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Good News, Bad News, and Random News April 17, 2009

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Alas, I come bearing bad news (for me, anyway). We had our meeting today for the math competition, and the entire Saturday night has been cancelled. :( We still get to go, but… All of us would have liked to stay the extra night. Unfortunately, no one signed up for it, so the professor cancelled it. On the plus side, it looks like we’ll definitely have a team of nine, so we’re in! :) I’m pretty sure I’ll be the only girl, which means I’ll probably get my own room, which is lonely (and I’ll have no one to wake me up… I’ll have to remember to pack an alarm clock) but since it’s only for one night, that’s alright. We’ll be up late on Friday and up early on Saturday, I’m sure, so no worries.

On a topic FAR from math, which I’m sure you’re all glad to hear, the weather was gorgeous today! It was sunny and a delightful 24C. I was going to ride my bike to the library to return the books I have out and pick up the book I have on reserve, but my bike is hanging up in the garage and it was dusty. I would have needed my mum to get it down, but she was busy, and my dad didn’t get home until later. It also needed air in its tires, which someone would have had to help me with. Unfortunately, I probably can’t bike to the library tomorrow since it’s supposed to drop down to 6C, but it’s the weekend, so one of my parents can probably just give me a ride. Man, I should go get my license… Even though there’s no way for me to drive in uni, but I could use it next summer or something.

Ooh, my dad just turned on a hockey game featuring the beastly John Tavares. It’s going to be interesting to see who actually drafts him… The Islanders have got first draft pick, but maybe they’ll opt for a goalie instead, or defense – I’m not well acquainted with their needs. Or some other team could bribe them and get first pick and then get Tavares. We’ll just have to wait until sometime in June, when the draft actually takes place. I hope the Leafs pick good prospects. Usually our scouts suck, which means our team sucks, which is why we haven’t made the playoffs in, like, four years. Our scouts seem to pick the players who have a burst in them for the first season after they’re drafted, and then they sizzle out. We can’t seem to pick players who have long-lasting talent, and we trade away the older guys who do (in favour, of course – hypothetically – of younger guys to build the team, but they always sizzle out, as I said, quite soon). We need to hire new scouts! Or just completely rehire the management or something. This is ridiculous.  *sigh*

I should probably be doing the minimal homework I have right now, since tomorrow I’m babysitting and Sunday is Easter Sunday for those Orthodox among us, but I suppose I could do it tomorrow, since I don’t have to leave until 4:30PM. And really, all I have to do is think of 12 – 15 multiple choice questions before Friday (next Friday, obviously, since today is Friday :p) and quickly look over chemistry for a quiz, and then do some math. Oh, yeah, and I have to demand my math pages back from my friend who took them to study for a test ages ago and never gave them back. And she wonders why I don’t like lending her stuff. I need those pages to study from for my exam in June. It’s not my fault she lost every single sheet of paper she was given in calculus.

Marzieh – still no word on shoes! Sorry. :( I’m hung up on my boots (<3), so I’m waiting to hear from my mum if we’re going to the US in the summer with our friends so I can get them. I’ll update you ASAP, though. :)

Hmm, this is dragging again. Time for the song of the day! Today’s song is 1973 by James Blunt. Enjoy!


One Response to “Good News, Bad News, and Random News”

  1. Gerarda Says:

    sad pandas about the second night of the math competition thing. but at least you can go! =) I don’t even have a bike =( and I can’t drive either. It’s only recently that I’ve discovered the pluses of having a car, not only it’s a way to get from A and B but it also acts like a MASSIVE bag so if you’re going somewhere and want to bring like i don’t know everything including the kitchen sink you totally can because it’ll just stay in your car and no one will ever know haha…

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