, and have another $20 tomorrow, and possibly $10 again on either Thursday or Friday. I should have gotten into the tutoring business ages ago. Seriously. If this keeps up at a constant rate for the rest of the year… :) But I can’t jinx it! I always end up jinxing things, so just forget I said anything about that. :p

We had another meeting today for the math competition coming up, and the teacher asked me if I had any preferences regarding roommates, since I’m the only girl going (apart from the teacher) but I said I didn’t – I sort of do, but I didn’t want to impose myself on any of the guys in case they already had plans to room with some friends, plus we don’t know if the rooms we’re going to be in are doubles or triples or what. Our teacher is actually going to the site tomorrow to ask some questions and stuff, so hopefully she can find out and let us know. Anyway, I said I didn’t have any preference, so I really hope that she doesn’t take that to mean I don’t care if I room with her, because I really don’t want to room with her. Rooming with a teacher is so awkward, and I kind of don’t like her… I’ve also never been in her class, so there’s no established relationship. I’m hoping they’re all triple rooms and then the teachers can get a single or nearby double room to themselves, because that would work out perfectly, since there are nine students and one teacher going. :) And I’m rambling about stuff no one cares about. Moving on!

Nothing else really memorable happened today. We’re supposed to be starting nutrition tomorrow, which is going to be really interesting! I’m so psyched for that. :) The unit will be all about macro/micromolecules likeĀ vitamins, fats, carbs, proteins, minerals, etc., and their effects on the body, what a balanced diet is, and more stuff like that.

I’m actually exhausted for no good reason (actually, I was really warm last night so it took a bit to fall asleep… :p), so I’m off to bed after another short blog. *sigh* Since I ended this blog on a health-related note, today’s song is going to be What A Way To Wanna Be! by Shania Twain. <3 My god, I love her Up! CD! <33 She is so talented and awesome. (And Canadian! Boo yeah. XD)

PS. Cookies to anyone who recognized the title of this blog as another Shania Twain song from the same CD… Which no one probably did. XD But that’s ok. :)


2 Responses to “Ka-Ching!”

  1. Marzieh Says:

    Rooming with a teacher would be so awkward. =/ Hopefully you won’t have to do it.
    Oh, and I get a cookie! That’s the first thing I thought of when I saw the title of your post. I love that song!<3

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