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Day of Fail April 22, 2009

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Part 1 of my Day of Fail was that twin day failed. My twin forgot his Santa hat! (Ergo no pictures – sorry, Marzieh!)And he was the one who came up with the idea, too. *sigh* And then his girlfriend showed up pretty much wearing what we were, so either he told her, or that was a really ridiculous coincidence. Part 2 of my Day of Fail was that the kid I tutor couldn’t bring his friend – his mum didn’t want him to, since she is of the opinion that the hour is just for her kid, which is true – so I only earned $10 as usual. Part 3 in my Day of Fail is that we got our midterm report cards, and my average is pretty good, but it was 3% lower last semester, so there’s probably no way I’m going to get an award for a top 4 average. I’d probably be top 10 (or even 5th) but not top 4. BOO. My only hope of getting a plaque for academics at commencement is to get the chemistry or ex.sci. award. *knock on wood* So I suppose we’ll see. I believe that ends the Day of Fail events…

Now onto the good part of my day! I had an excellent lunch. <3 Ohmygod. Lunch = a granola bar, apple, banana, juice box, water bottle, sandwich, and chocolate pudding. *love* Also, my lunch on Friday (if plans follow through) = Subway. <33 I love Subway. Granted, I’ll be blowing the money I made today tutoring… But Subway is worth it. And it’s pretty healthy for you, too, which is awesome! :) Yay for Subway.

Speaking of food, we have no chips in this house. We usually can’t have cookies or chips or stuff like that because my brother stays up until, like, 1AM daily, and he’ll grab a bag of chips at midnight or whatever and eat the majority of the bag. I hate this. Because of him, I can rarely have stuff like that. I wouldn’t even eat it that often, either! For example, I bought a pound of Smarties (it’s really not as much as you’d think – it cost, like, $7) from Bulk Barn at least a month and a half ago, and I’m just half-way done. Anyway, when we buy cookies and try to hide it, he finds it. We have one successful hiding place (and yes, we do have to hide things from him – it sounds mean, but when he finds everything and eats it all so that you get nothing… You have no idea how frustrating it is) but my dad knows where that is, and he’s not as bad as my brother, but he, too, eats really late at night. And he also just ignores me or shrugs it off when I tell him that it’s unhealthy and that he should eat healthier, because I know he has high cholesterol and his fat intake should decrease, but he acts like he’s immune. And he is not. Cholesterol is made from fat, and his fat intake is kind of high, so he’s making more cholesterol (and it’s the bad kind, not the good kind) when he’s already genetically predisposed to have high cholesterol. I wish he would listen when I tell him these things, because I know what I’m talking about. He’s going to end up with some sort of complication in old age and it’s going to be uncomfortable/fatal, and he’s going to regret not listening to me. This must be what parents feel when they know they’re right but the children refuse to listen, so the parents can’t do anything but watch the children make their own mistakes. But this mistake isn’t a simple falling-off-a-bike thing where you can get back up and try again or whatever. This is serious, and no one listens. One day, I’m going to have a “I told you so” moment, but I won’t be able to say it because it’ll be insenstive. ARGH. By no means am I saying I’m perfect, either – I could technically eat healthier (more veggies, mainly) and exercise (which I plan to do at uni – I need to find a work out buddy!), but I know the impacts of the food I’m eating, and he ignores it. *sigh*

Wow, I’m sorry that I turned this entire blog into a rant about how my family sucks and I can’t have junk food because my brother will eat it all and no one listens to me. That’s not cool. I’ll have to get a very special song of the day… Give Me Novacaine by Green Day! <3 I love this song. It’s so sad. :(


2 Responses to “Day of Fail”

  1. Marzieh Says:

    I’m sorry about Twin Day. =(
    Ergh, I know what you mean about your brother. My sister’s the same, so we never have much snacks in the house. And if we do, my mom has to hide them as well. D= *sigh*

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