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I Fail April 21, 2009

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Because I didn’t post a BEDA blog yesterday. Long story short, I was sooo tired, so when I got home I figured I’d put on an episode of House and maybe fall asleep for a bit (which would be no biggie, I could watch the episode again later). I didn’t fall asleep, but I was still too tired to blog or do anything else but watch TV, so I watched another episode, and after that was over, I had to drag my bum upstairs to make myself dinner (mmmm, beef ravioli!). Afterwards I fell asleep. So I guess I just failed before dinner because I was tired and lazy. :p I actually fell asleep before 9PM, which is kind of sad, but that’s ok because I got LOTS of sleep. (Although I’m still tired now, go figure.)

Anywho, I must blog twice today to make up for my failures yesterday. Hmm… What to blog about? Oh. I was talking to my friends today in math, who were telling me that our coach for the math competition has booked a school bus that is non-refundable. Yeah. You know how I told you that she told us that she would book a private bus that could be refunded if changed plans? She so lied. Wtf. Now we’re stuck on a gross, regular school bus instead of a nice Coach Canada or something. I know we’ll only be on it for, like, 1.5 hours or something, but still. It’s not like a private bus would cost any more, because you could get a mini one instead of a giant school bus for 10 people. So much for her being good at math. I really wish my math teacher were coming with us, he’d never do stuff behind our backs like this. Argh.

Now for a funny math story! Sorry for all the math today. :p Anyway, I was doing a multiple choice question in math today for AP prep: 40g of magnesium chloride (or whatever chemical it was) decomposes into 20g in 2hr. To the nearest integer, how much will be left after 3hr? First, the idiot that I am, I set up an equation to figure out the half life, when the question clearly states that the half life is 2 hours – and to top it off, I set up the equation for doubling time because I forgot to put the exponent as -t/h. Failure number 1. When I finally did the equation right and got 2 hours as the doubling time, it was a *headdesk* moment looking back at the question to see it was already there. XD So then I had to sub in 3 for the time and keep 2 as the half life. So the equation was y = 40(2)^(-3/2). I did all of the next stuff in my head (which is why it’s so incredibly wrong, I usually need to write stuff down XD). “Ok, so 2 cubed is 8, to the half is (root8), but it’s a negative exponent, so it’s 1/(root8), but it’s multiplied by 4o so it’s 40/(root8).” (All of that is so far right. Here’s where it goes horribly wrong…) “So (root8) can be simplified to 4(root2), and 40/4 is 10, and 10 times (root2) is approximately 14.1! So the answer is 14!” Technically, 40/4 IS 10 and 10 x (root2) IS apprixmately 14.1, but (root8) reduces to 2(root2) so it makes it 20/(root2) and you multiply top and bottom by (root2) to get 20(root2)/2, which is just 10(root2) which is 14.1. So essentially I got the right answer after doing all the wrong steps. XD My friend kept telling me he hated me for doing ridiculous things and still getting the right answer. LOL. It was so funny. Maybe it was a you-had-to-be-there sort of thing… Who knows. Maybe you all just think I’m a giant idiot now. (Which is kind of true in this instance, hahaha.) But that’s alright. :) It was awesome. We had oodles of fun today. My friend Dan was doing something else entirely on the board with four other guys, and they had two entire white boards of equations and simplifying and subbing in other equations, and then Dan looks at the first line, and he’s like, “…Guys, the first line is wrong.” “WHAT?” “Yeah, the first line is wrong.” So then they corrected the first line and the equation worked out in, like, half a white board. XD Before it was this entirely ridiculous equation that had, like, 8 terms and a crazy denominator. Ahh, math. <3 How I love thee.

Anyway,  digress. (Or not really, since math was what I was going to talk about. More accurately, I got boring.) Song of yesterday = Come On Get Higher by Matt Nathanson. <3 Love it. Enjoy! I’ll be back later avec another blog.


One Response to “I Fail”

  1. Catherine Says:

    with math it tends to always be a “you-had-to-be-there”.
    I know I used to do that kind of question, but then you lose me XD

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