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Oh, no! More Fail! April 24, 2009

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I didn’t post a blog yesterday – it’s not like I was even busy with school work, but I was working on something all evening/night, and then I totally forgot to blog, so now I have to blog twice to make up for my lack-of-blog yesterday.

Yesterday, unfortunately I was called down to guidance, and one of the guidance counsellors informed me that the girl I tutor is cancelling our sessions, because she can never remember to come and doesn’t want to screw me over by having me wait around for her and not have her show up. Fortunately, my guidance counsellor offered to see if there were any other kids that needed tutoring, since she felt bad that the girl cancelled and wanted to offer me another student, which was awesome. :) I love my guidance counsellor. All of the other ones don’t give straight answers, but she’s awesome. <3 So I might get another kid to tutor from her, AND my math teacher today said that there was a girl in his class who needed tutoring, and he was pleased with how the boy I’m tutoring for him has progressed (apparently he told my math teacher I was a no-nonsense tutor, haha, but in a good way since he only learns by doing questions), so he offered me the job of tutoring this girl, so I should have two kids for sure, maybe three to tutor. :) I don’t want to jinx it, though. Every time I say something here, I end up jinxing myself. *knock on wood*

Also, lunch today was awesome! We went to Subway as planned, but unfortunately one of my friends couldn’t stay because she had a meeting to go to. :( But we can always go again another day, since the weather is getting nicer and she has spare with us, too. :) Unfortunately, since we did go out to Subway, I obviously didn’t have my regular lunch, which means I didn’t have a water bottle, and today was psyllium husk day in ex sci! A couple people took ridiculous doses of psyllium husk to see what it’s like since it’s a pretty hardcore insoluble fibre. If I’d had my water bottle I could have had some, but I didn’t since we went to Subway instead. *sigh* It’s alright, though. A couple people in my class did take it, and the one who brought it in is going to take another dose of it tonight and three more tomorrow, and then on Monday he’s going to report back how it was. It’s like our own mini experiment, it’s awesome. XD Today’s class was just awesome in general. Every day in that class is awesome. :) My teacher sometimes relates things to or mentions these cartoons that he watched when he was younger, and obviously none of us have heard of any of these, so yesterday, for the first, like, 15 minutes of class or something, we watched the opening themes of 7 – 8 cartoons that he used to watch as a kid that he’d downloaded off of YouTube. XD Some of them were shows like Captain Planet and the Planeteers and BraveStar. The opening themes were so funny! In the one for BraveStar, there was a point where the guy’s horse transforms into his fighting partner, and then the transformed!horse and the main character wink at each other. Yeah. I kid you not. (It’s at 0:57 if you care to watch.) It’s so funny, these old cartoons.

The song of the day today is going to be the Guacamole Ukulele Song by Lena and Lauren! <3 I was on FB yesterday and Lena, I think, was promoting Lauren’s new album, which had this song, which reminded me of Jacinthe and Montreal, ’cause we played this song SO much. XD Which reminds me! Today, since I was in a Montreal-y mood, I wore my Nerds tshirt that Jacinthe and I made, and I got so many compliments on it! :) Everyone seemed to think I bought it and were surprised that we happened to find shirts that fit our inside joke about Nerds perfectly, lol. So I have to thank Jacinthe for making those awesome cut-outs of the letters in ‘Nerds’ because I failed so much at that and my tshirt wouldn’t look this amazing without her! Thanks, Jacinthe! <333

And I’m going to shut up now or I won’t have any content for the blog I have to do later to make up for my nonexistant blog of yesterday.


2 Responses to “Oh, no! More Fail!”

  1. Jacinthe Says:

    Well you’re very welcome! I still think your shirt turned out better than mine… That reminds me, I haven’t seen this shirt in a while! I don’t wear a lot of t-shirts in the winter so it’s probably just in the bottom of the pile, but I’m so scared now, I have to go check if I can find it, O_O. Ok, I have it. Panic attack over. It was with my summer clothes.
    And now I want to wear it. AND eat Nerds. <33

    • niamara Says:

      I don’t think so, your shirt is awesome! Phew! I was getting worried for a second there, too. :O Mmm, Nerds! I always have Nerds in my lunch bag now, but I don’t eat them often, so luckily they stay good for ages, lol.

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