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This Blog Is Too Long April 26, 2009

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Ahh, Sundays, how I loathe you. Well, it’s actually kind of love-hate. There’s the whole “I don’t want to go to school tomorrow” thing, but I sort of do want to go to school, but then there’s also The Mentalist on. <3 Usually, anyway. Unfortunately, The Mentalist is slightly unpredictable in when it’s on and when it’s not, which makes me very sad pandas. It’s an awesome show, though, so I put up with it. Actually, speaking of TV, I watched a surprising amount of TV today, even though I studied quite a lot, too. Or, more accurately, a lot of stuff was on in the background and I just watched one movie. The Canada vs. Hungary (IIHF World Men’s) was on today, and we won 9 – 0. :) The schedule is the most ridiculous thing, though, since they added a bunch of teams. There are 16 in the preliminary games, which are divided into four divisions of four teams. The top three teams in each division (12 total) move on to the qualifying rounds, where 8 teams move on the the quarter finals. It’s so convoluted. For anyone who cares (mainly Jacinthe, I’m guessing) you can check out the schedule on the IIHF site. It’s so stupid, it’s, like, a three-week tournament. Oh, well. More hockey for me, which is excellent because my team didn’t even make the playoffs.

Anyway, on to something more people will appreciate and understand: the movie I saw today! The Butterfly Effect was on, which was really good. Unfortunately, there were commercials because it was on regular TV, but it was still amazing. The ending was so sad, though! :( It shouldn’t have been rated horror, I don’t think. Or maybe I just have a higher tolerance for horror than I thought I did. Either way, it was an amazing movie. Apparently there were a lot of plot holes (I read up on the ‘goofs’ and ‘continuity errors’ on the IMDB page), but when you’re dealing with a movie about ridiculously complex time travel (well, not really time travel… It’s difficult to explain unless you’ve seen the movie), you’re bound to make some mistakes and screw up somewhere. Plus, it’s not like you’d catch it while watching the movie since it was convoluted anyway. But I repeat: SO GOOD. I highly recommend this movie. Apparently there are three alternate endings, too, so I really want to get this movie from my library so I can see them.

I didn’t really do much else of importance today… I studied a whole chapter of math and re-learned the forearm muscles that extend and flex the hand and the phalanges for the quiz(zes) tomorrow. I should have probably studied some chemistry but I got bored out of my mind and couldn’t be bothered. Ah, well. The quiz tomorrow is open-book and I can study on spare, and the test isn’t until Thursday. Oh, and I read more of Pride and Prejudice, which isn’t as good as the movie, I must say. I guess I just don’t like reading Jane Austen’s stuff. It’s not that I don’t like it, actually, it’s just that her style isn’t interesting to read for me. Although this time it’s not painful to read, thankfully. I don’t know if it was just Emma in general that pained me to read (sorry, Marzieh!) or if it was because I had to dissect it and find quotes for an English essay which made me hate it even more than I probably would have. Anyway, I’m sure I’m only, like, 30 pages in (of something like 270?) and I’m sure I’m already a fifth of the way into the movie equivalent, so either they cut a lot of stuff out, or… I dunno, but it’s kind of strange.

Oh! Something I remembered from coffee/dessert at the family friend’s house last night that I forgot to mention: the wife is actually a nurse, which I didn’t know, and it was really interesting hearing her talk about medical procedures and different anesthetics and paralyzers and stuff. She worked in the ER for 10 years, so she really knows her stuff, and it was awesome. :)

Anyway, I must be off. The Mentalist is on in 11 minutes! The song of the day today shall be Bad Day by Daniel Powter. I’m really dissapointed I couldn’t find the music video, because it’s such an awesome music video! <33 Also, there was a fic that was written (Lily/James, of course <3) based off the song/music video, which was really good. Actually, I’m just going to link to that fic, seeing as I had this compulsion to go read it and still have the window open. :) Bad Day by geekinthepink on Go read it! I promise you’ll love it. :) And now I really must be off, because The Mentalist‘s opening credits just came up! See you guys tomorrow. (Canada/Slovakia game at 2PM on Tuesday! TSN, Jacinthe. :) Do you have TSN? I don’t know. Hmm… I’m sure you’ll find it if you want/are able to watch.)


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  1. Jacinthe Says:

    I *think* I have TSN… I have the French equivalent, anyway, RDS (réseau des sports), where they show every Canadiens game. I’ve kind of lost interest in hockey lately, mostly because of the Canadiens’ loss, but also because I’ve been busy with school. I’m kind of even glad that they lost, because it would break my heart to miss a game because of school. My mum still watches it though, and there seems to be hockey ALL the time on RDS – when it’s not playoffs games, it’s the IIHF…

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