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Affection and the Library April 25, 2009

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Even though I failed to blog twice yesterday, I refuse to put another ‘fail’ in the title of this blog because my last, I don’t know, a million blogs have had ‘fail’ in the title. So today is going to be a day of not fail. YAY!

First, love/affection has been on my mind recently. More accurately, I’ve been wondering what it is about spring that spawns feelings of affection in most people. Why not winter, fall or summer? Is it Valentine’s Day, which arrives just before spring and “sets the mood”? Is it the days of sun and warm(er) weather after the grey skies and cold days of winter? Is it some evolutionary characteristic that stimulates hormone production in spring to ensure the survival of a species, since spring/summer is optimal mating season for most species? I actually read an article once, the author of which argued that is it in fact chemical stimulants that make us believe we need a mate in the spring, which is further aided by the blossoming trees, sun, etc. It was a pretty interesting article, actually. A majority of the reason for grade 12s, too, is the desperateness (the grammatically correct word is escaping me…) to have a date for prom, but obviously that only applies to grade 12s, so it’s not a valid reason for all of humanity. :p

That’s pretty much the extent of any philosophical thought I have, and seeing as that’s not even that philosophical… Well, you get the point. Anyway, I didn’t really have a “second” when I started writing this, but I just remembered that the library called last night, and I have Pride and Prejudice (the book – unfortunately the BBC version I put on hold hasn’t arrived yet! Grr) waiting for me. :) I have to return two books, so I’ll probably bike out there quickly later on, since it’s supposed to be a beautiful 26C today. I should study math and ex sci first, though, since I have all three of my unit tests coming up this week.

I’ll be back later tonight (possibly after dinner, I may or may not be going out to dinner with my parents, their friends and one of their friends’ daughters) to do my second blog for the day. Song of the morning is Rest in Pieces by Saliva. <3


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