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Math Competitions and Reading Week April 15, 2009

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Today’s blog might actually be short. Silly me, I waited until after Criminal Minds (which wasn’t new, but it was one of my two favourite episodes!) and after I had a shower to start this, and now I’m exhausted, though I must persevere and blog for April 15, which also happens to be Emma Watson’s birthday. (That was a HUGE run-on sentence.) Happy birthday, Emma!

Anyway, I was talking to my math teacher today about the math competition, and so far it’s going pretty well. :) We have seven people (I think) definitely signed up, and two are going to let us know tomorrow. We need all nine people, though, and I’m sure we have to confirm by tomorrow, so… It’s a nail biter. If we don’t have nine people, I don’t think we can enter the competition. :( Also, it’s kind of frustrating because I’m a hugely competitive person, asyou all know, and I want our team to be the best, but two of my friends aren’t interested in coming, so we had to ask two other people instead who aren’t as good at math and are more likely to treat it as a joke. I know it’s not for marks or anything, but if I’m spending three days on this competition, I want to win. Hmm… I’ll probably find out tomorrow if we’re even able to go to this competition, so I’ll let you guys know ASAP what’s up.

OH! And I saw my grade  8 teacher today! He did come today to our high school for the grade 8 orientation day. :) A couple of my friends and I who are all on spare together went to talk to him for a bit and we got caught up about uni stuff and fund raisers he was interested in coming to, and we told him the date for our commencement ceremony, since he said he wanted to come to that. I miss him, he’s so much fun. :( I wish I could visit him more often, but my brother and I go to two different schools, so there’s no time for my mum to pick me up, drop me off where he teaches, then go get my brother, then come back to pick me up and go back home. *sigh* It’s unfortunate. I used to visit him a lot in grade 9 and 10, but now I can’t, and next year I’ll be in uni. A bunch of us can always come by during reading week, I suppose, and visit all the teachers we like, him included. Majorly unfortunately, I think my current math teacher may be retiring this year! I am so sad pandas about this, ’cause that means we won’t get to see him next year when we come back to visit during reading week! He’s so my favourite teacher ever. <3 He’s never confirmed he’s going to retire (he sort of came out of retirement to teach us, since our grade 10 teacher had to leave and he came in half-way through the year, and at the time he was just supposed to fill in for the rest of the year until they got someone permanent for the next year), but he’s told us before that the only reason he’s still teaching now is because he loves our class specifically – he would have been gone after grade 10 if it weren’t for us. And now that we’re graduating, I think he might retire (again, lol) for good, which means we won’t see him next year. :( I hope that’s not true, I’d love to come back after a year of uni (almost) and catch up with him. Anyway, I’m blathering about boring things. And this blog is so not short.

A quick wrap up with the song of the today, which today is Not As We by Alanis Morissette, which I heard on House today (season four episode three, “97 Seconds”), and I loved it. <3 I also apologize to Marzieh about no shoe talk… Maybe tomorrow? (I’ll ask her tomorrow! Ahh, TRL.)


One Response to “Math Competitions and Reading Week”

  1. Marzieh Says:

    Hopefully you get nine people for your team.<3 Oh, and its’ ok, I forgive you, but only if you talk about shoe’s tomorrow, lol. <3

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