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I Have No Decent Title For This Blog April 19, 2009

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I know I keep saying this, but I think today might actually be a short blog. I am so exhausted it’s not even funny. As you may well know, I was babysitting my cousins last night. Everything was going smoothly – neither antagonized the other, they played well, we watched some TV/movies. All was well. Until bedtime. I got both to bed fine and everything, and then I waited up for their parents to come home to let them know everything was fine, and then I went up to bed, since today was my Easter Sunday and we were all going to be together at my grandparents’ today anyway. So I go upstairs, brush my teeth, etc., and climb into bed with my little cousin. She has a queen-sized bed, and I was still stuck in the little corner. She sleeps all over the freaking bed. Ohmygod. She kept kicking me, and at various times during the night I would wake up after she kicked me and look over, and she would be sleeping upside down, with her feet at her pillow. It was totally ridiculous! I got, like, no sleep. And then, of course, everyone in their family wakes up at ungodly hours, so I was up at a bright and early 7:45AM, after having gone to bed at 11:30ish and being awoken at all hours of the night. *sigh* Not that I don’t love my cousins, I do (both of them kick ridiculously, too – the last time I slept over I slept in the other bed, and my other cousin kicks just as much, yet harder) but I just wish they slept soundly. :p

And then today, while one cousin was playing with the neighbours, my other cousin and I went over to this forest/pond area near his house, and we went to see the minnows in one pond and the beavers’ dam in the other. Then we ventured into the forest. Bad idea. My cousin claims he saw a coyote in the forest and, as crazy as he is, proceeded to throw a rock at it. So he comes back running at full tilt yelling at me to run, and so we’re both running through this forest with the thoughts that a wild freaking coyote was chasing us. I kept hearing noises behind us and around us, so maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t. It was horrifying all the same. I swear, I’m never going into that forest again with this kid. He has no sense of danger. And he took me to this little teepee he and his friend made, which is apparently next to the favourite tree of the coyote pack. Yeah, it’s not a single coyote, it’s a pack of them. Greeaaaat. And apparently they’ve been known to jump the fence of surrounding backyards – thankfully none of these belong to my aunt and uncle.

Finally we got to stop (potentially) risking our lives and go back  home, and we all left to go to my grandma’s for Easter Sunday, which was pretty fun. :) We did the traditional cracking of the eggs and everything, eating sweet bread with cheddar cheese, and my aunt brought these delicious brownies. <3 Ohmygod, they were so good. I wish I’d brought one home, but I didn’t. :( I did get Easter chocolate, though, so it’s all good.

Pfft, I keep saying these blogs are going to be short because I’m exhausted, and I am, but I always get so carried away writing them! They’re just so much fun. :) I also just got carried away by a 10-minute video on YouTube, when I was supposed to be looking for a video with the song of the day. :p Those “recommended videos for you” videos know just what I like to watch! XD Anyway, song of the day is Angels on the Moon by Thriving Ivory, which for some reason always reminds me of the Mortal Instruments books, specifically Jace, but I don’t know why. Maybe because Clary keeps describing him as having angelic looks? Who knows. Maybe I’m just more obsessed than I thought. Eh. See you all tomorrow!


3 Responses to “I Have No Decent Title For This Blog”

  1. Catherine Says:

    that wasn’t THAT short. =P

  2. Marzieh Says:

    Dude, you were (possibly) chased by a coyote? That’s scary. =o=/ I’m glad you had fun at your grandma’s. =) And now I really want brownies.

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