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Math + Snow White…? April 16, 2009

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Ohno! There be math drama. Thankfully, we’re pretty sure we’ve come up with a proper team of nine (we have eleven interested people, and though three of them are maybes, we have eight definites, so we only need one of the maybes to come). However, we were going to stay for two nights, but apparently it may not be offered anymore since (according to our coach) no one signed up, so our coach signed us up for a one-night trip! :( This is unacceptable. A bunch of us want to stay for two nights like originally planned, so we’re going to have a meeting tomorrow at lunch to see if we all agree that we want to stay the second night (and if it’s possible – our coach is going to call the professor) and if he says yes and we all agree, we’re going to have to figure out transportation, which is so frustrating! It seems like there’s no direct transportation between our city and the city that the competition is going to be held in. I’ve been doing a lot of research today, and I’ve found a way to get there and back, but it’s convoluted. To get there we’d take a bus and then a local train, and then to get back we’d take a different bus and a different train… Since they’re not the same bus and train, I don’t know if my coach will go for it. It’s pretty cheap, though: $50 round trip, I think. So I guess we’ll see tomorrow at the meeting. Apparently a charter/private bus was going to be rented, but if we stay for two nights, that’s really expensive. Although I don’t know exactly how expensive it is, so maybe that can be one of the options we discuss tomorrow. Unfortunately, it would only be split among 10 or 11 people, so… It might be difficult, but we’ll talk about it.

I also have a hilarious story from my exercise science class to share! On Monday, my class is stuck with recycling duty for the school, and we were talking about it with the class, and my friend says, “Maybe we should sing songs, like in Snow White.” And everyone was like, “Um… WHAT?” and started laughing. XD But he went on to explain how he was thinking of the “little hairy people” (LOL) and the working song they sang. It was so hilarious and totally random that a guy like him would mention Snow White.

I’m just going to wrap it up here tonight ’cause I’m exhausted. The song of the day today is Through the Glass by Stone Sour, which is an awesome song. <3 Again, I apologize to Marzieh for no shoes. Tomorrow, I promise! Really.


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