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Blog from Yesterday April 14, 2009

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Ok. So yesterday, after watching movies all day, I got home at around 7:50, and House was on in 10 minutes. So I watched House, and then at 9 I had to shower. By the time I actually got into the shower (seriously, easily distracted…), had a shower, blow-dried my hair (ARGH), it was almost 10. And then of course I had a compulsion to read another chapter of City of Glass, and it was loooong. So by then it was, like, 10:30 and I was about to pass out. Ergo no blog for yesterday. However, I will blog twice today to make up for it! And I actually have lots of awesome news. :) Well, actually, one awesome piece of news, and then just other random stuff I’ll think of. The awesome news will be in blog number 2 because it was actually from today and should be in the blog meant for today. Oui? Good.

Last blog I mentioned my obsession with the letter ‘J’, and as I was talking to Marzieh, she enlightened me that I forgot the most important character whose name starts with this sacred letter – Jeb, from The Host. How could I have forgotten my betrothed? How silly of me. I’m dearly sorry, Jeb and Marzieh. Here is your special mention. :)

Marzieh also informed me that I’m apparently not allowed to stop blogging about shoes… So in each blog there will be a little paragraph where I’ll have to talk about shoes. I don’t know how this is going to continue for another 17 days… But I guess we’ll see how it goes. XD Today’s shoe talk will be this: I’m currently on the DSW website looking for a pair of boots, and they’re all so expensive! Anyway, this (in black, I think) is essentially what I’m looking for, except possibly without the buckle. Ideally, like this one. (Except in my size.) [/shoe talk]

Ooh, something else interesting that happened yesterday was that my friend and I went out for ice cream, and we took this short cut from behind the ice cream place, and there was this little courtyard thing like in England, and the shops are like those awesome old ‘shoppes.’ It was so quaint! OMG. I’ll have to bike there sometime soon and take a picture of it because it’s so picturesque. It’s closed off, too, with little shops on all four sides, but has a narrow passageway on two sides to get in. It’s like one of those areas where you could just sit and read a book or people watch. <3 I love it. Also the ice cream I got was excellent. Ohmygod. It was a brownie delight, so it had a giant chunk of brownie, mint chocolate chip ice cream, and warm chocolate sauce. *drool* I must go back and get more sometime. Delicious.

Hmm, now for the song of yesterday… That shall be Dance Hall Drug by Boys Like Girls. For some reason that song always reminds me of Gossip Girl. Anyway, I think that’s all for this blog, I’ll be back later with today’s news!


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