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Math and House?! OMG. April 14, 2009

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Ok, so I’m going to take from studying the muscles of the upper leg and forearm to write this blog, because OMG I have excellent news!

The first excellent news has to do with math class (what else? XD). Today in math my teacher was telling us about this competition that’s going in mid-May, and it’s going to be, like, 1.5 hours from here, so we’d get to stay overnight for two nights. (I think it’s hosted at a university strong in math.) Anyway, it’s open to all students who are really strong in math, and the team has places for nine people. I’m really considering going! It’s kind of expensive, but since I’m not going to prom, this will be my prom. XD [/biggest nerd ever] Or, rather, prom after party, I suppose. XD Either way I’m a giant nerd, but that’s alright. It’s $100, but that includes accomodations and five meals – dinner on the arriving night, the entire next day’s meals, and breakfast on the last day. And then we might have to factor in transporation as well, but we have to see if we can get a good team together first. Unfortunately, my math teacher wouldn’t be the coach for this team, which is really sad pandas, ’cause he’s totally awesome. :( <3 It would be another math teacher I’ve never had before, but I kind of know her and she’s a little obnoxious. BUT for a weekend of fun, I can’t complain. Also unfortunately, right now it seems like I’d be the only girl, which would be awesome but also not awesome because I wouldn’t have a roommate – I’m sure they wouldn’t let me sleep in the same room as some of the guys, even though I’m sure none of us would mind. So that would be no fun. :( But the rest of the trip would be AWESOME and I really hope I can go! All my math geek friends would be there with me, I think, and some other kids I don’t know, so it would be cool to meet them. Is it weird that I sort of have math idols? Hmm. Anyway… XD

The other excellent piece of news is that my parents got me House season four on DVD as an Easter present! :O OMG. <33 They also got me a few other movies since my brother’s gift was a lot more, but the other movies were all, like, $5 each. But House is the most important thing here. :) Mmmmm. I love House! I’m so excited to watch this season. Season four is the only season in which I have not seen a significant enough amount of episodes – I only missed two, I think, from season one, and then maybe three from season five, so it’ll be awesome to catch up without having to wait for the shows on TV. (Though of course I’ll still watch them ever day at 4PM as well, ’cause I’m crazy like that.)

Unfortunately, I think I must leave it at this. (Though this has been my most exciting blog to write!) I really do have to go study for exercise science – we may or may not have a quiz tomorrow that may or may not be on the muscles of the upper leg… If not, it will be on the forearm muscles. So basically I have to study both sets, and so I must know a bajillion and one muscles, including their names, where they start, end, and what they do. Greeeaaaat. Ah, well. It’s so worth it. This course rocks. :) Before I leave I must announce a song of the day! Today’s song will be Do You? by Yiruma. <3 It’s such a beautiful classical piece. I really wish my library had his CDs… I have 11 of his songs, and listening to them goes by so quickly. *sigh* He’s so talented. Anyway, I must go study all the muscles in the forearm now, after mastering (hopefully) the muscles of the lower leg. I’ll be back tomorrow!


2 Responses to “Math and House?! OMG.”

  1. Gerarda Says:

    That Math thing does sound like a lot of fun! Aw you’re not going to prom, although I’m pretty sure the Math trip will probably be more fun. our drama trip to sydney and music camp was a thousand times more fun than the ball. yay for school trips!! =D You got easter presents? the only person I know who got easter presents is my mum’s goddaughters 2 and a half year old son. He got this cool train toy thing that was remote control. it was pretty awesome. I wanted one.

    • niamara Says:

      Lol, yeah, I’m thinking the math trip will be oodles more fun. :) But I also don’t like dancing or really social events, so for me it’s no decision at all. Yeah, but our parents don’t give us chocolate anymore, so they spend the money on gifts instead, since we get some chocolate from our aunts, uncles and grandparents. Ohmygod, a remote control toy train? That’s awesome! I’m kind of jealous, lol.

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