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YouTube Videos and Twin Day April 21, 2009

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A particular YouTube video has recently been brought to my attention. Is this bird cute or evil? I actually just spent the 1 minute and 45 seconds watching this video and cannot come to a conclusion. Nor, however, can I fathom why my friends love this video so much. Maybe they just like animals more than I do? Hmm. It’s a question for the ages, I think.

I think today’s blog is just going to be a bunch of snippets because I wasted my single good idea on the blog I did earlier for yesterday. Nothing that interesting happened today… Tomorrow at school is Twin Day, so one of my friends and I are going to dress up the same. :) We’ve had every single class together since September, so it’s going to be really funny. Unfortunately, planning the same outfit (and wanting it to stand out) with a girl and a guy is kind of difficult. *sigh* We were planning on being elves for a bit, since Christmas hats would stand out, but he doesn’t have black pants that aren’t dressy to roll up (so the pants appear too small) and we didn’t want him to ruin dress pants.

Au contraire. A half hour later (and after many random tangents) we have decided. :) It’s not much, but it involves Santa hats, lol. This is going to be fun. I’m also earning double what I would normally earn for tutoring tomorrow because I’m tutoring an extra kid. More money is always good! :) Even if it’s only $10 more. Actually, I should be earning double for my Thursday tutoring, too… If the kid shows up. *sigh* She better not cancel tomorrow night. I’ll knock on wood just in case.

I actually have nothing further to blog about, which is sad. :( This blog is so short. Song of the day? The Sharpest Lives by My Chemical Romance.


3 Responses to “YouTube Videos and Twin Day”

  1. Gerarda Says:

    Haha twin day! What if you were a twin… like me? Than everyday is twin day. My year alone had three sets of twins in it but not only that everyone wore uniforms so I don’t think Twin Day would have worked at my school but I think that’s awesome you get random days like that.

    • niamara Says:

      Lol, if you’re a twin, then that just makes the whole thing easier! :) But I suppose if you have to wear uniforms… Yeah. :p It’s actually spirit week at school, so that’s why we have fun days. Monday was pyjama day and yesterday was twin day, and today was backwards day. I fogot what Tuesday was and I don’t know what tomorrow is. :p

  2. Marzieh Says:

    That bird looks really weird. =/ Poor thing…
    Twin Day sounds like fun. Santa hats? *giggle* You should take pics, lol.

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